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Flashpoint X with Jenna Jameson, Not The Bradys and Roxy Jezel


Spotlight Title: Flashpoint X: 4 Disc Collector Set

is generally accepted as the top feature making porn company in existence, thanks in large part to their willingness to invest in their product and those that make it something special. One aspect of this is the contract performer system they follow that helps elevate the status and popularity of their leading ladies, largely following the model established in early Hollywood, resulting in superstars like Jenna Jameson. Jenna has long been the biggest name in porn, her exploits followed as much as many mainstream actresses by the media, and her work for the company helped it become the force it is today, leaving many performances behind that are fondly considered her best work by fans all over the world. This week, we spotlight a review by Don Houston as the clear pick of the pack in the form of Flashpoint X: 4 Disc Collector Set. The original version of the movie was filmed about ten years ago and scaled the top of the charts as a best seller for months at a time, currently pointed to as the best selling porno for the company as well as popular online stores such as Adult DVD Empire.
The reasons for the movie's popularity have been beaten to death over the years but suffice it to say that Jenna herself played a large role in it, as did the direction by Brad Armstrong and one of the strongest casts in a porno ever. The movie is a take off of mainstream hit Backdraft, complete with numerous special effects, and hits on all cylinders to the point where the consumer response was similar to that of the critics. This reedited version of the movie is longer, sounds and looks better, and has an impressive array of extras that are increasingly rare in adult these days. From twelve bonus scenes, to a new commentary and longer BTS, the DVD set even includes a full disc of Jenna making her popular calendar in a lush tropical paradise. For those of you that think bigger is better, you will find that Flashpoint X: 4 Disc Collector Set is among the biggest blockbuster available, with hours of bonus features to satiate even the most die hard Jenna fans out there. It would have been easy for Wicked to simply toss in a few scenes and a new cover to sell this one but they went the extra mile to show the rest of the industry how it's done.

Parody Porn: Imitation As The Sincerest Form of Flattery

We have probably all seen a number of porn titles that were takeoffs on mainstream hits, from The Sperminator to compilation Jurassic Pork, where there was no attempt to mimic the original hit in any real manner. Then there have been general parodies where the movie in question skewered scores of titles in rapid fire succession such as the excellent Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre where no specific horror film was the central theme but rather the genre itself as director Jonathan Morgan pulled out all stops to get us horned up and laughing at the same time. Such movies are considered safer to make because no one mainstream project is the target of the porn remake, the industry not having the resources to fight even the weakest of legal battles without severe financial losses incurred (porn sells well in general but few titles generate enough sales to warrant any kind of legal defense when the cease and desist letters start flying). There is a new breed of porn parody these days that harkens back to the early days of porn from twenty to thirty years ago when such films were common in the then underground industry and this form of parody is selling like hotcakes using the same Constitutional protections that have existed for generations; the proverbial toe in the water being tested by the bravest of the brave, often to delighted audiences.

The most popular recent example of this kind of porn is a series called Britney
, where mainstream pop singer Britney Spears is lampooned for her sexual exploits and singing faux pas. The first volume of the series even has a catchy jingle that goofs on the lip synching scandal, the widespread belief that her claim to fame was strictly due to her sexy persona, and fans wanting to cop a feel. As the series progresses, the sex gets hotter and even introduces spin off characters like a parody of Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) in the heavily anticipated extravaganza J-Ho: Jenny Goes To Washington that recently completed filming scenes in Washington D.C. in front of the White House, with hotty Renae Cruz. The fourth Britney movie is scheduled to be released in a few months, with promises that is will be bigger, better, and badder by director Will Ryder; the upstart director turning out some of the best parodies in modern memory using connections in the music industry to get them just right as he pushes the limits a bit more each time. Few in porn have the connections to the music industry to make such crossover hits and even fewer will use the resources necessary to secure the talent so we expect both of these titles to be talked about for a very long time as Female of the Year Hillary Scott resumes her role as Britney and Renae struts her stuff as the new improved version of J-Ho.

Well, as great selling as these parodies have been and as much truth as they add in about the characters to date, next month will show a project even more outrageous and focused than ever before with the release of Not The Bradys XXX as pictured above. Closely following the mainstream televisions series (even using the names of the cast with Mike, Carol, Marcia, Jan, Alice, Sam the butcher, etc.), the story feels like it was pulled right out of an episode with a bunch of sex thrown in for good measure. With modern comedy feature porn so rarely handled well, this Brady Bunch parody is perhaps the closest thing you will find to a porn borrowing the mainstream dynamic but still showing creativity enough to add something new aside from just the sex scenes as other, weaker efforts have done in other areas. Considering the near perfect casting of the family, housekeeper, and Sam, it is remarkable that the movie was ever finished since assembling the right people for the job tends to get sidetracked in the industry so often these days. A casual glance at the early trailer had me wondering if someone left the cable connection hooked up but upon looking closer, I saw some very familiar faces (and body parts) that looked like the cast from years ago as if they were just old enough to be in a porno. Some of the promised four hours of footage has been worked on since last year, the demand for quality over rushing the project out unpolished commented on by an exchange where producer Jeff Mullen pointed out how I would bust his balls if it looked half finished. Jeff was right of course and the footage I have been privy to so far tells me that Not The Bradys XXX is clearly in line to be "one of the biggest hits of the year".
Fellow reviewer Ravyn was quoted as saying how she thought it looked "perfect, exactly the kind of movie I want to see" because it won't rely on circus act sex to sell like so many flicks do these days. While we have not seen the final cut of the movie, we do predict this to be a runaway hit for X-Play/LFP based on some early screenings and discussions with the cast, so keep tuned in the coming weeks for our detailed, final report on how well the Bradys compare to their mainstream counterparts.

Don Houston

Highlights of The Week

Unlike our spotlight pick above, some pornos work based on the entire cast being perfectly suited for a title. One such movie is Smothered N Covered 3 by Mark Wood, showing a lot of strokable ass for fans to enjoy. The theme here was a lot of ass worshipping by the men with the ladies sitting and smothering their faces using their ample samples to full advantage. Each gal in the movie, from Mia Bangg, August, Aurora "Nikara" Jolie, Alexis Texas, and Sandra Romain, were all excellent choices for a movie like this, the dedication to the theme greatly appreciated in a day and age where marketing hyperbole seems more important than truth in advertising. It was a title that showed enough care, heat, chemistry, and truth in advertising to merit a rating of Highly Recommended if you like hardcore gonzo porn. The stroke factor, replayability, and wonderful cast of curvy women all made it a solid release to enjoy, proving that Smothered N' Covered 3 was a superior effort to Smothered N' Covered 2. Whether the ladies were merely performing or actually getting off is a judgment call that you will have to make for yourselves but I found this to be a fine example of raincoater porn you can enjoy a lot of times.

One of the most mainstream fetish titles this week comes from the folks at Club Jenna with the latest offering in the XXX
Loves Pain
series; Roxy Loves Pain. Lovely reviewer Ravyn who said:
What would you give to explore a side of our sexuality to which you have never seen before? Would you allow yourself to be tied up or hung inverted from the ceiling while your body is introduced to both pain and extreme pleasure. Would you be able to control your own urges to give another pleasure? Roxy Loves Pain by Club Jenna really surprised the hell out of me. With so many other companies not daring to go to the extreme Club Jenna has. Roxy went from one extreme to the next in search of that inner passion and desire she could only learn as both submissive and as a Domme with a sub of her own. I liked the fact that in the beginning it was expressed by the Domme that if you are not comfortable or sure of what is expected you can always say No. Everything about the entire title amazed me and I enjoyed how well it was done. Consideration was always taken and the use of the floggers and other toys were used with care. There haven't been too many fetish titles that have impressed the hell out of me but this did.

As time marches on, the internet plays an increasingly large role for many of us looking for porn, be it buying our DVD fixes, reading reviews on what is best, or even finding out the latest buzz in columns such as this one. Well, nowadays, the internet is also the home of many websites that tend to skip DVD production altogether and the trend is clear as sales of traditional media are falling. Collecting some of the freshest material for a DVD release from its impressive archives, Matt's Model's #1 is the first in a series of releases that act as much as a means to advertise one of the hottest websites in existence
(www.mattsmodels.com) as give other internet companies notice that just because something was shot for the internet does not mean it has to look like a chump with a two bit camcorder shot it for pennies. Matt Frackas is best known as the genius behind a website called Matt's Models. I never heard of it until X-Biz named it the #3 amateur website not long ago. The point of the website was not to generate a fake reality as is common these days in porn but to provide a genuine experience using only the freshest ladies available; most of whom had never made a movie before, and at the hands of Matt who had limited experience with photographic equipment. The results were amazing in that hundreds of copycat websites sprang up overnight to copy (or even steal) his work but having given it a look myself, it reminded me a lot of my pal Uncle D (who is a webmaster that sticks with large asses); the quality top notch. This has led to Vivid
contracting with Matt to release Matt's Model's #1, a series of amateur scenes with some newcomers you may recognize, all in good fun. The amount of fuck for the buck derived from the strokability and replay value might vary for some of you but Matt's Model's #1 showed that Matt has the eye for talent. Technical skills can be learned but without "The Eye", it doesn't matter so I found this one worthy of a Recommended. The technical matters were well done and the lack of extras really did not impact it too much since the length of the movie was so much better than many other titles released by Vivid these days. Give it a look and I think you will be happy that there is a new guy in town; a man by the name of Matt.

Another winning addition to a popular series impressed reviewer Addison DeLick as the Supersquirt
now enters the fifth release in Supersquirt 5:
The latest in Elegant Angel's far-from-elegant and even farther-from-angelic series offers some of the nastiest shit ever legally released on DVD. The women, led by returning squirt sensation and vigorous masturbator Sierra Sinn, produce copious loads of that mysterious pussy ejaculate, either by their own hand, with each other or via good old cock, and drink it (their own and each other's) as well as a few other bodily fluids. Often they guzzle a cocktail combining nookie nectar, man spew and gobs of spit. And they do it all with a smile, or a gleam of satisfaction, on their face. Female ejaculation may be an acquired taste, as it were, but for those who are into the ladies who launch 4-foot blasts that could take your eye out, it doesn't get any raunchier than this latest "Supersquirt" entry. It's not just the sex elixir that shoots out of the women that's thrilling, but what happens to it, and all the other bodily fluids that it mixes with, that will have even the most jaded porn watcher applauding (or doing something with his hands). But while the spraying is the feature's raison d'etre, it's in the context of a LOT of hardcore sex involving hot and lusty ladies and hard men. Add in a good-looking presentation and repeat-worthy bonus material and you have a superb DVD.

They say old porners never die, they just fade away into the sunset but director Tom Byron told them to fuck off with Anytime Girls proving he still had that magic with the ladies he has been known for over the years. The movie is a series of five gonzo scenes starring Tom as he nailed some of the finest gals in town. The strength of this one was immediately apparent; from the technical matters taken care of by Tim Von Swine to the heated scenes courtesy of the cast of ladies including Olivia O'Lovely, Chelsie Rae, Ana Nova, Angela Stone, and Britney Stevens. None of the scenes was a filler in my opinion and that made for some fun viewing. There really wasn't a strong niche catered to this time but that made it more enjoyable for me in some ways, allowing each gal to stick with what they wanted to do rather than bully her into sex acts she wasn't ready for. The strokability, replay value, and cast of hotties made this one a tough call for me to rate so I settled on calling it a Recommended "plus" but not quite the next step up the ladder. Using Tim on camera was a wise move as a means of getting his experienced hand at the helm and Tom was suitably equipped to deal the darlings exactly what they wanted from him too. In all then, check this one out as a winner in my book.

Busy reviewer Kobiata then gives a look at some titles he found appealing such as Stars in Heat with Angel Dark's scene upgrading the movie from a rental to a firm recommend. A2M 11: The Art of Ass to Mouth: Aside from the unneeded choking scenes, this DVD is great . . . worthy enough for "Highly Recommend" status. If there's any director working for Anabolic that can turn the company around, I would have to place my bet on Ivan to do so.; Nasty Girls
: a pleasant surprise . . . this being since I rarely take an interest to vegetarian movies. Nasty Girls 35 pleasantly surprised me; and Ass Traffic 2: It's almost ironic or strangely similar how 21st Sextury Videos have the same look as Raul Cristian's releases . . . it must be a European thing ;-). However, I must admit that this somehow differentiates itself a bit from Euro-porn cookie-cutter releases!

Another title that may have slipped past some of you would be Sex Addict: a story showcasing Sunrise Adams as she continues her comeback into porn after a moderate respite that some thought was a true retirement. The minimal story centers on the hotty as a nymphomaniac seeking therapeutic assistance in the form of a group therapy session, the resulting ending predictable immediately as she walked in on the group. Still, the lengthy movie showed some solid sex, an attractive cast of ladies, and will work for many of you better than the lower budget fare they tend to provide these days when not engaged in their yearly blockbusters. Here is what they said on the back cover: "Ultra hot. Sizzling. She's back and on fire. Sunrise's a sex addict telling her group therapy gang about why she left porn and why she got back in! By the time she's done, everyone's off the pussy wagon and back on the stick in Sex Addict, the return of a superstar. If you hit bottom, pray it's in her pants." It was clearly worthy of being Recommended for the amounts of stroke value, replayability, and fuck for the buck. This is a "must have" for Sunrise Adams fans and the limited amount of dialog will not get in the way for those of you that hate features. In short, director B. Skow proved that Sex Addict might not be completely addictive but it provided a solid platform for Sunrise to continue her comeback into porn.

Discerning reviewer Felix Vasquez Jr. then saw fit to give his squeal of approval to a couple of titles including Spoiled MILF:
When a porn DVD offers you an extra DVD within the purchase to another porn movie, along with the one you purchased it can mean anything. It probably means that you're either the luckiest bastard alive, or you're in for a really bad porno that they're attempting to make up for with another really bad porno. Mostly, it's a very good porno followed by a great extra disc worth your wallet fat. Hit or miss in the end, "Spoiled MILF" is an entertaining and hot little number with more great segments than there are bland segments. The extras leave a little to be desired, but that's outweighed by the four hour compilation in the free extra disc featuring excellent scenes to past films that will more than make up for "Spoiled MILF" if you're not a fan of it; and Finger Licking Good 4: I don't think I've ever seen bad girl on girl, and to be quite honest, I don't think I'll ever see bad girl on girl... unless we're aiming for butch lesbians, then you can make a case, but as far as "Finger Licking Good Volume 4" goes, it's convinced me that it's tough to find bad girl on girl in porn. Hell, even the opening theme song with brief introductions to our segments helped raise my awareness quite a bit, and it's very telling of a porno when the opening montage can induce quite a plump pickle in your pants. All in all, "Finger Licking Good 4" is damn good girl on girl entertainment. Mike Quasar films a well lit and gorgeous compilation filled with beautiful actresses releasing the beast on one another. The passion is convincing, and the lust is utterly stunning in what is a consistently sexy porn. That's helped by the great series of extras that include a Behind the Scenes doc, and a fun photo gallery. This is worth the purchase, clear and simple.

In keeping with the article of the week, Blind Dates eXXXposed! 1 showed a lot of style as a porn parody of the syndicated dating show where couples go out on a date, usually find major problems with each other, and the audience is given a lot of pop up video comedy bubbles to laugh at during the process. While a low budget parody is rarely successful in capturing the nuances of a mainstream show, this one had enough going for it that I couldn't help but laugh at the scenarios, even though I knew they were fake, read cold from the script, and written as though adlibbed at the last moment.
Still, with a solid cast of cuties and my personal appreciation for the mainstream show, I gave it a shot and found it to be quite good. It managed to pull off the parody aspects almost as well as most of the scenes pulled off showing some decent sex. For that alone I knew the movie would earn a rating of Recommended but even as a low budget title, it used the talents of the cast to their fullest and served up some heated pairings that might have been funnier if better scripted yet remained well within the realm where I thought the uncredited crew knew more or less what they were doing. In short, Blind Dates eXXXposed! made sure every date ended successfully and there are a million ways to improve later volumes should any be made but I thought this was one of the best titles from the company that I've seen to date.

Top reviewer Disco
then shows us the value of compilations with Jurassic Pork:
If you're a fan of Wicked and its amazing output, you basically know what you're getting here. If not, there are links to other reviews on the site (when available) to help fill in more of the boner to bush blanks. Overall, while four hours of porn seems like a lot (and should it really take anyone that long to "benefit" from a XXX disc's arousal
aid?) the chemistry beneath the performers plus the wealth of wantonness makes the whole experience smooth - if stiff - sailing. It proves is that A-list talent typically delivers high quality fuck and suck. Oddly enough, there's no girl/girl action here, and the personal perspective is limited to purely one on one workouts. A couple of scenes are oral only. For some, this will signal the biggest problem with so-called 'straight' features. If there's not nine dicks working on and in a single slag, probing every possible orifice with outrageous abandon, it's glorified Skinemax time. Still, the palpable passion between the performers and the level of filmmaking involved (it's a veritable who's who of classic carnality helmers) makes Jurassic Pork a compilation worth owning; and Hall of Fame:
The adult industry is very much a "what have you done for me lately"
enterprise. While age is always an issue, it's the most silent of segregations, the physical rigors and requirements of the business dictating retirement age more than actual corporate collusion. In addition, with the marginal moves toward the mainstream and the lessening taboo of fucking for money, XXX is literally bursting with new babes, faces and forms not necessarily chosen for lasting appeal, but for ready availability. That's why a DVD like Hall of Fame is so refreshing. Not only does it celebrate AVN inductees (the main purpose of the presentation) but it also allows us to see how hardcore was once a combination of the gratuitous and the glamorous. There's not a huge interest in old school screwing, but by giving us glimpses into the careers of such noted performers as Chloe, Jill Kelly, and Teri Weigel, Cal Vista illustrates why these particular porn performers maintain a legitimate lasting legacy.

Another company that we have started reviewing titles for recently provided us with Bubble Butts Galore 5; a fun title that was better than the cover suggested. Pink
Visual Productions
is a company that I have only recently seen much of and for the most part, the niches they serve are usually best known as straightforward and reality porn. I hate that they don't credit their directors but appreciate that they sometimes show pretty heated pairings that are not as cookie cutter as some companies tend to make. Their latest title is Bubble Butts Galore 5; a series of five scenes where ladies with gifted asses tease the camera before having sex and draining someone's ball dry. If that sounds appealing to you, it should because some of the action was very pleasant indeed. It might not win scores of awards but there was a lot more heat going on than I would have guessed given the generic cover that looked like it came off a low end printer. Flower and Sandra led the pack but all five of the performances were very nicely handled here, adding some strokability and replay value needed to raise the amounts of fuck for the buck on display here. The technical values varied with the directors but it was clear to me that a href=https://xcritic.com/reviews_IMPORTED/read.php?ID=29815>Bubble Butts Galore 5 was worthy of being Recommended or better depending on what you like in a porno.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot offered a trio of titles too starting with Seymore Butts Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 4: The latest installment in the Seymore Butts series is an instant classic. Fans of the series will, without hesitation, want to pick this up for their collections. Also, anyone who has never had the opportunity to see a Seymore Butts DVD and is curious, might want to make their first purchase; Teen Frenzy:
While there is no one thing that stands out about this release, it does everything fairly well and has many redeeming qualities. Most importantly, the girls are all very good looking and give 110% in their scenes. The video/audio quality were all adequate, and there were enough extras to keep you entertained for a while. I wouldn't recommend paying full price for this release, but would whole-heartedly recommend picking it up if you can find it on sale; and MILFs Gone Anal
: The sex on the DVD was top notch. The women are all sexy and energetic, they have great chemistry with their partners, and they look like they're having fun. When you add in the value of the extras you have a DVD that delivers plenty of fuck for your buck. Whether you're looking for a DVD to watch with your partner or solo MILFs Gone Wild 2 should prove to be worth your time.

Then skilled pervert/reviewer Saul Good said this about Best of Hush Hush:
Sasha Grey and Barbie Cummings
: Hush Hush Entertainment is reaching out to the closeted perverts by using the "As Seen on TV" gimmick. This
2 disc flick is a best-of compilation of Sasha Grey (As seen on the Tyra Banks Show) and Barbie Cummings (As seen on ABC News). With these two beauties doing 5 scenes each and with a run time of 2.5 hours a disc, there's no excuse for disappointment. When they say "The Best of" I think they mean it. They'd better. Damn it. Sasha Grey has long been one of my favorites and although I don't think the scenes here are among her best (I imagine there's some studio restrictions) they are a pleasant highlight of what Ms Grey is capable of. Consider them an introduction of sorts. Sasha's energy and stamina and all around hotness is still here, solidifying her as one of the top new starlets in the biz. And although I've heard the name Barbie Cummings, I don't recall seeing one of her flicks. I was blown away by her compilation of videos. She's a true trooper that moves from a sweet, go-lucky, next door kinda gal to a hardcore raging pleasure machine. Her clips dish the goods and surpassed the scenes featuring Sasha--I can't believe I just said that. The main difference is Barbie's energy level and her desire to please the viewer is astounding. Sasha has that charm too, but these clips don't do her justice. If you're asking for hotter girls and better fucking than this, you're mental. The only thing this combo lacks is the two beauties getting it on with each other. Please somebody, make that happen. And soon.

We then welcome our newest reviewer, Wolfgang
, who is joining us on a mission to be disclosed later, starting with his look at The Runaway
: It seems to promise lots of fun with, say, nasty schoolgirl types getting in over their heads, or giving in over giving head, or something like that. But, for admirers of old-school porn, or geeks with a strict schoolgirl fetish, the come-on is a tad misleading. There is a come-on (five of them in fact for almost two hours of bangin') and in four of five instances the Brats are cute and petite, but no schoolgirls or even very bratty girls are present. No condoms present either.
Itty-bitty-titty committee members should sign up for the show. The Runaway Brat is good for those looking to lose their minds and their wang-wine over a quartet of A-cup cuties and one on the cushy side. A few times you can spot the guys and gals glancing at the camera for a cue, but mostly they seem pretty enthusiastic, (especially the title
tramp) and only a pair of the pud-masters look like their pussy-pounding missed the man-mucous mark. A recommended rent or possible purchase for small breast enthusiasts.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at theblueroom@dvdtalk.com.

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Ravyn, Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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