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Casey Parker’s Winter Break, Katsumi and Jenna Jameson Uncut


Spotlight Title: Casey Parker's Winter Break: Collector's Edition

One of the benefits our team encounters while reviewing scores of titles is we occasionally get a title in that is not a cookie cutter gonzo title so it came as no surprise that Casey Parker's Winter Break: Collector's Edition struck a chord this week: Casey Parker is best known as the cute blonde contract performer working for Shane's
these days. Her recent appearance on the Tyra Banks show has elevated her stature even more but she is one of those gals that is very selective about who she works with; currently the lead in a handful of movies for the company. Unlike many other contract performers in the industry these days, Casey seems to be a lot more natural in her enjoyment of what takes place, boosting the non-sex parts of her movies with her youthful zeal that many of us find a lot more appealing than the clock watchers so prevalent in the industry these days; adding a lot of replay value as a result. Her latest release for them is Casey Parker's Winter Break: Collector's Edition; another road trip movie where the cast has a lot of fun in public with far fewer scripted moments.

That isn't to say that there was less sex, heck, a lot of it was not even credited as full scenes (making the extensive lost footage reel just as strokable as the main movie) but unlike the mechanically structured porn most of us are used to, there did not appear to be a specific formula followed, making it a lot of fun to enjoy repeatedly.
The cover said it like this: ''Casey wanted to show off her snow boarding skills to her new friends in Cali so they packed up the van and headed north. Leilani spent most of her time outside smokin' pole and back at the cabin Aaralyn takes it up the ass. Casey heats things up with Mr. Pete and back home she gets a little lesbo lovin from Reena.
With Casey in the house "It's gettin' hot in here"!'' If that sounds as good to you as it did to me, you'll definitely want to check out how co-ed Casey gets off with her friends on their winter break. It was another excellent showcase for contract cutie Casey Parker.
The DVD had over three hours of material and the fun factor the company is known for was extremely high, pushing the rating to the level of Highly Recommended as a result. If you prefer cookie cutter girls that pretend to have fun, look elsewhere but for the real deal, Casey Parker's Winter Break: Collector's Edition proved yet again why old school porn producers have a lot more to worry about than internet pirates and thieving distributors so give it a look.

Sneak Peeks: Jack's POV 7 and Lascivious Liaisons

Lucky reviewer Don
found a couple of early titles to be just the cure for the summer doldrums with titles that addressed both ends of the porn
spectrum: The hardcore gonzo appeal of Jack's POV 7 and the erotica of Lascivious
; both from powerhouse Digital
. The point of view craze gets enough dose of Robby D's technical wizardry in POV 7; Lacie Heart starring in the movie to wonderful effect. If you haven't seen the series in the past, you've really missed out as the man has shown how much skill a relative newcomer to the format can provide; often surpassing the work of industry POV notables that are bandied about with awe. For fans of Lacie, this title was a no brainer in terms of showing why she earned her spot on the contract roster but the others were often very appealing too; all the footage shot as advertised in point of view fashion. It had a lot of fuck for the buck replay value and the kind of stroke worthy action POV veterans have long tried to establish. The casting included the sweet Lacie Heart as well as the seasoned skills of Gina Lynn, with no filler ladies tossed in to lower the rating of Highly Recommended.
POV may never be the same once Robby is through with it but as a change of pace from his other releases, this will certainly find a place up front on the stacks of porn I have gracing my "go to" stack.

On the other hand, those of you looking for a great compromise to watch with your woman may find the less gonzo-esque Lascivious
to be a better choice while you wait for your point of view fix; the movie being a series of heated scenes that often focus largely on the devastatingly physical beauty of Jana Cova; the Czech beauty queen that the company signed as a contract starlet a few years back.
One glance at the cover of the DVD case will tell you if you'll be interested in the movie, with a combination of erotica and slow motion sex that worked better than expected for me (keep in mind that I'm consistently one of Celeste's biggest critics in this genre even though I frequently find my female friends wanting more of it). While I admit to thinking Jana Cova was a major reason for the rating, the levels of playful fuck for the buck and replay value also impressed me as something better than the under 90 minute releases I've come to expect from the director. I'm not a big fan of slow motion sex that lacks the vocals either but the music was very classy and as a respite from some of the harder titles on the market (many by DP these days), it provided a winning experience for me and a gal that isn't big on porn. In short, Lascivious Liaisons was a solid combination of creative talent on both sides of the camera that many of you will find to be passionate, energetic, and very much appreciated so pick up a copy when it comes out.

X Critic Interview: Katsumi

This week we have another great intereview for you.
Regarded as one of the best performers of recent time, Katsumi, the Franco-Vietnamese sensations hopes to continue her success with her recent exclusive signing with Digital Playground. (Read reviews of all Katsumi DVDs here).

Don't miss our interview with Katsumi. If you need a PDF reader to read it we recommend the absolutely free Foxit Reader. Also be sure let us know what you think of the interview format.

Previous interviews include: Dana DeArmond and Evelyn Lin

Highlights of The Week

Providing over 6 hours of footage, much of it unseen by the public until now, Jenna Jameson:
Uncut & Uncensored 2
was exactly the kind of Jenna Jameson footage fans have demanded of late. Jenna Jameson is nothing short of an icon these days, having worked very hard to achieve a level of fame from her lengthy porn career that no one to date has even come close to offering.
While most gals in the industry last under a year, many of them have stated that their goal is to be the "next Jenna Jameson" in terms of cross over appeal, wealth, and notoriety. One of the biggest reasons why Jenna became such a name was due to the extensive efforts of her former contract company Wicked
as they poured scandalous amounts of money into promoting her in numerous ways; the lovely lady riding her charm and girlish beauty all the way to the bank in the process. Some of the scenes had condoms and fans have probably seen most of the original versions of the scenes numerous times but this is reportedly the first time the uncut material has been made public so if you're a Jenna fan, you simply can't go wrong with this one. It was the best showcase experience of the charming, healthy Jenna Jameson that fans like me have long admired. She was in her element, looking fresh, and the appeal of this star was undeniable so given the nature of this release, I doubt anyone into the gal would expect a rating of less than Highly Recommended. I would have liked more extras and maybe even a scene of the lovely hostess, Jessica Drake, offered up as well but given that Jenna Jameson:
Uncut & Uncensored 2
was all about the icon herself, I can see why this path wasn't taken. In any case, if you are a Jenna fan from the old days, you will definitely want to revisit these scenes again.

Fans of starlet showcases will appreciate The Diary of Julia
Bond: Collector's Edition
: I was anxious to see how the series would be given it was new, unpolished, and slightly raw but focused on Julia Bond. The five scenes (seven if you could the bonus handjob and scene from another flick) all showed her charm and ability nicely, making me wonder how the company will top it for the next gal they serve up. The back cover said it like this: "Julia Bond wants to give you a rare peek into her real life as an "it girl" by spending the day and night with her! Bungee jumping, fucking, race car driving lessons, hanging with friends, fucking, and more! This girl lives in a world of excitement and wants you to watch her every move! You may think you know Julia...but now you will really know her inside out...over and over again!" It was the best set of all new scenes featuring Julia Bond that I've come across in my many years of watching porn so this is a no brainer for her fans to pick up a copy or two. Julia is always a delight to behold and her skills with a meat pipe far surpass her age so you can see why a fan like me enjoyed it so much. The first part of the show was the best though and it seemed like the fun, non-sex portions ran out a bit too quickly; almost as if the production ran out of steam or there was a falling out of sorts but even for someone that just likes the gal, it warranted a rating of Recommended for the levels of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value.

If you like ass as much as Don does, you will probably already be familiar with Jazz Duro and his releases for Evil
; the latest being Cheek Freaks
: The premise is simple enough; Jazz gets a gal or two and captures them having heated anal sex on camera, sometimes showing less technical finesse but always managing to provide some energetic performances. It was not his lengthiest or most passionate release on DVD to date but it had enough strokability, replay value, and chemistry to get a Recommended from me. Mia's scene was clearly the driving force for sales but the anal antics of his other ladies were even more extreme if that is your thing so the balance between beauty and boning was once again catered to with both sides of the scale represented nicely. In short, Cheek Freaks 3, like Cheek Freaks 2 and Cheek Freaks 1 before it, was worth checking out if you aren't a slave to technical values and want something a bit off the beaten track.

Ravishing reviewer Ravyn found two titles with lots of women having fun this week including All Girl
: Playing on the imagination and fantasies of women, Di Angelo brings out what is soft in watching two very beautiful women in the heat of passion. Each scene roughly twenty- five minutes in length captures each single expression and emotion by these beauties. In this two disc set, the second which is "Lez Be Friends" has over four hours of girl on girl action for both men and women to enjoy. In this double disc from VCA I would have to say that Disc 1, All Girl Fantasies is a definite Recommend in my book. Not only for the work that was done on it. A lot had to do in how it was presented. From a women's point of view there was a lot of sensuality involved and nothings was rushed.
Each kiss took its time just as every touch they made to the other. Now I can fully understand the concept behind G/G films and how enjoyable they are; and Trouble With
: The Trouble With Girls is... they just don't know when to stop. But maybe that's not such a bad thing after all because director/performer Dana Vespoli has brought together the hottest girl on girl cast that will definitely last. We've got Jenna Haze, Shyla Stylez, Alektra Blue, Eva Angelina, Gianna, and Jennifer Dark in the mix, doing what they do best. They may not know the back from the front, but they sure do know how to rock a cunt. Passion ,chemistry, sensuality all blends in together and for that I Recommend It. It is rare that can say I enjoy All Girl titles but so far I like what I am seeing.

Roxy Jezel has long been a fan favorite so the New Sensations compilation called I Love Roxy Jezel will appeal as she is one of the best gonzo queens turned contract star I've come across in recent years. The back cover put it like this: "Why is Roxy Jezel like a shotgun? Because one cock, and she blows! And she'll be mowin' and blowin' for over 4 hours of non-stop action that features 11 of her best fuck-a-delic scenes. Watch her get her pussy drilled, her asshole filled, and her mouth stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. She's up for anything, and down for everything - and that's why everybody loves Roxy!" If you are a fan of hers but have yet to buy a lot of her work for New Sensations, this double disc compilation might really suit you. Fans of Roxy Jezel will probably want to forget my rating of Recommended and buy a copy or two considering the levels of fuck for the buck this incredibly talented young lady has shown in so many of her scenes. In the sense that the company provided a wealth of heat for a reasonable price, I Love Roxy Jezel should prove to be one of the more popular volumes in the series given how she combines so many elements in her performances to truly stand out from the crowd.

Reviewer Jason C.
has been around the block a very long time so it makes sense that he would only appreciate the very best in nasty porn, as was the case with Creamy on the
: The creampie genre has taken off in recent years, as hardcore fans have wanted to see scenes that go all the way, with the male finishing while still inside his female co-star. There have even been variations on the genre, such as the hilarious "Creampie Surprise", where the girls badly act as if they're shocked that the guy finished inside of them. In general, is a solid creampie title, with a great cast of actresses and all 5 scenes remaining raw, intense and generating a lot of heat.

Losing the nasty men, Fucking Myself 3 showed women at their best; getting off by their own hands: It was a series of seven solo masturbation scenes by a variety of gals, using fingers and toys to get off with. The cover said it like this: "The hottest, finest babes are fucking themselves just for you. Come and see seven horny chicks get it on like only they know how. Watch Ashlynn Brooke shove a big, hard blunt in her cunt, and then watch April Aubrey work it in & out, because that's what a pussy is all about. And that's only the beginning, as Abbey Brookes, Elena Rivera, Cayton Caley, Jessica Lynn, and Kaycee get buck wild and busy with a donkey dong that'll make them scream all night long. This is the solo flick that you have all been waiting for, because these girls don't just do themselves, they fuck themselves!" While I'd be lying if I said the scenes were quite as good as the advertising suggested, there was a lot to appreciate given the dynamic of the action and the appeal of the ladies.
It might not have been the very best female masturbation DVD I've watched in the last few years but it was clearly more strokable than a lot of full blown scenes that I've reviewed, even recently. The physical appeal of the ladies was such that any one of them could develop a following and the variations of the toys and actions all made this one worth a rating of Recommended. In short, Fucking Myself 3 made me interested in seeing a lot more of the gals here and if you aren't into watching mopers and parolees drilling the gals, you may find it a lot better for your personal pleasure than most porn on the market.

Talented reviewer Michael Vega found some of the best Latina driven porn available this week with Latina Anal
: was pretty damn hot! I also would've preferred Mercedez's scene to have been much longer, but i'll take what I can get.
I'm not sure how much of the direction was done by Mercedez and how much was done by Ray, but this wasn't a bad effort by the duo; Chicks and Salsa
: I thought four out of the five ladies were extremely hot and looked pretty damn sexy being put through their paces. I also appreciated the two internal shots, but could've done without Rebeca lapping hers off the floor once it streamed out of her. With Chicks And Salsa 4, Danny continues to do a great job framing the action and greatly improves upon the previous chapter in this series; Spanish Harlem
: Even though the disc starts out with some fairly anonymous Brazilian mamis who, in fairness, deliver two pretty hot scenes, Sativa and Rio bring some familiarity to the disc. And though I was less than impressed with Sativa's scene, Rio ended the disc on a very sexy note.
Take a swing through Spanish Harlem - you might not be disappointed; I Love
: Well, while this disc doesn't feature some of my favorite Latinas working in the biz today (no Marquetta? no Anell? how 'bout Victoria Lan?), there are more than enough sexy mamis to give you a slight example of what makes Latina women some of the greatest you'd be fortunate to spend the night with. Or a few minutes - depending on how long they'll let you last; and The Black Mamba 2:
Algo Mas Sexsual
: once the second scene (featuring the lovely Anell) started, this disc was scorching and didn't let up. While director Rico Strong might not have the charisma of, say, Mr. Marcus or Lexington Steele, he was wise enough to pack this flick with some of the sexiest Latinas working in the smut industry today and he sure does seem to enjoy laying his snake down on 'em. In the end, this flick will definitely make your temperature rise.

Our resident Asian porn expert, reviewer Rob Randell, then found some titles you may have overlooked in the past with Asian Fever Sex Objects 2: is supposed to be the hardcore, gonzo version of the Asian Fever series. In this respect, it is. The action is much rougher than past volumes when Ray Anderson was directing. However the action is still just as hardcore as the last couple of Asian Fever releases Richard de Montfort has directed. Fans of Asian babes should enjoy this one. This was a pretty good release. I liked it more than the first volume. My favorite scenes were with Kea Kulani and Evelyn Lin. Nautica Thorn is also worth seeing in action; Tease Me Then Please Me 5: is directed by porn veteran Michael Stefano. It follows a simple premise. Good looking babes perform a tease and then have sex with Michael Stefano or Manuel Ferrara. The action gets rougher than most and should not fail to please. The only issues I had with it were the limited oral sex and the teases weren't across the board exciting; and Smokin Hot 2:
comes from Red Light District Video. It is the second installment in the series and has several great looking babes who you might consider are smokin' hot getting naked and having sex. I really enjoyed this DVD. All of the girls were attractive and the sex scenes were very exciting. My favorite scenes were Eva Angelina with Lorena Sanchez and Tia Tanaka.
These two scenes were more than enough excitement for me to handle.

Wet Asses
has been one of favorite series in recent years with numerous reviewers applauding the insight, the strength of performances, and the sheer decadence of the action so it comes as no surprise that our newest reviewer, Kobiata, fit right in and agreed that the latest volume was just as good as expected with Big Wet Asses
: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND "Big Wet Asses 11!" If you want solidly shot anal with a minimum amount of editing, then William H. is your man. It's good to see that a veteran company like Elegant Angel has rebranded itself and essentially resurrected itself! William might be a twisted pervert but as a director, he can be counted on to bring home the bacon and the bacon he brought home this time was top flight by all accounts.

Another new reviewer, George
, has been getting some notice by those in the industry for his insightful looks into what works, and what doesn't, of late so we were curious what he thought of the breast oriented Boob Zilla by Combat Zone: Big natural breast lovers will love the big natural breasts (and the women they're attached to) in Boob Zilla. Stacked - no pun intended - to the brim with busty women, the film runs the gamut on sexual tastes. There's a little fetish, a little anal, some slow sex and some Speed Racer-style hardcore fucking. The direction was a bit all over the place, but the message stayed the same: We love big tits and we hope you do, too. This full-screen gonzo collection looked pretty good, with the camera managing a shot that takes him from outside in without washing out the lighting. It could have been a little tighter as the camera sometimes got off to the side, missing a little action. All in all, though, a good looking disc. Boob Zilla needs a little honing before it can become a reliable franchise. If the focus is on big, natural tits, the filmmaker needs to work on disguising or getting rid of big bellies on the girls. This one is Recommended, especially if you like semen sprayed on bouncing boobs.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot brings up the rear this week with a double dose of dicking in the form of Sperm Swap, the latest epic by director Raul Christian: There is nearly three hours of quality content on this DVD, and not a weak scene in the bunch. Very rare is it to find a DVD that provides that much more fuck for our buck (even without many extras). Quality content, great looking girls, and intense/playful sex all make this DVD one of the best releases I've seen in a long time. If you're a fan on gonzo group sex then this DVD is a must have and Cheating Wives Tales 4: I come away from this DVD with some mixed feelings. As always, New Sensations provides a solid sampling of extras in the form of a behind the scenes featurette, web trailers, a photo gallery, and a bonus scene. On one hand, much of the action was enjoyable and intense.
On the other, hand I'm not sure if it would hold up to repeated viewings. With that being said I'll go out on a limb and give it a rating of recommended.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at editor@xcritic.com.

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Chris Thorne and Don Houston.

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