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InTERActive, Vivid-Alt East Side Story and Devon’s Return


Spotlight Title: InTERActive

Don found a rare gem this week with the long awaited InTERActive: Q. Roberts is best known in porn for his work as director of the award winning Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone. Taking the genre a leap into the future with the title, he showed the kind of creativity that impresses a jaded old porn hound like myself, raising the bar for others to shoot for in their own efforts. Well, in a joint production between Hustler Video and Teravision,
the man has struck gold again with InTERActive: A 2-Disc Interactive Escapade; a follow up virtual sex title that starred none other than Tera Patrick herself as a bored housewife in need of sexual stimulation. Forgoing the mechanical selections of other genre titles like Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze or Virtual Sex With Jana Cova (both excellent showcases for lovely ladies by the way), the show tried something new, even surpassing his work on Virtual Vivid Girl
Sunny Leone

Unlike other virtual sex titles, InTERActive uses a story approach to display the clips of sexy Tera Patrick as she spends her birthday looking for fun. That means the canned menus of previous efforts don't really apply to the show, making it more difficult to describe without cheating the viewer by spoiling all the fun. In the movie, her hard working husband is played by Sammy Liguori, a guy that does a great job of playing a Robert Deniro gangster type (complete with dark suit). He treats her like shit but it was among the funniest dialogue I've heard in a porno in a very long time, keeping in character the whole time. She played the clueless kept wife really well too, wearing a tight white crop top and lavender booty shorts that showed off her curves really well as she doted on him, pissing him off in the process. He leaves for work (that he can't talk about) with a surly attitude, ordering her to wash her dirty car in the driveway, thereby starting the exploits of Tera as she coyly teases while hosing down her car.
If you like Tera Patrick, this showed her having fun in a seductive manner, coming across at her best in a must see title. Given the technical qualities being so well handled on all levels, the ladies doing a great job (particularly Tera herself), and the sense of playful humor interjected by the very talented Sammy Liguori, I gave the double disc set the only rating that made sense: the X Critic Collector Series.
The strokability, replay value, and fuck for the buck along with all the extras made InTERActive: A 2-Disc Interactive Escapade a near instant classic.

Highlights of The Week

One of the best titles of the week was Devon Does
: Devon is perhaps best known as a large chested contract gal that spent the majority of her career under contracts that limited what she could do and whom she could do it with. Last year, she decided to change things up and wound up at Shane's
; both as their newest director and performer. I had my doubts whether or not she'd ever make a movie with them but with the release of Devon Does Baja the party hardy blonde has shown us all that she could have just as much fun as any of their performer turned directors have in the past. The movie reminded me a lot of her former director pal Robby D,'s Action Sports Sex series but it had some of the public nudity and road trip antics Shane's World has popularized in the last ten years, making it a good freshman effort. The back cover said it like this: "Devon came to us with a plan. She wanted to make bad-ass movies where she got to show her fans how cool she really was. She gathered up her friends for an ATV adventure south of the border. What a crazy weekend full of sun, sand, and sex. Fuck yeah! Devon's back!" If that sounds good to you, you'll be happy to know that despite some rough edges, it was one of the best debut releases by the company to date, putting to rest the internet rumors to the contrary. The sex was not formulaic or predictable, the cast seemed to be having a lot of fun, and while I enjoyed the playful demeanor of the cast in their sex scenes, their off screen antics added a lot of entertainment value as well. The technical matters suffered a bit from wind noise and the need to get footage shot in public places quickly, but Devon showed a spontaneous side that she was unable to display in her past work, making it a lot different a movie from what
I've seen of her in the past.

Anal fans will love Ass For Days
: Ricky D. has been directing for Diabolic
for some time now, proving to fit in with the hard edged crew of deviants they have working for them. I'm a late comer to the company but have noticed that while some of their older titles lacked on technical matters, their recent stuff has often proven to be notable for the level of improvements displayed. His latest title is Ass For Days 3, the sequel to the anal action seen in Ass For Days 2, showcasing some of the best anal performers in porn at this writing. The cover advertised 100% anal and each gal in the movie did indeed do the backdoor dirty deed so you'll be happy to note that no quarter was asked for or given as the puckers were penetrated. It was a title that gave fans everything it advertised and more. The cast included some of the most talented women in anal receptive porn, providing significant amounts of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value. I would have liked better extras and a slightly better picture but the technical side of things did not interfere with the levels of heat so I decided a rating of Highly Recommended was

Don also enjoyed a look at youthful, large asses with Big Butt
: Jordan Septo is one of those directors that many have not heard of but has proven to have all the right stuff to make it to the next level. His releases by Exquisite
are often well received by reviewers and fans alike, focusing on a targeted theme in most cases. His latest work making it my way was Big Butt Teens; a tribute to youthful ladies possessing the fleshy backsides many people seem to favor these days. There was minimal interview footage or dialogue, Jordan preferring to let the sex do his talking for him. With thousands of similar titles gracing the shelves of porn emporiums everywhere, did this title make the cut to differentiate itself or did it make just enough waves to fall into the "it was okay"
crowded packs? Well, it wasn't his best work to date but it served up a heaping helping of hotties that gave the movie some legs in my belief, my own tastes running to women with more experience. It earned a rating of Recommended from me and those of you that like women not experienced enough to give polished performances will almost certainly appreciate it even more. The basic formula of the oral and straight sex on the couch served to minimize distractions and while it didn't answer the pressing question of "What is mall wear?" posed in the BTS, it offered some nice stroke and replay value with the technical values above average compared
to most small company titles.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn then provided a look at two titles worthy of consideration in Pantyhose
: UK Director Kendo, in his second movie for Pirate Fetish Machine, takes you on a nylon packed 5 scene journey into anal sex. See kinky chicks and stocking lovers satisfy their desire for Pantyhose!
Everyone has a different opinion on what Fetish is and should be. In Private's Pantyhose Seduction, Kendo takes us deeper into what he feels with a mix of bondage and D/s with a gothic touch leaning towards ALT Porn. With a cast of beautiful women dressed only in corsets and stockings that would give any man wood which also appeals to the women that are watching as well. Those that have a fetish for stockings will also enjoy it. Even the cover is very appealing to the eyes with two of the ladies Sahara and Tammy laced up in corsets. Pantyhose Seduction did just that seduce the minds of those that enjoy the allure of the feeling of silk against their flesh and having the beautiful women dressed in heel and corsets. Each scene took your mind to a level of erotica that one would read in a book; and Hustler Hardcore Vault 2: Unlike Hustler's Hardcore Vault #1, Hardcore #2 goes down a different route. This one is more gonzo than the first and a bit more extreme on the deep throating and the ass smacking and the foreplay. I don't see who anyone can enjoy especially the women in the roles having a huge cock shoved down their throats to the point of heaving. That to me is a bit extreme yet I know there is a huge market out there for it.
From what I see each Hardcore Vault be very different making it a series to continue collecting just as long as the sex is hot and so are
the ladies in it.

Finding a title two critics as diverse as The Mooninite and Don Houston can agree upon is pretty rare but the Eastside Story: 3 Disc Set proved to be a title that alt-porners and more mainstream tastes will find sexually stimulating. As Don said: it was more of a traditional porno than the typical flick billed as alt porn and earned a rating of Recommended thanks to the casting, the levels of strokability, replay value, and amount of overall fuck for the buck. A few of the performers surprised me with their acts this time but the crossover appeal of the movie will probably serve it well as a way to get people that have been burned by the genre's lamer efforts back into at least giving it a look. In short, Eastside Story had a fine soundtrack, good sex, and enough going for it that I look forward to seeing the next fuck flick by director Vena Virago. The Mooninite took a similar tack by pointing out: it is a mix of performance art, music, personality segments and of course, hardcore pornography. The results are surprisingly charming. The sex comes first and foremost but Virago presents her performers in a playfully sexy light and lets some of their quirks shine through so that they're more than just the standard cookie cutter fuck machines we're so used to seeing in every day pornography.
It isn't pushing the envelope or really doing anything that hasn't been done before but it is a well made smut movie with some moderately amusing interviews setting up each of the five sexy scenes. The action is pretty hot and there's enough kink here to keep it interesting but not so much as to put the average pervert off. Given their agreement on the major aspects of the multi-disc set, it looks like Eastside Story will find some cross over appeal thanks to all they

Talented reviewer Rob Randell also scored with a couple of winners in Ass Cream Pies
: It takes anal sex and adds the Anabolic touch. The content gets taken to another level by including a degrading act. There are 6 scenes in this installment, with 5 threesomes and 1 couple. In each scene the girls have sex and finish with an anal creampie and have a creampie or two thrown in their face. Anyways, if you don't mind degrading rough sex and enjoy anal cream pies, then this video should please you. I was pretty happy with this DVD. I'm not a huge fan of the ending. Creampies anal or otherwise do not do it for me. I'd rather see the cum shot placed on the face. Anyways, the action is still pretty hot. With girls like Kaiya Lyn and Lyla Lei, what's not to love? For good anal action get this DVD; and Me Luv U Long Time
: is Red Light District Video's latest installment in their Asian porno line with Mr. Pete directing. This series features several fresh new faces to porn, who bare all and have a good time doing it. The latest release of Red Light District Video's Asian porno line is pretty good one. It has some great looking babes like Jazmine Leih, Nyomi Marcela and Mia Smiles. These girls are great to see in action and the other scenes with Lena Lang and Kitty Langdon aren't half bad either. So if you like Asian girls and porn, pick this one

The youthful appeal of cute ladies having hardcore action was also evident in Teen Machine
: The movie had Mark and a few others getting into some of the cutest gals of the day, with five new scenes offering up a variety of sexual dynamics that followed a basic formulaic structure we're all familiar with; tease, oral and straight sex with a facial to close.
While not all the scenes followed this precisely and the adherence to the dynamic wasn't required, the majority of action worked well as a result. It was a title that served the advertised niche pretty well as the cast of ladies looked youthful and often fucked like machines.
Seriously though, the rough edges some of them had were indicative of newcomers and fans of the teen genre in porn will find enough fuck for the buck to warrant this one being Recommended. If you enjoy the gonzo genre and the manner in which hotties like Aubrey Addams were worked over, you'll probably enjoy Teen Machine 2 more than a little bit as the replay and stroke value were pretty solid

Reviewer The
also found a trio of other titles you might find worth your time, money, and seed with Naughty Girls:
Justine hosts a sexy call in radio talk show where listeners call her and tell them about their sexual exploits. As they explain what happened to them and how, we see it acted out in Justine's head as she gets turned on... Nice production values, an attractive cast and some interesting scenarios make this one a good couples film. There's no degradation or nasty abusive fucking, it's all slow and semi passionate here with a romantic edge that would probably go over well in the bedroom. While the sex is fairly vanilla, it's well shot and well lit and it looks like they're tried to give things a somewhat erotic and romantic edge, playing up the fantasy aspect of the scenes rather than going for flat out gonzo style hardcore; Big Phat White
: doesn't take the big butt thing to the extreme that the title would imply nor are all the girls particularly white, but who cares.
They're all nice looking ladies with fleshy rumps who seem to enjoy fucking on camera. No theme, no running ideas or plot, just sex. While there isn't much difference between the five scenes on the disc save for the three way with Lorena and Tanya, if girls with fleshy behinds are your thing you'll probably enjoy this one. It's all interracial which puts it in a niche one could say, but the girls are hot and they're treated well here, and they all seem to be enjoying their scenes. It's all slightly better than average in that the women are all natural and attractive, and overall this is just a solid disc that doesn't try anything new but which delivers exactly what you'd want from it; and Fucking Girls
: A few familiar faces from prior Belladonna projects return and a couple of new ones appear here as well. Full on hardcore gonzo style girl on girl action, this is never the less well shot and well performed. If you're into the rougher side of girl on girl action then you'll want to check out Belladonna's Fucking Girls 4. The sex is hot, the cast attractive and daring and the scenes are all fairly unique.
Plenty of extra features are included and the A/V quality leaves little
to complain about.

Fetish enthusiasts might also enjoy the BDSM elements of Bound To
: a light bondage oriented fuck flick that had a number of cute newcomers tied up and having fun with some of the best meat puppets in porn, with elevated levels of chemistry and heat present in most scenes. I know that full bondage scenes are shied away from these days as potential targets for legal action so this was about as good as I would expect while still maintaining the benefits of a mainstream porn look. It was a title that offered enough fuck for the buck to warrant a rating of Recommended from me. The casting had a lot of gals that looked to be in their teens and the light bondage dynamic was catered to fairly well with a few standout scenes worth lots of replay. The rookie pussy performers even seemed to embrace the idea more than average and while it might not have been the best title I've watched of late in terms of consistency, Bound To Please was well worth a nod thanks to the
chemistry and heat displayed.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot found the porn equivalent of the magnificent seven this week as he detailed why they were so special including looks at Pop Goes The
: If you're a collector of the performers or just a fan of pop shots there is no better release than this one - its nonstop facials for over two hours! Although I would have liked to see some more of the action that led up to these monster blasts of man chowder, it was still enjoyable to watch, America's Got
: While relying on what has made the series so popular in the past, this release also adds fresh faces and new scenarios. Fans of the series will, without hesitation, want to pick this up for their collections. Also, anyone who has never had the opportunity to see a Seymore Butts DVD and is curious, might want to make their first purchase, Super Hot
: From the very first scene I was blown away by this release.
I've seen too many Adult DVDs in my life, but this was one of the most enjoyable. You can easily find other DVDs with action as intense, but rarely do you find one with such a solid cast. Each and every girl on the disc displays a great attitude and you can tell they love fucking on camera. When you combine that with a plethora of extras and solid technical quality, you have a DVD worthy of purchasing, Lewd Conduct
: I'll pretty much sum up this DVD the way I sum up many of Diabolic's titles. If you're sure you can handle the often rough action then you'll definitely enjoy it. If you're looking to watch it with your significant other, or prefer more passionate sex, look elsewhere. Lewd Conduct 30 provides plenty of value, attractive girls, and solid technical quality, New Releases
: Starring some incredibly hot girls this DVD is chock full in intense, enjoyable, and passionate sex. When you factor in all the standard allotment of extras you get, picking up this DVD becomes a no-brainer. In fact it earns my highest rating, 18 And Easy 6:
Director Will Rider has certainly been making a name for himself. As the director for the Beaver Hunt and Barely Legal Innocence series he is no stranger to the teen genre. By providing some of the hottest young girls in the business, solid technical quality, and all the extras (don't forget the bonus disc!) you could hope for, Hustler has given you a DVD that is more than worth the purchase price, and Young As They Cum
: Overall Digital Sin put together another decent release. Audrey Bitoni and Bree Olsen highlight a cast of girl who showed plenty of energy and enthusiasm for fucking on camera. Compared to other "teen"
DVDs, the girls don't look as young as they claim to be. Because of that people looking solely for young girls might want to look elsewhere. If you're looking for some quality action though you'd won't be
disappointed with this title.

For those wanting something off the beaten path, a hand-friendly title such as Tug Jobs 10 might do the trick: It was a series of eight handjobs by a variety of ladies with varying amounts of professional porn experience, each of them offering something different. I haven't seen one of the series in the past but having heard good things about them, I finally grabbed a copy for review. Seeing as how most people watching the movie will be applying some hand to gland combat themselves, it made sense that this was shot largely in the POV fashion, the quality of the scenes handled well as a result of the direction and ladies. It was a lot of fun for me and while the scenes were a bit too uneven to grace it with a higher rating, I can safely say it earned every bit of a Recommended or more for me thanks to the ladies, the replay and strokability, and the technical values offered up. I was pleasantly surprised that the extra long extended version of Samantha's scene was included too (a rarity for the company) but while I wish there was more BTS and extended action going on, I knew that I'd have to look into getting some of the previous volumes in the series. In short, Tug Jobs 10 will have you tugging your own pipe pretty hard, so give it a

If hand to gland action is not to your liking, we close out this week with a look at women who swallow instead with Big Mouthfuls
: the five scenes all ending with the ladies chugging down his life giving bodily fluids. Given the appeal of the ladies, I felt he had a winner on his hands from the very beginning, but wanted to see for myself since reviews of his works have shown a lot of differing opinions. Thankfully, the cast came through in almost all cases, making this a pretty fair fuck flick; albeit with the usual limitations the company is known for in terms of the technical values. It was another title by the guy worth a rating of Recommended if you like the ladies looking a bit less polished up than most porn seems to offer. Sexually, this was Ashlynn's best title to date and a few of the others impressed me enough that I wanted to see more from them too. They all swallowed at the end and the mixture of POV footage with some static camera work to mix things up sure didn't hurt either with the chemistry in most scenes showing the gals liked working with Preston a lot more than the aging lothario's unable to make it in the real world that they are usually stuck with. In short, Big Mouthfuls 12 had some solid strokability, replay value and heat even if a few of the ladies needed to polish up their acts a bit.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

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The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne.

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