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Tera Patrick InTERActive Giveaway , Ashlynn Brooke and Afrodite Superstar


Spotlight Title: Mobster's Ball

Don Houston for
a visual treat this week with
: Brad Armstrong has long been a major part of the success
story known as Wicked
. Despite those in the industry that complain about all of
his advantages, the bottom line is that he focuses on high end projects
that are supported by the company and fans alike; typically resulting in
a level of porn far more interesting as something other than merely
stroke material. His latest title is Mobster's
, a series of scenes that employ a similar look as the award
winning Fuck; dispensing with most dialogue and plot to allow for a
fusion of Brad's usual hits with his vignette driven titles some fans
like even more. The cast was such that between the contract beauties
like Jessica Drake and Carmen Hart and the outside hotties added in for
well needed diversity, I didn't think he could miss. As the cover put
it: "Mob hits. Bank robbers. The Cotton Club. These are just a few of
the things that say 1930's. Award winning director Brad Armstrong gives
us a tantalizing, sensual and erotic glimpse of this time gone by. Anal,
three-ways, orgies, you name it, they're all here. Take a trip down
memory lane with this all-star cast and get off like never before!" If
you enjoy the warmth generated by talented performers having a good time
as shot by a skilled director, you will like this one a whole lot. While
there was no circus act sex or the kind of entanglements best suited for
drunken frat boys to goof on, the kind of stroke material here relied on
the years of experience the cast and director brought to the scenes for
fans that appreciate ladies willing to have sex on camera. Those of you
preferring boyish teens that stare into the camera like a deer caught in
the headlights, triple anal, or other acts that make people wince at how
painful and nasty they look can go elsewhere while those wanting a title
worthy of being Highly Recommended can pick up Mobster's
. The replay, strokability, and levels of fuck for the buck
combined with some great extras and technical care to make it this good
so check it out.

InTERActive DVD Signed by Tera Patrick Giveaway

Here at X Critic we've always been a huge fan of Tera Patrick. Our first Adult DVD Review was for her early film Forbidden Tales. So we're happy to bring you a giveaway for her highly anticipated InTERActive. Released by Hustler Video InTERActive is a 2 disc interactive spectacular with a completely new take on the interactive adult DVD.

Enter now for your chance to win one of five copies of InTERActive signed by Tera Patrick.

Sneak Peeks: Ass Addiction 2 & Jesse's

Our first early look this week is with the upcoming Ass Addiction
: Robby D. has finally been receiving the accolades he deserves of
late, having taken the world one critic at a time by shooting scores of
titles for Digital
that often show creativity, originality, and the kind of
technical maneuvering only someone that has mastered the basics can
show. While a long time coming, his devotion to making better porn has
paid off repeatedly, giving him the kind of acclaim he deserves with the
masses soon to follow. His latest project to be released next month is
Ass Addiction 2, the sequel to one of the best gonzo offerings of last
year, Ass Addiction 1; a seriously hot fuck flick that all my close
friends have tried to steal from me since I aired it for them long ago.
The point of the movie is that after the extended periods of tease, all
the ladies engaged in anal sex, enjoying the act as their perfect
puckers were plundered, with no hold outs in sight. Unlike so many
companies these days, the truth in advertising quotient was high and
that added to the fun of the scenes. It served up a great set of scenes
with high levels of strokability, substantial replay value, and the kind
of anal fuck for the buck that many of you have demanded. It didn't hurt
that most of the gals were in top form, often giving their best
performances to date or close to them, with more than just ass on the

We then move to a stylish offering with Jesse's Juice:
The movie was a series of vignettes that largely focused on lovely Jesse
Jane but also served up some action with the two new contract gals
working for the company; Lacie Heart and Katsumi. As in most of
Celeste's movies, there was a general sub-theme, this time concerning
guns and weapons, but they didn't get in the way of the usual erotic
action that employed copious amounts of slow motion, a lack of a vocal
track, and various rapid paced editing, to provide some decent heat
(within the type of flick it was meant to be). The company website said
it like this: "Shot entirely on HD, Jesse's Juice features DP's contract
superstar, Jesse Jane in 5 deliciously mouthwatering scenes. Rich with
innuendo, director Celeste uses ripe fruits and juices intertwined with
passionate sex in each seductive scene. Jesse unleashes her desire in 2
provocative boy / girl scenes with Scott Nails & Ben English. Then, she
shows her lasciviously lesbian instincts in fantastically hot girl /
girl action with Cayton Caley and contract sister Lacie Heart. Add the
lovely Katsumi to the cast, some slammin' anal and horny solo action and
Jesse's Juice is an over-the-top, breathtakingly beautiful, insanely
hard, erotic experience you won't soon forget." In short, while Jesse's
Juice won't be for everyone, it will be just the right kind of tasty
treat for those possessing a thirst for as much Jesse Jane as they can
get so give it a look later this month.

Event Highlight with Ravyn: AFRODITE SUPERSTAR Release

The New School for Social Research, in conjunction with Terry Williams
as part of his Sex in the City series, hosted a private screening of
AFRODITE SUPERSTAR, distributed by Adam and Eve Pictures, which will
be in stores April 3, 2007 directed by Venus Hottentot. Femme
Productions has launched a new line of erotic films for couples
featuring a more ethnically diverse cast of actors and actresses,
directed by women of color. Venus Hottentot is a recent art school grad
who has made a number of short art films before directing her first
feature, AfroDite Superstar, which is executive produced by Candida
Royalle. Venus wanted to create an intelligent and
non-pornographic/non-exploitive adult film that features men and women
of color that would be more of a positive influence than

AFRODITE SUPERSTAR is a seductive, romantic comedy about Afrodite, a
naive young woman who makes a her transformation into a sexy female
rapper. This is the first ethnically diverse feature to come out under
Femme Chocolat, a new division of Candida Royalle's internationally
acclaimed Femme Productions. Candida is well known for having pioneered
the concept of adult movies made from a females point of view for
couples. With Femme Chocolat she seeks to address the much neglected
audience of ethnically diverse couples as well as promoting safe

During the Q& A portion of last night screening many of the college
students and others joined asking question about the movie and the two
different endings in the directors cut and the actual final cut. I
wont go too much into the movie needless to say that this is one that
everyone must see. Simone Valentine who plays Afrodite is a breathe
of fresh air and very professional in the film who finds herself
searching for her true identity within the hip hop world. Simone, an
accomplished writer and a reviewer of adult films and toys, is a
very down to earth woman who sees Femme Chocolat as a stepping stone
in the right direction for women in general when it comes to adult

I got to speak with Venus last night and she clearly has what it
takes as a woman of color to give Femme Chocolat that perceptive
which all directors need when it comes to adult films. With Candida
as her mentor Venus Hottentot seems to have made herself at home at
Femme Productions. I look forward to speaking to her again in detail
about future works within Femme Chocolat and Adam & Eve. You can read
more about Venus at Candida Royalle's


Highlights of The

One the very best titles of the week, the cream of the crop, was Beyond The Call Of
Booty: Special Edition
: Erik Everhard is one of the premiere gonzo
directors in porn, using his athletic prowess and driven style to truly
elicit a response for the top quality women he provides in his movies
these days. His DVDs are almost always double disc sets as well,
offering more fuck for the buck than his peers as a general rule of
thumb, rarely skimping on extras too as he knows what fans really expect
these days. If you watch his flicks, you'll also notice that he spends a
lot more time on the build up and tease than others, elevating the heat
in almost all cases as a result, which is probably why he was picked up
by Jules Jordan Video last year who now distributes his works. His
latest DVD set is Beyond The Call Of
Booty: Special Edition
, a double disc set of scenes offering
superior value by way of some great performances with all the trimmings
you'd expect of Erik, a guy that routinely scores the pick of the week
slot with his movies in our Blue Room Column. That said, this time Erik
used small scenarios where the cast would be in need of assistance, the
partners truly going beyond the call of their trades to offer some extra
special help in the process. It was well worth a rating of Highly
Recommended to me, nearly securing the top spot as well. The ladies were
all energetic and passionate about their chosen profession, provided
some superior sexual skills, and the technical matters were often very
good at capturing the action. This was in addition to the strokability,
replay value, and levels of fuck for the buck that gave the movie more
value than expected. In short, fans that appreciate more of all the
finer things in gonzo porn will find Beyond The Call Of Booty: Special
Edition to give them hours of great footage to inspire them as needed.

While not quite as focused as the last movie, Rookie Pussy:
Special Extended Set
was certainly the longest and kinkiest ride our
reviewers watched: Jake Malone is one of the most offbeat guys
directing for Evil Angel these days. He doesn't shy away from rough
stuff or pushing the limits of his cast, sometimes going too far for my
tastes but usually getting some solid performances for those of you into
his brand of hardcore action. His latest release is Rookie Pussy:
Special Extended Set; an extremely lengthy movie lasting over FIVE HOURS
on the double disc set, focusing on gals with relatively limited
experience in porn. As in all things, some of the gals displayed far
more polished acts but each of them added something different, giving a
wide array of material to inspire fans to do what comes naturally. So,
if you're a fan of newcomers getting pushed to their limits by a
perverted guy like Jake, this might serve you really well given the
appeal of the gals on one level or another. Given the sheer amount of
footage that will cater to so many different fans of gonzo (face it,
there were circus performers, college coeds from Houston, women that
were programmed for porn, and some very physically attractive ladies in
most cases), I elevated the rating ever so slightly to give it a Highly
Recommended. The amount of replay and strokability, extras, and
technical qualities gave it the kind of fuck for the buck value you
simply don't find too often these days in porn, making Rookie Pussy:
Special Extended Set a tremendous value as a result.

Another multi-disc title of gonzo fun was Anal Expedition
11: Special Extended Set
: Manuel Ferrara has long been a ladies man
that women seem to really enjoy working with so it came as no surprise
to me a few years back that he started working as a director; using his
charm and charisma to get the best work out of his cast like few others
can. Now that he works for Evil Angel, the stakes are raised since he
has larger budgets to do what he likes and offer superior extras,
something few companies seem willing to do these days. His latest
release if the double disc Anal Expedition 11: Special Extended Set, a
set of four long scenes (not counting the bonus scene of course) that
gave Manuel and a horde of great anal performers the chance to really
shine. If you've seen some of his previous works, you'll know exactly
why fans find his movies to be a perfect fit at the company; not always
providing the most technically perfect picture but usually showing some
of the most established directors in the business that raw energy beats
technical perfection when all else is equal. It managed to show ladies
having a great time, really hot ladies at that, and serving up all of
their skills and bodily orifices to crank up the heat. The level of
replay value, strokability, and fuck for the buck was well above what
some of his peers offer at the company and that was why I rated Anal
Expedition 11: Special Extended Set as Highly Recommended. None of the
scenes were fillers and the amount of tease alone was enough to give a
hardened old porn vet like myself a chubby every time, showing the kind
of attention to detail that I only wish some of his peers would show.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn found a duo
of delights with Drive: If you
are looking a all girl title that goes beyond the stretch of ones inner
woman's desire that has the intensity to make your own lustful nature
want to break out your toys then this is definitely what you need.
Penthouse Underground "Drive" places the needs of a woman in this title.
Justine travels all around town getting calls from other females that
she know what buttons make their pussies purr to her tongue and touch.
When you take a good look at the front cover, you don't notice that its
an all girl title. The cover is nicely done with Justine on the cover.
The story line is very solid and takes you inside Justine's mind a few
times. Nevertheless, it was a very well written title that both the men
and women will enjoy. This is one title that I Recommend and you
shouldn't skip if you enjoy watching girl/girl action, and Hardcore Vault
: For those that are weak in the stomach like me or find that
rimming and tonguing a man's ass gross, then this title is not for you.
The title Hardcore means just that. The couples take the sex to the
extreme not holding back on anything. This Hardcore Vault #1 is for
those that have no sexual inhibitions whatsoever. In this case, if it
brings pleasure to a woman it most certainly can to a man as well. Which
I know first hand that it goes both ways. *eg*. I commend both men in
DVD for being that sexually open. In this first in the Hustler Hardcore
Series, one has to be ready for some truly nasty and hardcore scenes.
Nothing in this title is for the weak at heart or for first timers. With
very long scenes and the aggressive nature of the couples those that are
used to that kind of porn would enjoy this DVD. The bonus scene which
ran just over 30 minutes even had me running for cold water. Had the
sound not been so bad in the beginning I would have enjoyed it even
more. Overall its worth the purchase. I would Recommend Hustler's
Hardcore Vault #1 to everyone that enjoys intense hardcore and somewhat
nasty fucking.

Another interesting title for thriller fans was Supernatural:
Michael Raven has long been known as a porn director trying to bring
mainstream stories into the adult realm, even back in his days at
another company. In recent years, he tends to make one larger budget
movie and a number of smaller efforts at Wicked Pictures each year,
offering some sugar and spice along with a curiosity for the thriller
genre. His most recent release in the erotic thriller category is
Supernatural; a ghost story that seemed a step down from last year's The
Visitors but a pretty fair little effort designed to cater to like
seeing fuck and fear used in the same flick. The back cover said it like
this: "Award winning director, Michael Raven, expertly presents an
erotic thriller that takes you into the chilling world of the
"Supernatural." After the untimely death of Kathy's (Kirsten Price)
husband Sean (Eric Masterson), strange things begin to happen.... Kathy
is repeatedly haunted by unexplained sounds, lights flicker without
reason and photographs crash to the floor. When the apparitions appear
in her bedroom, she's had enough. Determined to get her life back, Kathy
seeks the help of experts to remove the evil spirits. But just who are
they? And why are they there? Before he died, Sean told Kathy he'd love
and protect her forever. Sometimes it takes the power of love to fight
the "Supernatural." But will love be enough?" In all, it had some merit
to the movie as a movie more than serving a strictly porn loving
audience, a subgenre that some would argue doesn't exist in solid
marketing terms but managed to elevate the movie into an acceptable
niche for me. I'll give a limited Recommended to for those of you
looking for a movie that has sex but spends as much time with the eerie
plot and dialogue.

Busy Asian loving reviewer Rob Randell for
some heated works this week too with Women of Color
: an interracial title that focuses on bringing girls of different
ethic groups together for one vivacious porno flick. In this latest
release, we get to see some Ebony, Asian and Latina chicks get violated
in ways that only Anabolic can do. This title does a very nice job
producing a diverse cast that would make any fan of sex fairly excited.
Just ask yourself one question, Ebony, Asian or Latina? The babes were
all ethnically diverse and they had some wonderful sex, Asians 4:
Anabolic's very "romantic" series that highlights beautiful Asian babes
in the adult industry. When I talk about romantic, I mean the Anabolic
ambiance of having girls have sex on a couch in the middle of nowhere in
the outskirts of Los Angeles. Talk about every girls dream! Anyways,
this installment features another six girls who are prepared to have sex
in a rough manner that most wouldn't ever dream of, Big Dicks Little
Asians 2
: a simple concept, dudes who are well endowed have sex with
petite Asian chicks. This feature stars 5 different girls in 5 different
scenes. The action is fairly tame, but still offers plenty of
excitement. The girls on cast were all very cute and fun to see have
sex. The only thing I really didn't like about the feature was the very
long and dull opening segments. They could have at least put chapter
breaks in to skip over the useless crap. Still it is worth getting for
anyone who wants to see cute Asian babes perform in tame, but enjoyable
sex, I Love Asians
: a compilation from New Sensations/Digital Sin. It contains ten
different sex scenes from various the studios' catalog. The scenes all
contain Asian girls (obviously). The scenes included feature some pretty
heated scenes and any fan of the Asian persuasion should enjoy what the
folks at New Sensations/Digital Sin have put together for you. This DVD
should be worth the time and money if you like Asian girls, and Lascivious Latinas
: an ethnic porno with an all Latina female cast. The girls come in
different shapes and sizes, but they are all great looking and have some
spicy sex scenes. If you like ethnic babes and a sex the Anabolic way,
check out this DVD. I thought this DVD was outstanding. There were 7
scenes and I enjoyed them all. I especially liked seeing girls like
Adriana Faust, Laurie Vargas and Alicia Angel get busy. This DVD is
worth getting.

Jake Malone also gave us the wildest lesbian hardcore action available
with Bitchcraft: a
lesbian BDSM flick that few will have no opinion about if they watch it.
The emphasis here was on true pain, anal antics, and lots of role
playing games as the ladies served the whims of Jake by engaging in some
of the harshest lesbian antics that I've seen to date. The cast was
populated with some of the biggest names in the jizz biz too, raising
the stakes more than a little, with the kind of show that few newcomers
to the genre will easily stomach. It was one you'll either really get on
and love or one you'll really find disgusting and hate with little
middle ground. Jake shows he can emulate, even surpass, Belladonna's
recent hardcore lesbian BDSM flicks and the stroke value will be all the
way with lots of fuck for the buck or leave you completely limp, earning
a respectable Recommended from me as a result of weighing all the
factors I try to consider in such titles. In short, Bitchcraft had a lot
of bitches being bitchy to the max, serving up the BDSM type fare in
heaping helpings for fans to enjoy far better than the grainy, shitty
looking competition so if you're into this kind of thing, it'll be the
best you're going to find anywhere in the states.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot also
scored with a couple of fun titles such as Mother Load 2:
While some of the women don't appear to be real MILFs they are older
than most of the girls you'll find in porn. Despite the weak extras,
this DVD is still worth picking up if MILFs are your thing. Everyone
else might want to make it a rental before purchasing, and Mr. Camel Toe
: When you consider that Mr. Camel Toe is already on the seventh
installment, it was clear they have a loyal following. The action on
this DVD is sexy, passionate, and highly enjoyable. The only knock I
could find is that the weak selection of extras. If you're sure that
you'll be content with this genre, then this DVD should have a place in
your collection. So if you like older women or gals pulling their
panties through their pussy lips, we had you covered yet

We enjoyed the latest HD DVD porno with Teen America:
Mission 3 (HD DVD)
: Robby D. was not always one of my top directors,
at least not until he worked at Digital Playground for awhile. Prior to
that, he was charged with churning out product on an assembly line basis
and while some of it provided insights into his desire to do something
different (and better), his budgets and schedule were as limited as his
hands were tied. After proving himself at DP, he went on to create
numerous spin offs from his Jack's Playground series, the most
consistently reliable being the award winning Teen America Series. The
latest offering in the series is the remastered Teen America: Mission 3
HD DVD; the company's third true HD DVD title. The series shows Robby as
"Jack" a loser from a wealthy family that gets cut off by dad so he
starts working for a beauty contest to scam women out of their clothing.
This time, there was a definite emphasis on college gals getting into
the fray, the title serving as a good selection to offer up as the HD
DVD process is refined. If you like the series, this would be a good one
to appreciate for HD DVD equipped folks overall, at least until the big
guns start coming out in coming months. The ladies all offered something
different from one another, the technical aspects were well done, and
the HD DVD remastering made the action look and sound clearer than ever.
This might not be a reference quality title at this writing but Teen
America: Mission 3 HD DVD will certainly add another dimension to the
equation of what the format is capable of providing porn fans
everywhere. Personally, I have a lengthy list of titles I'd like the
company to start working on but only when they get the mastering tools
prepared for full 1080p and are willing to add in some extras to
increase the fuck for your buck quotient to compensate for the increased
prices these discs are fetching.

Talented reviewer The Mooninite
found a title in the pretty porn genre to really please too with Through Her
: Faith Leon hasn't been in the industry for too long but she's
already made quite an impression in her work for Ninn Worx, Digital
Playground, Penthouse and, well, pretty much every other studio out
there. She's been involved in a lot of movies over the last three years
or so. Why? Because she's fucking gorgeous. She's got a fantastic
natural body, a great set of medium sized breasts and a lovely bouncy
little ass. She's got a really solid screen presence and an honestly
sexy voice that she knows how to use and on top of all that (and
probably most importantly) she's got the best pair of 'fuck me eyes'
since Chasey Lain broke hearts and tightened pants back in the early
nineties. The girl has got a fantastic amount of sex appeal and charisma
and she's daring enough and primal enough in her performance here to
really effectively turn up the heat. Hot enough to matter and classy
enough to still fall into that art-porn niche, this disc looks and
sounds quite nice and even if the extras are nothing to write home about
it, it still comes highly recommended.

Evil Angel struck gold again with Angels of
Debauchery 6
: Jonni Darkko is a director whose work is distributed
by Evil Angel these days, having been brought up on the porn diploma
mill over at New Sensations previously. His titles these days all tend
to offer a driving soundtrack that are a tribute to his infamous DJ work
at clubs in southern California, providing the thumping music that gets
ecstasy enhanced people to lose their inhibitions quickly. Some of the
time, his works are better than others, the latest case in point being
Angels of Debauchery 6, the sequel to Angels of Debauchery 5 where the
director gets a cast of extremely attractive young ladies to do all
kinds of twisted sex acts, the gals notable for their innocent looks in
most cases. If you like the fresh looking type of gal porn has to offer,
this will be a title you're really going to enjoy, especially since it
doesn't rely on the goofy pigtails or school girl outfits so much as the
look of the gals. That they were all driven sexually was a bonus for me
but if you've seen the series in the past, you'll know why so many fans
adore it. The superior technical attributes and beautiful gals having a
great deal of fun were the main components but the entire way the scenes
were constructed gave them awesome stroke, replay , and fun factor value
that upped the levels of fuck for the buck to the point that I knew this
was a keeper.

Reviewer Addison
found an oldie but goodie with MILFs Night
: Four of the five women in this MILF fest are genuine MILF
material, which is a plus right there since some DVD labels have a
casual bait-and-switch attitude about fulfilling box cover promises (I
recall one "hairy pussy" disc that opened with some furry action, then
went all Mr. Bigglesworth the rest of the way). The sex is standard and,
aside from the girl-girl action, pretty unkinky. (There's no rectal
recreation.) The guys are all decently hung but have few lines and
barely register as people. After her brief acting appearance at the
start of the feature, popular performer-turned-director Dee disappears,
though she figures prominently in the behind-the-scenes featurette. The
women were indeed in their 30s or beyond and they're all hot and into
their sex. There's next to no plot, but the MILF theme is maintained
throughout. All the ladies perform the usual acts, though some more
explicitly shot blow-jobbing by the impressively buff TJ Powers would
have been appreciated.

Pretty porn got the nod from other companies too with Chatte
serving up some eye candy for fans: Bill Fisher has
worked in porn under a variety of names in the past but now that he's a
director for Club Jenna, I suspect he'll become better known no matter
what he calls himself. I happened to review his second title, Brea's
Prowl, recently and wanted to see his roots as an artistic style
director so I went and got a copy of his first, Chatte Magnifique. The
movie was a showcase for contract gas and other lovelies working for the
company, all shot in as stylish a manner as Bill could muster. The back
cover said it like this: "When you combine beauty, sex and imagination,
they create "Chatte Magnifique." From critically acclaimed director Bill
Fisher comes his first adult feature film. You will be ravished from the
opening frame to the last exploding cum shot. The brilliance of
elaborately lavish wardrobe and amazing hardcore penetration make this
one of the most creative movies in recent years. If you remember the
feeling you had the first time you ever saw porn, you will once again be
reunited with that same sense of splendor. Be prepared to enter the
world of two of Club Jenna's hottest contract stars, Jesse Capelli and
Chanel St. James as they perform in some of the most exotic scenes of
their careers. For the very first time, watch the creative and
imaginative genius of Bill Fisher as he works with Club Jenna to present
Chatte Magnifique." It had the benefit of some of the most beautiful
ladies in porn being dressed up and allowed to extensively tease the
camera. This offset the weaknesses discussed above and resulted in a
rating of Recommended form me as there was some reasonable stroke value
to be had here.

New reviewer George Capistrano
found a backdoor surprise with Addicted To
, a gonzo effort directed by Mr. Pete that hosted some hotties
worthy of your attention: Mr. Pete knows anal. In Addicted to Anal he
helps put five girls through the paces and delivers a unique and
powerful porno that plays to a wide audience. Wow, wow, wow. This is a
great disc with a few scenes that don't live up to their potential. If
this was in widescreen, if the sound was better in the first scene and
if the final scene meandered a bit less, it would garner awards. As it
is, this disc is still Highly Recommended and a welcome addition to any
gonzo collection.

Hustler was involved in providing young hotties to fans for longer than
most of the performers in the industry have been alive so their video
series involving newcomers was fun this week with Beaver Hunt
: Will Rider has been known for his former career in music just as
much as his promotional skills in porn but his directing titles for
Hustler Video has certainly benefited from his feature series including
Britney Rears 1, Britney Rears 2, and Britney Rears 3. He has the
technical skills to elevate the work of his casts and manages to provide
some solid stroke material according to just about every reviewer here
so I looked forward to seeing how he had evolved with his latest title,
Beaver Hunt #7, since I had last seen the series opener with Beaver Hunt
#1 so long ago. The idea was to offer newcomer pussy instead of the same
old stuff, allowing the gals to tease and offer up interview material
before taking on an industry professional with plenty of scenes under
their belt. If this sounds interesting to you, you may appreciate that
most of the ladies had the rough edges newcomers provide, making the sex
seem more realistic, even though it's unlikely that they have been
completely new to sex for money given the circumstances. It had enough
fuck for the buck, strokability, and attractive cast members that a
rating of Recommended seems fair.

If you believe in squirting as a fun way to spend some time, Sprung A Leak
will appeal to your tastes: Mr. Pete has been a performer and
director for a long time now, recently working a lot for Red Light
District. Having seen some of his weaker technical efforts, I was happy
to note that his most recent release for them, Sprung A Leak 2 was
actually looking very good and some of the scenes were very strong
compared to his work elsewhere. The theme of the movie was to showcase
ladies who would put on a watery show that some call squirting as the
rest of the world calls pissing or urination, though not to the extremes
some companies (like Elegant Angel) seem to go. If this sounds like the
gonzo title for you, I'll let you know up front that it was pretty well
made all around and there was a lot to enjoy. It was worthy of being
Recommended to me thanks to the largely attractive cast, the amount of
replay and stroke value, and the levels of fuck for the buck displayed
more than the amount of extras or other factors. There was a small issue
with Dana's scene not playing on my computer when I went to get a second
look but it was a pretty good effort by Pete and I have to admit that
the squirting was downplayed enough that I found Sprung A Leak 2 about
as acceptable a use of the term as any contemporary title using the
circus act trick as a focal point.

Miami has long been a hot spot for hot twat so it was no surprise that Filthy's First
Taste Three
managed to give fans some newcomer nookie worthy of
praise: the third volume of the well received Pro-Am title where
newcomer females in the Miami area have sex on camera for the first
time. I've enjoyed the previous editions a lot for how well the ladies
seemed to show that they liked what was going on without getting too
professional as though they had done a hundred scenes as most in porn
seem to do these days. The back cover said it like this: "Wanna watch
real horny girls get fucked for thei1st time ever on camera? Watch these
bad bad girls get their fill of cock while being filmed for the first
time ever. We sent our crews into the streets of Miami, trolling for the
most innocent girls we could find. See as they jump at the chance to
fuck a stranger; get filmed; have nut shot all over them; then get paid
too! Brought to you by the true masterminds of Miami reality gonzo -
Filthy Films!" This genre of porn is not typically thought of as
catering to the gonzo crowd that have become enamored with circus act
sex or polished professionals but I know a lot of you enjoy it for the
freshness factor the ladies add to their scenes. All the expected rough
edges and variations in performer skills were present and some of the
ladies could easily be strippers pumping chumps in the back room of a
local strip club here in Houston but that was not the image any of them
projected here. I hadn't seen any of them in the past and while a few
have since made a scene or two elsewhere, they all appeared to be
genuinely new to porn. That kind of freshness factor generally can't be
bought so if you're into this genre of fuck flicks, Filthy's First Taste
Three should provide you with something outside of the overly made up
glamour dolls you might expect to see gracing a porno these days.

Anal antics graced every scene of Tinker With My
: Mark Wood has been directing for Red Light District more
frequently of late, paying the bills with such work as well as having a
good time while plotting his next move to take over the porn world. I
have found his work to get a lot better in recent years, especially on
technical matters, and his best assistant always adds her charming
personality to his flicks as well; making the BTS features more fun as a
result. His latest movie is Tinker With My Stinker, an anal fuck flick
that is the 471th release by the company. Every one of the attractive
cast had anal sex and even the worst performance was pretty good, though
your mileage may vary depending on which gals you appreciate the most.
It was definitely worthy of being Recommended or better thanks to the
great ladies cast for the movie, their sexual skills and performances,
and the technically proficient manner in which they were shot by Mark,
Francesca, and Michael. The levels of fuck for your buck were high and
but for a few gals that could have been better, the movie might well
have elevated in rating at least one step. In short, Tinker With My
Stinker was the kind of truth in advertising anal flick that many of you
will enjoy so check it out.

If you like seeing women simply admit to doing the deed for dollars,
you'll enjoy Fuck For Dollars
: Eddie Powell is the talented director trying to provide some
heated hijinks with his work for Greedy/New Sensations. His
quasi-reality porn flicks tend to provide just enough goofy fun along
with some decent action that to date, he has proven his worth time and
again. His latest title to make it to my hands is Fuck For Dollars #3,
the third chapter in the trolling for trollops series where he and
Brother Love go hunting hotties in need of cash, using money as the
motivator of the day. The back cover said it like this: "Boom shaka
laka! Get out your wallet if you want to fuck, because some girls will
do anything for a buck! You're going to be up on it and down with it as
Eddie Powell and the Greedy crew find 5 hottie totties that want to get
fucked...and have it taped! And take our word for it...what a difference
a dollar makes!" If the concept is honest enough for you, be assured
that the sex was usually well done too, making this another fine effort
in the series to appreciate. In short, Fuck For Dollars #3 was worth
your own dollars to pick up with four out of five scenes solid (and two
of them really hot!) so check it out.

Performer Interview: Ashlynn

First off, give us some background on you. Where are you from? How
did you get into the business?

Well I'm 21 years young from Choctaw, Oklahoma. I started watching porn
at a very young age. I watched differently then everyone else though...
I always thought "hey, I'm gonna be that girl one day". And here I am.
Started modeling nude and it all went from there.

What should the world know about Ashlynn Brooke?

The world should know that I'm definitely one of a kind. I'm goofy,
love to have fun. I can make the best out of any situation and also that
I LOVE my job and I love to please people. That's what it's all
about...giving the people want they want.

New Sensations hasn't had a contract girl since Carmen Luvana. Why
did you chose to go with them?

That's exactly why I signed with them. They are a great company. And
they have the right idea as far as focusing attention on the right
person at the right time.

Do you think there's a lot more pressure on a company who is so
selective with their contract girls vs. a company that has lots of girls
under contract?

Yes... but I do very well when I'm under pressure. It's a great

Your first scene ever was with the legendary Erik Everhard. How was
that experience?

Erik is such an amazing person on and off camera. He's professional..
and he's great sex! =)

What are your favorite pornos you've seen?

Oh my.. can I rain check on this one? haha

Is there anyone in the industry you are dying to work with?

Anyone who is professional, fun, and are as into their job as I am.

Who do you want to direct you?

There are so many great directors out there right now... I want all of
them haha... is that selfish?

Who is in your dream scene?

Too many.. I would hate to leave someone out..

Are you more interested in more Gonzo style work, or are you at all
interested in doing features?

I love features. I feel you can really show more of your artistic side.
But gonzo is fun, too. And very important to our industry, I might

As a contract girl for New Sensations, what are some of your goals
and aspirations?

As a contract girl, I hope to make my mark in the industry. I want
people to know who I am and what I'm about. I want them to know exactly
what to expect when watching one of my movies.

I'm in this for the long haul so together we are paving the way for
longevity and stability. I'm here to stay!

What are some of your favorite things to do on screen? Sexually what
are you most into?

On screen I love fucking very hardcore and incredibly passionate. I'm
very open with my sexuality... I mean hell, who can turn down a great

Is there anything you wont do on screen or something you're saving
for your own personal bedroom?

I won't do anal. And ya know...I gotta admit I would really love to do
anal. I've tried.. it just doesn't work for me. Bummer, right?

What are the DVDs that you've shot for that are going to come

Well I have 4 DVDs that are out right now... two of which are Club Jenna
features which, as we all know, are beautiful! And then I have 2 coming
very soon with New Sensations which are awesome and fun.... you can see
what movies are coming out at newsensations.com.

What are some of your favorite Mainstream Movies? Do you have time to
watch DVDs? What would your top 10 list be ?

Mainstream... what's that? haha jk! I love movies. Don't really have a
top 10 but I love 300, The Fifth Element, The Village, Joe Dirt, All 3
X-Men movies (LOVE X-Men!), I don't know.. I love comedy and horror.
I'm pretty easy to please!

How has working in the adult industry been different than you had
initially expected?

I always knew it was going to be great. I had a pretty good idea of how
it was going to play out. But I had NO IDEA it was going to be this
amazing. The people, the traveling, the fans, just everything....really

What has been the highlight so far of your new career?

My contract, of course!

New Sensations has their popular My Plaything line. Have you started
to think about what you'd want to do in My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke?

I actually have a few cool ideas... and trust me, you won't be

How can fans get in touch with you? Do you have a web site yet?

Web site is still under construction. But I have a lot of fans on my
myspace page: www.myspace.com/ashlynn_brooke!
Check it out!

Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

I would like to say thank you so much for all your support. If it
weren't for you and what you enjoy watching, I couldn't do my job! Luv
you all!

Ashlynn Brooke can be seen in:

P.O.V. 2
, Big
Mouthfuls Vol. 12
, Bound
To Please
, Brea's
, Busty
College Coeds P.O.V. 3
, Naughty
Amateurs #2
, On
The Road: South Beach
, On The Road:
South Beach 2

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