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Monique Alexander in B Skow’s Cherry Bomb


Spotlight Title: Cherry Bomb

Reviewer Don
found a virtual homage to the Runaways in the title of Cherry Bomb: B. Skow is probably the most reliable director at Vivid
these days in terms of providing exactly what he's shooting for and providing the kind of quality fans are coming to demand of the higher end production companies. One of the difficulties in shooting a porn feature is that it is so easy to either focus too much on the sex (making the plot portions laughable and/or lame) or to focus too much on the plot (making the sex portions too watered down) so I was happy to see he was at the helm of a Monique Alexander showcase feature called Cherry Bomb; knowing full well that he'd be able to do it justice. The story is a bit like a porn take off of Basic Instinct where Monique is accused of murder by a detective; the audience never quite knowing whether she was completely innocent or not until the ending. The cover said it like this: "Cherry (Monique Alexander) is under investigation as a suspect in four separate crimes. But, throughout the reenactments, it appears she is not as innocent as expected. The reenactments include Cherry and Romeo (Derrick Pierce) in a hot bedroom scene. Cherry then gets drilled by her pimp (Marcus
London) in a hotel room. Then the girls get into the act when Cherry and Jaz (Alektra Blue) make it on a desk and plenty of toys are involved.
Plus, Madame (Flower Tucci) and her side kick (Hillary Scott) double team Samson (Jay Huntington) in which he performs anal on both women and makes Madame squirt! Then legend Tom Byron performs anal with Missy Monroe in a hotel room. It is an explosive whodunit." Okay, with a bit more dialogue and a more open ending, I think this would have been a major award winner for Vivid as a feature, not just for the great sex scenes. It was clearly a solid effort worthy of being Highly Recommended. The sex was off the charts much of the time, the ladies all attractive and skilled at their craft, and the technical elements were very nicely handled as well. The stroke and replay value along with the fuck for the buck quality of the show were decidedly better than most features, with Monique giving her best acting performance to date by far. In short, Cherry Bomb was a winner on all levels and another notch on the belt of the director worth bragging rights.

Sneak Peeks: Mademoiselle & Shay Jordan: All American Girl

As part of our program to give you a sneak peek into upcoming movies, we often find the cream of the crop coming into our offices. This week, we start our look into the virtual crystal ball with Mademoiselle
should show again that director Robby D. doesn't need to rely on the familiarity of a series to try new things, this time spotlighting lovely Sophia Santi, one of the company's least used contract performers with a role edited into the rest of the movies' scenes as a way to try something new. The ladies were talented and physically attractive, the scenes showed said ladies having a fun time with some men they obviously liked working with, and the technical values were creative and endearing some of the time to make this one Recommended. In short, Mademoiselle
had the stroke and replay value combined with the chemistry and fuck for your buck qualities that most of us appreciate, albeit with some minor rough spots in need of touching up. Give it a look and you'll probably find why some of these ladies are in such high demand, the result of the movie being a lot of potentially lost semen at your hands.

Next up, we had a look at a title coming out next month in the form of Shay Jordan: All American Girl: For the kind of erotica hotty director Celeste makes, each of the Digital
contract gals has shown that they can usually run with the ideas presented, elevating their status more than a little which is why the upcoming showcase for hot new contract gal Shay Jordan entitled, Shay Jordan: All American Girl is such a natural. Love the photography style or hate it, Celeste brings something different to the table, the concept of a woman's ideas that are then brought to fruition by the talents of Robby.
I have long been critical of the particulars surrounding this style but sometimes find a title or two a cut above the rest, lending itself to keeping me on my toes as I never know what will happen. In this case, Shay was present so often that fans would be mistaken to pass on it, even if some of the scenes were substantially better than others. Tastes vary so give this one a look when it hits the shelves next month and make up your own mind, knowing that the gal graced so much of the movie that her looks alone could make you happy.

Highlights of The Week

Fans of large asses will adore Latin Booty
: LT has been one of those up and coming directors at Elegant
for awhile now, looking to find his niche at the company best known as one of the founders of the gonzo format (certainly popularizing it and serving as the birthplace of Evil Angel's Buttman). LT's biggest strength is his love of shapely women, preferring them over the scrawny boyish types some of his peers in the industry seem to prefer. His latest movie is a tribute to Latina gals with massive asses called Latin Booty Worship, a series of scenes that showcase such ladies very nicely as LT gets in on the action a whole lot. If you like big butts and cannot lie, LT seems to have "The Eye", so even before you read what takes place, the amount of Latina fuck for the buck is very high and you're going to like this one. It was not only a lot of fun but a heated romp that truly showed how much quality the director is capable of even as he searches to secure a crew capable of handling his vision. There were some quirks and the women all looked the part even if some were better than others so even with a rating of Recommended, you can probably consider this a must have if you enjoy large, full asses taking the brothers with a sense of pleasure. In short, the levels of fuck for the buck, strokability and replay value were all enough to keep Latin Booty Worship in my mind all week, even compared to some technically superior efforts. I look forward to seeing a sequel if he can find another set of hot Latinas (or at least bring back Olivia and Luscious) to showcase.

Another fine pick was Sex & Violins:
a big budget feature about a group of people on the prowl to have sex that end up having all sorts of problems revolving around a club run by Steven St. Croix. The back cover said it like this: "Welcome to the club. Where everything happened. The crash. The cops. The fire. The gang fight. The lovers who met. The husband who strayed. The anonymous liaison that went terribly wrong. Anything can happen on a Friday night at the nightclub of broken dreams. In the mind of Paul Thomas. In the world of Vivid." The feature elements were under developed (writer Tony G. sure tried to weave disparate characters into a cohesive story but something was lost in the translation from what I saw) and the sex ran the usual gamut of quality but there was often something to enjoy about the movie, my reason for coming back to it before writing this review (I first watched it three weeks ago, found it worth revisiting, and deciding to hold off on reviewing until now). The ladies were attractive and the movie decent enough to watch more than a few times despite the limitations, with more than a few reasons to check it out. It was worth rating as Recommended for the casting, the thematic elements, and the way the characters had some chemistry with each other in certain scenes.
While not gushing with glowing praise for the movie, I found it worth taking a second look at and that speaks volumes as to how much potential it has for couples and others that aren't so jaded. In short, Sex & Violins was a stroke flick that might not be mentioned at award time but many of you will enjoy it as a solid effort that showcased a few of the ladies far better than some of their previous works in the recent past, elevating the status enough to make it a winner.

While nice asses go a long way to great porn, anal sex completes it for many of you, especially no condom anal so you should enjoy I've Been Sodomized #2: the sequel to I've Been Sodomized 1, Mark and friends put some very appealing ladies through their paces with anal sex in the gonzo format most viewers are accustomed with these days. One of Mark's strengths as a director is his love of shooting tease footage for his movies, catering to a lot of us like-minded folks, and the ability to allow the cast to enjoy themselves as they get lost in their scenes. These were all displayed very appealingly in the movie, making it well worth checking out. It was worth a rating of Recommended or better, depending on how much you like the cast. Dana, Lexi, Aline, and Maya showed some solid moves with Isabella almost living up to her potential too. The levels of replay and strokability value as well as fuck for the buck and extras were top notch so I doubt you'll be disappointed if you enjoy watching attractive women getting the puckers poked and prodded. In short, I've Been Sodomized #2 was another great notch on the belt of director Mark Wood, serving to show that the latest generation of directors at the company are better than initial reports would indicate.

Reviewer Namrufmot saw a lot of titles as impressive this week, including Bang Bus 14; I don't know what it is about the Bang Bus series but I love them. Maybe it's because they feel so different than a typical porn with the standard background, supermodel girls, and post-production editing.
Either way I really enjoyed this title and I think most red-blooded males will as well. Whether you're a collector of the series or just looking for a blond buy I recommend picking up this title, Big Dicks, Petite Chicks; While it might be a little intimidating to see a guy with such a huge member (don't watch this with your wife!), the real fun lies in watching hot girls struggle to handle him. Amateur District's DVDs are affordably priced, and I feel this title would be a good blind purchase for anyone not familiar with their work, 1 Dick, 2 Chicks #6; This DVD is everything that an adult DVD should aspire to be.
Intense and playful action, excellent video quality, and plenty of extras all make this DVD a great value. Fans of threesomes (who isn't) will definitely want to consider adding this one to their collection, MILF Lessons 9; I don't know what it is about the MILF Lessons series but I love them. Maybe it's because they feel so different than a typical porn with the standard background, supermodel girls, and post-production editing.
Either way I really enjoyed this title and I think most red-blooded males will as well. Whether you're a collector of the series or just looking for a blond buy I recommend picking up this title, Apprentass 6; I've never been a huge fan of compilations discs; they always starts to feel a bit repetitive. For some reason Aprentass 6 breaks the mold and should hold up to repeated viewings. You get plenty of value so if you're in the market for a new anal DVD I'd give this title some serious consideration, and Bikini Booty Bounce; I'll pretty much sum up this DVD the way I sum up man of Platinum X's titles. If you're sure you can handle the often rough action then you'll definitely enjoy it. If you're looking to watch it with your significant other, or prefer more passionate sex, look elsewhere. Bikini Booty Bounce provides plenty of value, attractive girls, and solid technical quality.

Fans of heated lesbian antics will appreciate Corrupted By Justine Joli: a showcase title for Justine Joli as a hot lesbian out to convert others to her form of physical pleasure. Now I know the common logic is that reviewers and editors are piss poor choices to convert into directors (at least barring some experience behind the camera or education in the field) but it has been done successfully before (Jim Holliday being the first example coming to mind) and I like to see what newcomers have to offer before passing judgment on them.
Well, if you like a fusion of lipstick lesbianism with the real thing or are infatuated with the lovely Justine Joli, you're going to find this one an exceptionally heated flick with some rookie technical errors but a lot of raw energy to compensate with. It was probably the best release from the company I've seen in a very long time, maybe forever. I acknowledge that I find Justine an attractive lady with substantial sexual charm and the others were not slackers in that regard either (though some were clearly better than others) but even with the lack of technical polish, I think director Pike can safely say that she has some modicum of talent worth pursuing. I'm sure someone or other will fuss at me for saying so but I reiterate that I have no particular axe to grind for or against her. Granted, when shooting a lesbian flick, the lead can make or break you (had Heidi made this one 9 years ago, it could have starred Felecia and come out largely the same) but the scenarios and variations on the specific sexual dynamics were enough to convince me that someone was paying attention to detail on the thematic end if nothing else. As an "All Girl Odyssey" it worked and despite my personal preference for technically perfect porn (at least comparatively speaking), Corrupted By Justine Joli was a solid first attempt and easy to rate as Recommended. If it had better extras and was polished up a bit, it would have been rated the next step up the ladder, not bad for a newbie director.

Talented reviewer The Mooninite found his favorite company to offer a different set of twists this time with Facade: Otto Bauer plays a shrink to Mika Tan's crazy patient who spills her guts to him about her sexual escapades and her personality quirks. Directed by Loraine Sisco, it's a steamy and sexy piece of work with some nice creative flourishes and a nice cast of attractive and somewhat daring female performers. All in all, Façade is pretty steamy stuff. The sex is hot, plentiful, and kinky and the set design and attention to detail that you can see in the wardrobe and costumes worn by the female performers are a nice touch. The between scene banter between Bauer and Tan adds an interesting psychological element to the hot boffing and Chris Hall's photography captures all of the action in very fine detail.
Loraine Sisco titles her projects 'visions' (in the same way that Spike Lee calls them 'joints') and that's a fairly apt way of describing her work. She's a creative director with a great sense of style and a knack for creating some hot and unique sex scenes with well cast performers.
The transfer should have been anamorphic and more extras would have been nice but aside from that, Façade is an excellent release that comes highly recommended.

Fans of Chasey Lain will relish seeing her back in action in Chasey
: James Avalon has been in porn for years and while he almost brought features to Red
Light District
as a regular occurrence a while back, he has since been doing all sorts of things to stay busy (trying his hand with several companies before finding a fit he could live with). His current gig is with Forbidden Cinema and this brings him back to RLD as a distributor, though sadly not taking advantage of his skills with features and settling for a vignette format that really doesn't take full advantage of his skills as a director. The title was a showcase event of sorts called Chasey
, showing the most recent attempt by former superstar Chasey Lain to make a comeback, even though her best days in porn seen long behind her (her work at Wicked Pictures as their first contract gal stand in marked contrast to her "eventful collapse" at the yearly convention a few years back). I'll admit that I have long had a thing for Chasey due as much to her pretty eyes as the huge marketing campaign that promoted her as the best thing since Ginger Lynn in porn over ten years ago. Still, as some gals age gracefully like a fine wine, others come across as used up and skanky so I had my doubts about which direction she would take. It was a pretty good movie thanks in large part to the supporting cast and technical acumen of the director and crew. The scenes starring Chasey were the weakest of the bunch but fans like me will want to see those as much as the others if not more with the amount of fuck for the buck and extras offering just enough stroke material to merit a rating of Recommended. In short, Chasey Reloaded may not herald the return of director James Avalon to feature porn making as I had hoped but I suspect that he'll be showing me he still has what it takes to earn my praise in no time if given the chance.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot also found a trio of teen titles to tantalize with Fresh Outta High School 3; I'll be the first to admit I'm a sucker for the teen titles from Digital Sin. They often feature some of the youngest, freshest girls you'll ever see. Fresh Outta High School 3 continues the tradition by delivering a DVD full of pretty girls, intense sex, and solid technical quality. Whether you're a collector of the series or just looking for a new teen title, give this DVD some consideration, Barely 18 #32; Considering that they're up to part 32 in the series, it's obvious Sin City is doing something right. They technical quality might not be the best, there aren't tons of extras, but they do provide some of the hottest young girls around. I don't think I'd want to pay full price for this release, but if you can find a good deal on it I'd give it plenty of consideration, and Barely Legal 67; Every time I review a Barely Legal titles I rant and rave about how hot the girls are. Needless to say I was simply amazed that this DVD has assembled the best-looking casts I've ever seen on one disc. Girl one through girl five is simply incredible. When you also add in the wild, intense sex you have a DVD that belongs on the shelves of every guy who enjoys teen DVDs.

Our newest reviewer, George
, is still getting his feet (and other body parts) wet but he saw merit to a couple of better titles this week and wanted to share his thoughts with you. First up for the guy was the Devils Film release of Anal Teen Tryouts 13, where he said: The girls are not unattractive, but few are standouts and the sex is rarely engaging. Performances by Kaci Starr and Amber Peach drag the film down with less-than-stellar bodies and seemingly less-than-willing intercourse. It all depends on what you're looking for. If some simple hardcore anal with young actresses is your thing, Anal Teen Tryouts 13 might be up your alley. It's not the best-looking film around and the girls have varying degrees of interest in the sex, but the scenes with Nicara and Kissy Kapri are enough to make this one Recommended. The other title was the latest title from Vouyer
, Don't Waste It, Taste It, where he pointed out that; Swallowing semen is the name of the game in Don't Waste It Taste It from Voyeur Media. The disc features six girls

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