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Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry 2 and Sexual Freak 4: Jana Cova


Spotlight Title: Chemistry 2

We start this week with a look at a long awaited sequel, Chemistry 2, saying that: Tristan Taormino is well known for many things; being a published author, a public speaker, a writer for the Village Voice, a director, and many other things relating to the exploration of human sexuality that can't be pigeon holed so easily. Having worked at a few other companies in the past, she is now directing an interesting experiment of a series that takes two parts of The Real World, one part Shane's World, and a large dose of talented porn performers willing to look beyond the typical limitations of porn to make a different kind of movie for Vivid
. The title is Chemistry 2, the sequel to the award winning Chemistry 1, where 8 porn performers spent 36 hours in a house together with few rules or restrictions and allowed to have fun the way they wanted to have it. I was as big a proponent of the initial volume as any of the online critic reviewers and I know for a fact that a number of heads turned at the awards show this year when it won against all odds (and some mighty fine efforts in gonzo) to pick up the best gonzo title. The double takes by seasoned professionals alone were worth the price of admission to the show so what about the follow up volume, shot a few days after the original? Well, to say that it was more of the same would be to betray the originality of the series; it was still different than most porn available on the market and it was still very fun to watch, with an all new cast of performers allowed the same freedoms as the first one had.
The ladies were exceptionally diverse but skilled, and the resulting chemistry of the planned dynamic made it a lot of fun to watch; with the kind of fuck for the buck replayability you'll want in a porno.

Sneak Peeks: Sexual Freak 4: Jana Cova & Jack's POV 6

continued to provide us with an early look at some of the hottest performers in porn with Jana Cova: Sexual Freak 4 and Jack's POV 6; both coming out next month. Starting with Sexual Freak 4, a series of vignettes starring the lovely and talented Jana Cova who graced the flick in two scenes, the majority of material in the movie was decently played out; giving fans of all sorts something to appreciate. It was far from a perfect movie but even the least reasonable straight male viewer should consider this to rate a Recommended or better given the kind of action expected. I'll admit that I hoped for three full hours of Jana doing tease and other women but some of the B/G scenes were actually very well done too and I'm glad they rated enough to stay in the movie. In short, Jana Cova: Sexual Freak 4 was full of chemistry, energy, and provided fans of hardcore action and Jana Cova alike with some serious stroke material to enjoy while we wait for her next titles to come out on DVD.

We then turn our eye to Jack's POV 6, the latest in his point of view series where he shoots the ladies as though he was having sexual relations with them, allowing the viewer to imagine he was in Jack's place having a good time. I have grown to like this type of flick when done properly and the usual casting at the company tends to give them a decided edge over the wannabe companies clinging on to their existence these days, even if they drop the ball from time to time as well. While not as heated as some of the previous volumes in the series, the title used the point of view (POV) camera angle to full effect, managing to capture the ladies at their best with the help of the talented crew that did their best to make it a memorable entry in the series.

Highlights of The Week

Reviewer Don
has long been appreciative of the better efforts by the directors of Evil
so he made a point of checking out Nice Fucking View when the cover caught his eye, saying it: shows director Jake Malone giving his all by providing exactly the kind of sexually deviant workout he promises with some of the hottest gonzo gals in porn. Jake pushes them to their limits and uses abuse as a measuring stick of sorts in order to give the consumer the admittedly over the top kind of sex many have demanded, acting rough and exploring every bit of the bodies he is allowed to (and maybe more). It was arguably misogynistic for the way the ladies were treated but they each seemed to be getting off and accepting his persona in stride, thereby proving to me that they were appreciative of the action. The cast was a delightful group of gals for the tease they provided, the active riding skills they displayed, and the sheer amount of replayability leading to lots of fuck for the buck.
While not Jake's best work to date, it gave the fan what was advertised (in spades) in large quantities and for that alone, it earned a rating of Highly Recommended. In short, Nice Fucking View was indeed a nice view of hotties fucking and sucking old man Malone, proving that his new home works wonders for his bank account as well as technical skills compared to some of the largely disposable titles he released a short time ago. Good work!

Lovely reviewer Ravyn then gave us a look into Fetish
, saying: Taken from actual stories written in Penthouse Variations, Fetish Diaries brings to life a darker side from 5 letters reveal their fantasy to the beautiful radio show host who's nightly topic are your deepest and darkest sexual fantasy. Kelly Holland and Skye Blue make a very good team working together. Each scene perfectly done with beautiful sets as well as beautiful women and hot looking men bring forth passion and chemistry for all to enjoy. It brings to life more stories from Penthouse Variations with a vanilla touch. 5 very erotic scenes made for women who could not other wise sit to watch the hard core fetish movies which can be too intense for some. A must have for those who enjoy the lighter side of fetish and enjoy the tease and foreplay as well. Nice packaging, five well written scenes, background music that heightened the sensuality, performers that very in tuned with their co-star.. a definite Recommended in my book.

Fans of female ass will undoubtedly appreciate Culos Gigantes
: Marco Banderas/Duato has been one of the most reliable studs in porn of late, combining his rugged good looks with his positive and friendly attitude to make most of his scenes even better than they would have otherwise been had a second, third, or fourth tier moper been used in his place. Recently, he has also begun directing, primarily at Mercenary Pictures, though not always. As a new director, he has not shown a propensity to be overly ambitious with the camera tricks, poorly written screenplays (like a guy named Kurt), or trying things he thinks are "new" that have been done to death. As such, I think Marco has shown a lot of restraint and potential to improve, with his latest flick being Culos Gigantes 1 (Spanish for "very large asses' volume 1"). The movie used some terrific casting to make it a substantially solid gonzo offering, the ladies all acknowledged as having bountiful behinds, good looks, and skillful talents. It was a title that had some rough edges by the replayability, strokability, excellent cast of curvy women, and amount of fuck for the buck amounted to a title well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. Granted, some of the technical matters, including lighting, editing, and camera worm all needed some polishing up but the overall impression I got was that these factors did not detract from the aspects we all enjoy about porn.

New reviewer Big
enjoyed the kink factor of Twisted Vision 4, suggesting it as: A solid POV release with an emphasis on kinky situations marks this fourth installment in Michael Stefano's "Twisted Vision" series. I'd give this one a Recommended rating to anyone who is looking for a POV-style movie or is a fan of any of the ladies featured.
I felt that there could have been more "bonus features," perhaps a bonus scene or something similar, but with a runtime of nearly three hours plus a behind-the-scenes, this is a lot of fuck for your buck. It had lots of sex in a variety of "twisted" and kinky situations. There's anal, creampies, etc... The last two scenes were particularly good. A lot of ground is covered in this release.

also provided another fine example of their new directing talent providing great sex with Fucked On
: Manuel Ferrara's latest release skips the double disc format in favor of a concentrated dose of his work, a POV flick called Fucked On Sight. Point of view titles are increasingly common, allowing fans to put themselves in the place of the meat puppets as they work with the ladies, but only a handful of directors seem to get it right with Manuel now showing his own skill in this field. The scenes had no specific theme outside of the POV camera angle but none of them were let downs in terms of the quality of the ladies and action, with no condoms or circus act sex needed to get in the way of the fun. Manuel loves all women from what I've seen and this example of his abilities was truly accessible to even the shyest of hardcore fans so most of you will like it too. The quality of the ladies, the sexual tension and heat, and the sheer chemistry he shared with the gals made this one worthy of being Highly Recommended. The strokability, replay value, and extras all assisted in elevating the score too, but the bottom line is that Manuel showed a lot of skill working the POV camera and controlling himself under some very strenuous circumstances. In short, Fucked On Sight practically begs for a sequel, but only if an equally talented cast can be assembled to provide such superior strokability. Good job!

Reviewer Rob
found a quartet of titles for us to like this time: Erotica XXX 12; gave five scenes of young babes partaking in one on one action.
This installment has a several good scenes. The girls are all cute, young sexy babes and worth seeing in action. This DVD had some great scenes. The first with Lela Star was more than enough excitement for me.
This babe was very cute and the other scenes that followed were also quite good, Erotica XXX 14; has 5 different young cuties getting naked and into action. The sex is pretty heated and when there are hotties like Alexis Love and Paulina James, what else can you expect? If you like good old fashion one on one action with young babes, then this DVD is worth looking into, POV Centerfolds 4; Mick Blue joins 6 babes in 6 scenes for some sex. The action is filmed in POV style, also known as point of view. POV is a style of filming when the performer holds the camera while performing and gives a first person view of the action. I thought this DVD was good. The cover girl Lisa Ann had a really hot scene. Other scenes with girls like Lisa Rose and Michelle B were also very good. If you like busty hotties and POV style action, then you will enjoy this DVD, and All the Way Sistas; an ethnic porno with an all black female cast. The girls are all very good looking and looked to have some steamy sex scenes. For those who enjoy seeing sexy ebony chicks get down and dirty, there is more than enough excitement for everyone. It was an all around good DVD.
All of the girls on cast were good looking and they had heated scenes.
My favorite was with Tyra Moore. It is one I plan on watching over and over again.

In honor of Black History Month, we looked at Superwhores 8:
Tina Tyler has been in porn for over a decade on both sides of the camera, offering up her own brand of sexually stimulating ideas to help you get off. While now retired from performing, she has been pursuing her career at Mercenary Pictures for some time; a distinctively different choice for company owner Lexington Steele considering his company caters largely to fans of interracial antics and she's known for her pale white (some might say alabaster or glowing) skin. Looks can be deceiving though since she is an expert in all things sexual, sharing a few running jokes with me for years now about her work in a dungeon so it was with great pleasure that I picked up a copy of Superwhores 8, her latest directorial effort, to see what she's been up to. Well, the good news is that she has been hard at work making this one of her best works to date, a series of eight scenes of varying length and sexual depravity, which includes some of the finest performances of the cast to date. It had a lot of heated fuck for the buck, a fine cast, and some very strokable material worthy of replaying many times.

Next up was reviewer Namrufmot with four titles worth a look: Monsters of Cock 10; It was shot using a handheld digital camera, so the colors are sometimes a bit washed, and the lighting does have some issues. Normally this would be a sign of bad production values, but this is exactly what the directors intended; a home video feeling. I didn't notice a single flaw on the actual print; this shows that Bang Bros actually spent some time on this release, Ass Like Whoa!; Overall I was pretty satisfied with this DVD. The majority of the scenes very enjoyable with attractive girls, intense action, and solid technical quality. If I had to find one knock on the DVD I would point out the lack of quality extras. As it stands Ass Like Whoa! still earns a rating of "Recommended", Bring Em Young 23; Overall Anabolic put together an enjoyable release with some very redeeming scenes. All of the scenes were intense, the girls were all hot with great attitudes, and the video quality was adequate â€" what more could you ask for? Fans of teen sex (or fans of sex in general) should give this title some consideration. If you can find a good deal on it then it becomes a no-brainer, and 18 & Easy 5; Director Will Rider has certainly been making a name for himself. As the director for the Beaver Hunt and Barely Legal Innocence series he is no stranger to the teen genre. By providing some of the hottest young girls in the business, solid technical quality, and all the extras (don't forget the bonus disc!) you could hope for, Hustler has given you a DVD that is more than worth the purchase price. Highly Recommended.

Don then found Bore My Asshole to be a fun fuck flick, saying: John Strong is one of the last regular meat puppet directors at Red Light District these days as most of the others have left for the proverbial greener pastures elsewhere. John has told me a few times that he was happy directing and performing for them but I always get the impression that he'd like to be an owner some day if he can just get away from the paperwork and headaches such a position inevitably requires. His latest title to make it to me as a screener isBore My Asshole, an anal themed gonzo flick where all the ladies do anal antics for the benefit of the viewer (some even liking it). If you like seeing beautiful gals doing anal, you could do far worse though I'll be up front and tell you that only two of them were really into it (Dana DeArmond and Rebecca Linares) so your mileage may vary from mine. There were a number of performances that I wished had been better but even the worse one was a ball drainer if you like hot looking ladies taking a cock or two up their ass. Dana DeArmond and Rebecca Linares led the pack in terms of combining heat, sexuality, and a nasty love of anal sex but you might find some of the others to work for you too. In short, Bore My Asshole was not boring in the slightest and the anal workouts were such that I'd be surprised if some of the ladies sat down comfortably for a few days afterwards.

Reviewer Disco
scrounged up a couple of heated titles to enjoy with Kill Jill: In both the realm of lampoon and the arena of XXX action, it comes up a little short. You'll almost recognize some of the characters and situations occurring in this Quentin Tarantino take-off, and a healthy percentage of the porn is pretty good too. But unlike other parodies that take meticulous pains to get their deference just right, this is just hardcore accessorized with some mild narrative merriment. Easily earning a Recommended rating for what it gets right, and a Cohabitation Certification for its genial XXX action, it appears that Bonobo and Hustler might be trying to cook up a sequel to this silliness. The ending does suggest that the story will continue. Here's hoping that the next time, as much attention is paid to the satire as the sex, and Erockta Vision
: No â€" the Rapture is not upon us. It's not the end of the world, nor is Al Gore's predictions about planetary devastation about to come true â€" at least, not at this very moment. Indeed, the Dirge is going to give it a Recommended rating. In an adult reviewer's pornographic paradigm where one type of erotica is generally favored over another, reconsidering a genre â€" in this case, the same sex title â€" is more or less unheard of. Proclivity typically doesn't change, and what one finds dull and derivative almost always stays that way. But thanks to Dana Dane and her desire to find women who actually enjoy getting gratuitous with each other, it succeeds. For couples who crave beautiful, unobtrusive action with lots of pretty visual flair, you will not find a better XXX-ample. As a result, a Cohabitation Certification is easily awarded. While it probably won't happen again any time soon, the Sappho sizzle offered here has temporarily made yours truly into a lesbo leaning critic. For those who enjoy this kind of carnality, Dana Dane has one hot product for you.

Fans of experienced women will appreciate MILF Worship:
Mark Wood has been directing for numerous companies of late under various names, including his newest alias "Dr. Feelgood" for Exquisite.
His skills with a camera are akin to how well he performs in front of one, a test he once again was subjected to in MILF Worship.
The idea of the DVD was to showcase older, curvier gals that fall into the category of "mother I'd like to fuck", one of the fastest growing sales gimmicks in recent months if you look at the sales charts.
Popularized by the American Pie movies but predating them by many decades, the concept of an older, sexually experienced gal having sex with a younger man is pretty common and a biological fact given how men peak in their late teens while women do so in the mid to late thirties according to the medical studies. This time, Mark shows women closer to his own age having sex with himself and a couple of others (Pete and James), the mileage of age disparities and skill levels varying more than a little bit as a result. The female casting was pretty solid overall, the sexual aggressiveness solid, and the amount of MILF fuck for the buck well worth a rating of Recommended. The BTS feature helped seal the deal for my squeal of approval in this sense, though at least one scene fell terribly short and weakened the movie as a whole. In short, MILF Worship might not rate you going out and singing the praises of the director and cast but it had a lot to like so give it a look and see what I mean when I say it fit the advertisements more than a little bit.

New reviewer George Capistrano
liked: Fucking Me
: The key to any adult film has to be believability. At some point, the viewer must think to themselves, "Wow â€" these people are REALLY into this." In a POV film, the task falls solely upon the woman and in Mark Wood's "Fucking Me POV," the ladies do not disappoint. It is a great addition to the library if you like energetic sex, attractive women and lots of sexual wordplay. Well, wordplay might be too much, but the girls aren't shy about saying the love a good fuck. With potential for several viewings, this is a good disc and I hope a sequel is on the way.

Mark also directed Wasted Youth 2 (he sure was busy last year when all of these titles were shot): a series of scenes starring youthful gals having various forms of hardcore gonzo sex, most of them enjoying it or at least putting on a decent act.
It had some minor rough edges but still warranted a rating of Recommended for the casting, the levels of fuck for the buck, and the technical values combined with a solid set of interviews, replayability, and serious strokability factors. In short, Wasted Youth 2 showed that the attractive ladies performing in the movie were not wasted at all, providing sufficient fantasy material for many men to get off safely in the comfort of their own homes rather than chase gals at school yards everywhere. Seriously though, most of the ladies were old enough to have acquired a solid set of performing skills but young enough to look especially hot while applying them, not a loser in the bunch.

Reviewer The
provided the latest title in our look at the I
series with I Love Riley, a tribute to Riley Mason: Cute little Riley Mason has garnered a fairly decent fan following in the two or three years she's been fucking on camera and it's easy to understand why. She's got a great, natural body and a genuinely pretty face â€" on top of that she looks like she'd be great in the sack and she seems to enjoy herself and her work. This enthusiasm combined with her honest good looks make her one of the more endearing porn starlets to come across the lines in some time. Having appeared in bigger 'alt porn' titles for VCA, Burning Angel and the more recent Vivid Alt line, New Sensations obviously figured it was time to put together a compilation of some of her earlier material from their vaults â€" a great idea and welcome addition to any Riley fan's collection! Riley's got it going on in more ways than one and this is a nice introduction to some of her earlier work for those who don't already have these scenes or who want to check out a bunch of her material without having to buy multiple discs. The audio and video quality is fine across the board and although the extras are slim the content is top notch and I Love Riley comes highly recommended.

We close out the weekly highlights by looking at reviewer Saul Good's impression of Suck It Dry 3:
a three-hour suckathon. 17 luscious babes line up to suck Darkko's stiff rod. Presented in POV, the girls are amazing to watch staring up to the camera, sliding their lips along his meat and doing their best to take it all in. Each girl has her own technique of pole sliding and knob slobbing and this film is an up-close glimpse of their talent. There is an incredible intimacy between the girl and the camera. Most of the shots are from above and here, aside from an occasional hand or leg, there isn't much evidence of Darkko in the picture and one can almost envision that it's the viewer's dick being sucked. Other shots are from the side, where it feels as though we are sitting right next to the action. The girls work their magic and it's nice to see the variety of each one when servicing a single guy. Some are deep throaters and droolers, while others just kind of work around the tip. And with each scene ending in popshots and facials, there is always some variety in how things play out. It has a compilation feel. It solely focuses on blowjobs and has a whopping 17 scenes. But it doesn't have the hurried feel of a compilation, where the oral is just a few quick minutes and the concluding cumshot. Here, each of the 17 gals is introduced, allowed a little spiel on their techniques and hunger for man meat. And then lucky bastard Jonni Darkko lets them have it. The girls are in control here, lending to the film the sense that it's really about giving oral and not necessarily about getting it. There's a mixed bag of looks and talent, which should be able to please most and the energy and enthusiasm is just as varying. I dug this movie, dug the way it was shot, handled and put together. As I said earlier, there's a strong intimacy between the girl and the viewer, and I like this too. There are some really good scenes worth a few hours of your paycheck.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

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The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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