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Jesse Jane – Icon, Girls Love Girls and Top 10 Gay DVDs for 2006


Spotlight Title: Girls Love Girls

Lesbian porn has long fueled male fantasies but not all of it is the
artistic twaddle many critics make it out to be. Case in point: Girls Love Girls
. Jonni Darkko
has long been one of the nicest guys directing at Evil
and I wish I had run into him at the show in Vegas last week
but he was probably busy scouring the convention for attractive ladies
to include in his various upcoming ventures. It's my opinion that he's
one of the best directors at the company for casting people as couples,
showing a lot of vision with regard to getting people together that
really turn up the heat. In terms of his technical direction skills, I
usually prefer when he shoots to look crystal clear over the film-like
look most of his recent movies but variety is the spice of life. His
latest movie to make it my way is last year's Girls Love Girls
, the sequel to Girls Love Girls
; a selection of lesbian scenes starring some of the best ladies
available in porn. If you like seeing hot women going at one another,
this might be just what you're looking for. The ladies were a nicely
selected bunch, with notables like Dana DeArmond, Roxy DeVille, and
Penny Flame really standing out in my mind as highlights of the movie.
The technical values were a mixed bunch since they went with a somewhat
grainy look to simulate film rather than the clarity of video but the
energy was captured very nicely so I rated the DVD as Recommended. Your
personal mileage may vary a bit but the hotter scenes were smoking hot
and even the weakest of the bunch was pretty darned warm. In short, Girls Love Girls
was the best lesbian flick I've seen since last year but also a
first rate stroker. Oh, and for those interested, Dana DeArmond suffered
a major setback recently when her apartment burned down so fans of hers
might want to consider helping her out, the details can be found at Dana DeArmond's Website.

Sneak Peeks: Jack's Teen America: Mission 17 & Jesse Jane:

once again steps up to the plate to offer a double dose
of sneak peeks this week with Jack's Teen
America: Mission 17
and Jesse Jane:
, each suited for a different audience when they come out next
month. First up, we have Jack's Teen
America: Mission 17
, a series that shows an unemployed Jack as the
leading interviewer/cameraman for a fictitious beauty contest, where he
employs his usual approach of getting gals to have sex as a means of
enhancing their chances at winning. It wisely employed a star studded
cast of attractive women, even if some of them weren't at their very
best. Still, the selection of Jana Cova as the featured hotty and the
Lacie Heart comedic bit with Scott in drag was cute enough to merit some
extra points, making this one worthy of being Recommended. I still hope
that more tease is used in the future and that the extras get pumped up
or at least the scenes total over two hours like they used to but the
quality of fuck for the buck was enough to boost this movie into an
acceptable place for such consideration. In short, Jack's Teen
America: Mission 17
had all the usual humor, heated sexual pairings,
and technical values that fans have demanded of the series, making it a
fun trip to enjoy so check it out when it is released next month,
especially fans of Jana Cova and Lacie Heart.

Next, we take a look at the Jesse Jane spotlight showcase of Jesse Jane:
: a showcase for the lovely Jesse Jane that her fans will
likely adore after some of the flowery Celeste titles she has been in of
late. The movie serves up some short vignettes that often include the
contract star in one form or another, but with a slice of different
approaches that may appeal more to the artistic part of the audience. It
was a serious attempt to try something new that will probably appeal
most to the legion of slavering fanboys Jesse has managed to accrue in
recent years thanks to her continual presence in the scenes and her
graceful manner of strutting her stuff with all the power and passion
she commands. In that sense, Jesse Jane:
is a must have for any Jesse Jane fans for the way it
showcases her appeal. The strokability and fuck for the buck value the
movie provides will center largely on how much you like the energetic
little vixen but she so clearly demonstrates her presence as a force
that few will be disappointed by her antics in the movie.

Thorne in Your Side - Porn Ramblings From Chris Thorne

Thorne is back on the attack...this time around the fuel for my fire is a recent rash of MILF releases from almost every studio under the sun. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think the concept of MILF is bad at all.. I mean 'Stacy's Mom has got it going on', but this latest trend is out of control. Recently we've seen Jack's MILF Show, Back Door MILFs, Ripe & Ready MILFs, MILF School, MILF Hunter, MILF's Night Out and even Cookies and MILFs. Thorny hopes to be doing the bump and grind until he's so old he can't move his limbs, but you can be damn sure he's not going to strut his wrinkly stuff infront of cameras. Now before I get flamed from soccer mom's about idealizing body types and cow-towing at the temple of youth... Wait a second, that's exactly what I'm fucking doing... This is porn. It's fantasy plush flesh. The performers aren't a mirror to reality they're an engineered fantasy built to turn you on. If you have any doubts look at Jenna, Devon, Tera or Jesse... You think these women were born this way?

This month everyone who was even remotely connected with Porn made their way to Mecca for Porn (AKA Las Vegas). Mr. Don Houston has a monster photo essay coming up, so Thorny doesn't want to steal his rolling thunder... But Thorny needs to throw in his picks for... OH MY GOD SHE'S FUCKING AMAZING...Performers who wowed the socks of Thorny in person were: Sasha Grey!!!, Lacey Heart, Nikki Nine, Nautica Thorne and Charlotte Stokely. Biggest disappointments - Jesse Jane, Jenna Jameson and Nina Harley - please god someone tell her to wear clothes next year!

Well that's all Thorny's got, too much partying in Vegas has clouded the mind and strained the body, but don't worry, I'll be back again really soon....CT Out.

Gay Porn: Poindexter's Top Ten Titles for

Howdy from the Poky Dot Lounge! A big shout out and Happy New Year to
all. Whew! I watched a ton of man-on-man action and I'm pleased to
present ten of my favorite movies released in 2006. I highly recommend
each and every one as representative of some mighty fine titles you
should appreciate.

1. The Velvet
Mafia Part I & 2:

Falcon Studios proves why it's one of the top producers of all-male
erotica with The Velvet Mafia Part I. The plot (Yes! There
actually is one!) concerns two rival porn studios: one based in San
Francisco and the other located in Los Angeles. Chris Steele is a
talented director who obviously took note of all the aspects of film
production while he was performing in front of the camera. Ross Cannon
is one of the best videographers in the business and along with
excellent editing by Andrew Rosen; this team has created one hell of a
good-looking movie. The cast is filled with hunky studs giving energetic
performances and are completely into the action. The standouts are
Matthew Rush, Jason Ridge, Erik Rhodes, and Fox Ryder. A supporting cast
in non-sexual roles includes Paul Barresi, who gives a strong and
believably menacing performance, and Chi Chi LaRue who camps it up as
the rival studio heads. Lastly, the disc is chock full of extras
including a feature length behind-the-scenes feature. The Velvet Mafia
Part 2
continues the story of rival porn studios, kidnapping, theft,
and murder. Director Chris Steele and his crew including Ross Cannon
(videography) and Andrew Rosen (editing) are in top form creating
no-holds bared man-on-man action that is hard to beat. As with Part I,
the dudes are all hot with the standouts are Matthew Rush who gives a
strong performance acting wise as well as sexually, newcomer Brock Penn,
and Trent Atkins. Once again, the sex is smokin' hot and the guys are
completely into the action. I would like the mention the musical score
by E.M. Diaz along with the title song Goin Down written and
performed by Mon Cousin Belge. The music consists of cool retro sounding
tunes with plenty of guitar. The score strongly reminds me of one that
would be in a film by Quentin Tarantino. Again, the disc is loaded with
extras including a feature length behind-the-scenes documentary that is
completely different from the one included in Part I.

Hot House Productions is definitely at the top of the
all-male erotica list with Justice. Toby Connor (Shane Rollins)
is wrongly accused of possessing cocaine, arrested, and thrown in the
big house. While locked up, Toby encounters endless horny dudes who are
just as willing to fuck ass as to kick it. The movie is just plain
fucking hot! The dudes are all handsome with most being hunky
muscle-bound guys while others have tight/slender bodies. The dudes
obviously enjoy what they are doing as each scene is very intense. The
production values are high providing top of the line videography
(Richard Board), editing (Jim Wigler), picture quality, and excellent
direction by Steven Scarborough. I also want to mention the Art
Direction by Michael Roma Williams is very good providing a cool look
that really compliments the movie. This two disc set is chock full of
extras with the standouts being the BTS featurette and the bonus scene.
The bonus scene is a total trip and must be seen to be believed. I'm not
really sure how British hunk Kent North pulls it off, but he does and
it's amazing. Last but certainly not least is star Shane Rollins. He is
damn hot with his shaved head, goatee, and big cut cock. Shane gives an
energetic and heartfelt performance as a man wrongly accused of breaking
the law.

3. Real Urban
Since 1985, Latino Fan Club movies have featured some
of the sexiest rough n tumble Latino and Black dudes around. The Latino
Fan Club in association with Real Urban Men Productions has produced one
hell of a hot movie. The dudes are cool with their New York accents,
streetwise attitudes, and plenty of tattoos. They are completely into
the action and gladly get down with each other. My personal favorites
are Haven (who is one of the best looking dudes I've ever seen), Jamel
(a cute nineteen year old with a huge uncut cock), and Venom (fucking
hot with his cool goatee and huge cock). Strong direction by Rob Greco
along with the editing, and videography successfully come together to
create an entertaining movie that is chock full of hot sex. With no
music and plenty of natural sounds such as fire engines and police
sirens blaring outside, the movie has a stripped-down authentic feel
that makes it all the more a turn-on. These dudes love to get their
groove on with plenty of foreskin play, stretching, and worship. A must
for foreskin fanatics.

4. Boot Black
"Newly evicted boot black Oliver (Danny Weston) is a
little blue. He is down on his luck and working hard to make his way in
a sex-crazed world. With his youthful butt, Oliver finds that his
customers often want more than just their boots polished." COLT Studios
and Buckshot Productions have created more top of the line all-male
erotica with Boot Black Blues featuring a great assortment of
muscle-bound Daddy Dudes and young (age 18+) cuties with smooth chests.
The production quality is high with excellent videography (Todd
Montgomery) and editing (Max Phillips), lighting, sound, music, and a
crisp and clear picture. All ten dudes are very into what they are
doing. The pacing of each scene is perfect as the dudes foreplay is just
as important as the actual sex. The dudes take their time with teasing,
kissing, and stroking before there is any cock sucking, ass eating or
butt sex. I highly recommend to fans of butch muscular Daddies, black
boot worship, cute smooth-chested younger dudes who need to be shown a
thing or two, and high quality all male sex.

5. Out In
Bel Ami is known for its high quality movies featuring
extremely handsome young (all age 18+) Eastern European twinks with
large uncut cocks. Out In Africa follows a group of sexy dudes as
they vacation visiting the beach, a zoo filled with exotic animals, a
theme park, and plenty of hot man-on-man lovin'. The dudes are beautiful
in the Bel Ami tradition and could be called pretty boys; however, they
do not look feminine in any way. What makes this movie such a turn-on is
that the scenes are all either very romantic and playful or just down
right playful and fun. It's very obvious that the guys get along, are
really into each other, and have a good ol' time making out, sucking,
and fucking each other. The direction by Marty Stevens, videography by
Marty Stevens, Mark Russo, and Mel Roberts, Jr., and editing by Ron
Thomas and Marty Stevens are all excellent creating an erotic
top-of-the-line movie.

6. My Very First
Gay Experience:
Wow! My Very First Gay Experience is one
wild movie. This gonzo styled fuck fest feature dudes who are all
good-looking in their own way and absolutely dig what they are doing.
The guys are totally into each other giving energetic and frenzied
sexual performances complete with plenty of dildos and a butt plug or
two thrown in for good measure. My personal favorites are Oliver, Urly,
and cute lil' David. The hand-held videography is never out of focus or
shaky. There are plenty of extreme close-ups of the cock sucking,
fucking, and gaping butt holes. The movie is shot directly on high
quality video and presented in full screen providing a picture that is
sharp and clean. The direction and editing keep the scenes moving along
at a nice pace that never become dull. The sex is intense, the
performances are extremely energetic, and Oliver's first cumshot is a
huge turn-on. So, I highly recommend to lovers of gonzo style movies,
cute guys with uncut cocks, and plenty of dildo action. This is down and
dirty no-frills sex at its best.

7. Body
High Octane has created a hot fucking movie with Body
. The story concerns wealthy and mysterious Mr. X who lives in
a large mansion surrounded by beautiful countryside and employs a large
number of handsome bodyguards to keep him safe....and to satisfy his every
sexual desire. Everything about the production is excellent. The dudes
are all very good-looking with beautiful bodies that fully throw
themselves into the sex action for some no-holds-barred sucking,
fucking, and butt eating. The direction (Herve Handsome), videography
(Herve Bodilis), and editing is top notch and some of the best I've
seen. The picture quality is sharp allowing the vivid colors used in the
lighting to come through. This is especially noticeable in Scene Two as
the entire garage is bathed in a cool blue light. Strobe and slow motion
is used a number of times to maximum effect that does not distract but
adds an interesting quality. As mentioned, all the dudes are cool so I
cannot pick any favorites. I must say twins Ian and Alex Lynch are
forces to be reckoned with. I highly recommend Body Guards for
fans of hot Eastern European men with beautiful bodies and big unclipped

8. Blond Leading
the Blond:

Throughout the years, bleached blonds have been known for their sexual
allure. From Jean Harlow to Billy Idol and most recently Gwen Stefani,
blonds have attracted fans with their platinum style. Nine dudes carry
on this tradition in All World's/Channel 1's ode to the Bleached Blond.
Gawd! This is one hot movie! The dudes are all very good looking with
beautiful bodies. The direction by Doug Jeffries is excellent as is the
entire production. The videography (Ross Cannon), editing (CH), and
picture quality is all top of the line. The sets and cool music add to
the entire package. Sharon Kane has a cameo during the opening credits
and looks beautiful. These dudes are totally into the sucking, ass
eating, and fucking. No acting here! They are insatiable! Each scene
moves along at a nice pace and never becomes repetitious or dull. All
the dudes are equally hot but my personal favorites are Rod Barry, Mike
Power, and Adam Faust. I highly recommend Blond Leading the Blond
to fans of hot dudes with bleached hair.

9. Thirst:
I dig horror movies as well as porn and Thirst successfully mixes
the two genres with excellent results. Mad scientist Rod Berry (one of
my all-time favorite dudes) has his assistant pick up unsuspecting dudes
for his bizarre experiments. Rod plays the role to the hilt acting
insane and sexually appealing at the same time. The horror sets are cool
creating a genuinely creepy atmosphere that compliments the zany B-movie
horror plot. The guys are all good-looking covering the spectrum from
Twink to Leather Dudes. While the standouts here are Rod Barry, Trevor
Knight, and Josh Carter, the real star of the movie is a kinky
contraption consisting of a long rod with a big dildo on the end
connected to a wheel that controls the "in and out" motion and speed.
Ha! This is quite a sight to behold. The direction and editing by
Michael Zen and videography by Ross Cannon are excellent creating
wonderfully intense sex and wacky horror action.

10. Straight
College Men Volume 50:
"The Island Day Five: The Finale": To
celebrate the Fourth anniversary of "Straight College Men", the dudes
will be playing a game of sexual "Survivor" on an island. The game is
simple: the dudes will be judged on their sexual performance and how far
they will be willing to go with another dude. One dude will get booted
off the island at the end of each "episode". The prize: a cool, brand
new 2006 truck. Volume 50 includes eight good-looking dudes in their
early twenties with a variety of body types: husky, tall/slender,
muscle-bound, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and all the cocks are cut. Two
of my favorite dudes are still on the island: sexy redhead Ashton and
dark haired Duke. This is a definite hot finale to the "Island" discs
(Volumes 46 through 50). The dudes are all very sexy and fun to watch.
They seem to really get into the sex and have no problem sucking cock
and eating ass. If they do have any reservations, they don't really
voice them. The scene between Ashton and Caleb is very playful and sexy.
Ashton is a fucking hottie! The picture quality is sharp n' clear and
the editing keeps the action moving along at a nice pace. My only
disappointment is that there were not enough close-ups of the actual
rimming. I realize taping in the confines of a tent is not an easy
maneuver so I was happy to see descent lighting and at least a few good
camera shots of these dude's hot holes. I highly recommend to fans of
amateur straight dudes who go "gay for pay".


Highlights of The

Reviewer Don
liked his initial sneak peek at this one so it came as no
surprise that the full version of Filthy's First
Taste: Second Edition
would be even better. It was the sequel to Filthy's First
Taste 1
, and a movie I gave a sneak peek to in a recent Blue Room
column. I liked the movie then and I still do as Cezar and his
associates pick up relatively inexperienced ladies to have sex on
camera, using the style he made famous with his work for Bang Bros.
Keeping in mind that raw energy and newcomer freshness were the prime
focal points of the show, I think many fans will appreciate this as an
alternative to guys like Ed Powers who induct ladies into the business
in more boring fashion, typically finding the ladies on the nearby beach
(the scenes are shot in Miami Beach, Florida) or at local shopping
areas. There was a lot to really like here as well so I rated it as
Recommended. The majority of women did not look like the
glamorous porn star types many of us are used to and the technical
matters advanced a little in favor of polished scenes, with a relative
lack of extras being one of the few anchors holding the DVD back. I
still can't get over how different this series is from the usual
offerings of Club Jenna but that's a decidedly good thing given how much
gloss goes on in their usual efforts. In short, Filthy's First
Taste: Second Edition
was another taste of the good stuff that
director Cezar Capone has to offer and I hope the rest of his repertoire
holds up as nicely as this one has so far.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn provided a
trio of titles worth looking for too, including Alphabet:
First, let me say that this was my second title with Evan Stone in it. I
have heard so much about him as an adult performer and I must say he
lives up to everything that is said about him. I can see how the ladies
are very attracted to him especially with his long hair. I love the
concept of using certain letters of the alphabet to describe certain
sexual acts. Everything flowed together very well. Though some might
wonder about the different types of music used (trance, techno, calypso,
dance, R&B). My only quirk with the movie was all the eye makeup used on
the Twins. Remember less is always better and it brings out the natural
beauty of the performer. This is by far one of the better titles that I
have reviewed from Director Hank Hoffman. Letting his artistic side take
over while filming, he produced something totally out of the norm with
talented performers who went to the extreme in their roles and had fun
doing so, House Guest:
made as a couples-oriented title, basically is an all-sex movie done on
low budget with a very light plot. The women always had nice tight
bodies that were very well taken care of. I did enjoy watching the
ladies; this was actually a well written scene that even held my
attention which is rare when it comes to G/G action. Fans of both of
these beautiful ladies I strongly urge that you add this to your
collection. The Houseguest has two good things going for it contract
girl Stefani Morgan and Faith so check it out, and Sexy Santa:
Private Features have always gotten my attention with the artistic
covers and the European women they cast. The beautiful and sensual Tarra
White heats up the cover of the DVD with her version of a Santa suit.
The picture was presented in a widescreen anamorphic transfer that
looked incredibly sharp. Though English is not the native dialect of the
performers, it sounded pretty good even if some of the sex scenes were
dubbed. For other scenes, dubbed audio tracks were also available in
different languages. Sexy Santa has the charm and heated performances to
earn a Recommended. It clearly earns its merits thanks to its production
value, beautiful European cast, and consistent action. The light hearted
story is for those looking for some steamy Holiday action for couples to

Gina Lynn drew huges crowds of fans recently at the 2007 AEE so it makes
sense that her recent release of DDs & Derieres
would spark some interest too. The movie emphasized women with
large implants having a good time with either Travis or Gina in five
lengthy scenes. While there was little circus act sex for fans to enjoy,
the basics were covered very nicely here and that elevated the levels of
replay and stroke value in my opinion. It was a strong effort by the
talented duo (Gina & Travis) as they enjoyed themselves in a number of
scenarios. I wished the extras were a bit better and that the whole
movie was in anamorphic widescreen but the technical values were
comparable to the heat of the scenes, all of which had enough stroke
value to boost the rating to a Recommended. In short, DDs & Derieres
had the kind of thick rumps and racks that Gina's movies are known
for so fans will be happy with it until the next release they provide.

New reviewer Dick
joins us to start 2007 off with a bang by giving us a look at Overflowing
Assholes 3
: I recently received my first batch of movies to be
reviewed from X Critic, and I was quite excited. The standout, by far,
was Overflowing Assholes #3. The back of the DVD case claims that the
girls in this movie "love the taste of ass stained cum," and they aren't
lying. This is certainly not your father's porno movie. Overall, I
thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The other four girls can't quite match
the intensity of Harmony's scene, but they all make a good effort.
Harmony is hot, enthusiastic, and nasty as hell, and I hope to see big
things from her in the future. This movie is certainly not for couples
and not for the squeamish; it features lots of gagging, DP's, gaping
asses, ass to mouth, and of course, swallowing anal creampies. If you
are a fan of these things (and I am!) then you will like this movie.

Reviewer Colonel
showed some spirit for the new year with reviews of a wide
selection of titles from various companies, starting with Julia Ann:
: Jonathan Morgan got the enviable task of recording some of
super hot contract stars Julia Ann's "firsts" on DVD. Julia Ann gave her
fans a small taste of her darker desires with an Anal lesson, a double
penetration scene, a four man gang bang, inter-racial romp and even and
S&M Double penetration with toys. There is nothing more satisfying than
seeing someone who previously shied away from the hardcore stuff, only
to get down and dirty a little while later. I give this DVD a Highly
Recommended rating for all of Julia Ann's performances on the DVD.
Despite being a hardcore release, the scenes still resembled some of the
glossy high end Wicked releases, Sex City 2:
Chapter 2 of the Sex City Trilogy from Private gold features some great
footage of some of Private's hottest women and newcomers fucking their
brains out. Director Pierre Woodman wrapped all the action in three
hours and 10 scenes and even managed an entertaining plot with a
cliff-hanger ending. I Highly Recommended this DVD for all the hot sex,
entertaining plot and even the campy dialogue. It will be a pleasure to
watch it again and again, Afterhours:
Tight Fit Productions has created a fantastic DVD, overflowing with
value. Releasing the DVD is both standard and widescreen may or not be
cost effective, but it is most certainly value added. The sight and
sounds of this HD adult DVD made images jump off the screen. The lesbian
love was very entertaining throughout the entire two hour DVD. I Highly
Recommended this DVD due to the extremely high production values and the
blistering veggie sex, and Gems: If
you're going to do compilation, price it well and make it well worth the
loot. This DVD does just that. It is well priced at less than $20 and
has three hours of hardcore sex. I have no choice but to Recommended
this DVD. Some of the scene choices might seem a little political and
the under-water and snow mountain scene, while not very hot, are nice to
see something different in Porn.

We then welcome the new year with a look at some new titles by new
reviewer Big
: Euro Domination
; A well-produced, quality DVD with some very hot European talent,
who seem less inhibited than most of the women you see in American porn.
There is a lot of fetish wear and domination play but nothing rough
enough to make you think that the girls aren't enjoying themselves.
Still, this is probably not a great DVD for couples. The first three
scenes were great, but I felt that the main film was losing steam in the
fourth and final scene. Fans of behind-the-scenes footage will like the
22-minute documentary bonus, which when paired with the main feature's
runtime of 2 hours and 40 minutes, gives this DVD a total runtime of
over three hours, which is still a lot of fuck for your buck despite
there being only four scenes. I give this DVD a rating of Recommended, a
better fourth scene or even a bonus scene could have tilted this closer
to a better rating, but all in all it is still a quality, well-polished
final product, and Bitch Banging
; A very well-produced DVD with two truly great scenes and a
few average ones. Fans of Tory Lane, Isabel Ice, Cherrie Rose and
Harmony will all want to give this one a look. Red Light District DVD's
retail for less than some of the other major studio's releases and you
get just as much if not more fuck for your buck as this DVD runs nearly
three-hours long. There's web access, photo gallery, and a
behind-the-scenes clip as well. All things considered, I feel confident
in giving this DVD a rating of Recommended.

Next up is reviewer Disco Dirge with
his dandy delight of the week, Delusions:
Clearly marketed for those who consider pornography a marital aide, not
a significant other substitute, Delusions earns a Recommended for
completely fulfilling its demographically determined designs. True, you
will probably see hotter humping in the XXX canon, and nothing here
comes close to the latest trends in nasty hard knocks nookie. But if you
long for the days when smut stood for steamy sex and saleable
sensuality, this title will definitely twist your internal desire dials.
Couples can't complain, so a Cohabitation Certification is easily
awarded. Don't get the Dirge wrong â€" he really does enjoy down and dirty
freaked out fucking, both partners pouring sweat as cock crams crack for
what seems like hours on end. But there is something sensible about
straight features that really satisfy a carnal craving. Delusions may
not be perfect, but it passes the pornographic mustard.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot has
long proven to have an eye for the younger ladies, this time finding a
treasure trove of twat to hit the spot, starting with Tight Teen: I
come away from this title with mixed feelings. On one hand the girls are
all very attractive and give 100% to their performances. On the other
hand you only get five scenes and practically no extras. Because of that
I can't recommend paying full price, but if you can find it on sale it
might be worth the gamble, Barely Legal
: I'm not sure what it is about the Barely Legal series but I love
'em. This installment features the hottest cast I've seen in some time â€"
really. There's nothing other to say than if you like teen DVDs this is
a must buy. Highly Recommended, Tight Teen Twats
: I'm torn on what rating I should give this DVD. On one hand there
are only four scenes and few extras. On the other hand two of the scenes
(1 and 3) have the most enjoyable action I've seen in some time. Taking
all of that into consideration I still feel this DVD earns an overall
rating of Recommended, Teen Tryouts
Audition 50
: I've always been a huge fan of the Teen Tryouts series
for their fresh young girls, and exciting passionate sex. The 50th
installment goes in a slightly different direction by only providing
lesbian action. The scenes were all enjoyable but I often found myself
wondering how these girls would handle a large cock. If you're sure
you'd enjoy non-stop lesbian action then I say this DVD is worth buying, Teenage
: From top to bottom the action on this DVD was highly
enjoyable. The girls were hot, had great attitudes, and most importantly
know how to fuck on camera. If you're in the market for a new gonzo
title you won't be disappointed, and Young Tight
Latinas 11
: Overall this was a pretty solid release. Nothing
overwhelming but it does all the little things well. The girls are all
young and attractive, the technical quality is good, and you get some
decent fuck for your buck.

also found some other gems to enjoy with Playgirl: Longing
For Him
: To be honest, it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be.
The women were reasonable looking. More 'girl next door' than Pam
Anderson. The scenes were short, but entertaining.. All in all, great
starter porn for the couple crowd. I Recommended this DVD for all of the
romance and deep kissing re-injected into the blue screen, Hook Ups 11:
The eleventh rendition in the Hook ups line from Wicked is well
deserving of a Recommended rating. The scenes are all solid and rate
very high on the stroke-ability chart. Cherokee may be my new favorite
starlet and Shanna put forth a blistering performance. Marie Luv's scene
is also worth mention. She's a sexual dynamo who always brings energy to
her performances, and Private Dive:
Private Sports is an entertaining line from Private outlining the
relationship between athletic activity and sex. It features an
entertaining light plot and six scorching sex scenes shot against a
fantastic back drop. I give this DVD a very solid Recommended rating. I
loved the underwater scene with Priva, the super hot threesome with
Sarah Twain and the beach side romp with Claudia Rossi.

We were pleased to see reviewer Saul Good jump in
with some suggestions this week including, Prying Open My
Third Eye
: This disc is an odd bag of scenes. Most have the
ever-growing gag and oral roughness, but some have some pretty intense
sex, particularly scene 3, which turns into a slip and slide of fluids,
squirting, spitting, and slobbering. If any of these acts sound like
fun, Scene 3 is where it's at. And while the rest of the disc has some
tones of Scene 3, none ever reach its level. And Scene 5, despite the
gapes and ATM-ing, is relatively simple and very exciting because of the
girl involved--as most scenes should be. I think many films move more in
the direction of acts and action, rather than attraction and appeal.
Regardless, this disc packs a little bit of everything and packs it very
well, Down The Hatch
: a movie for viewers who like to see women roughed up. Slapping,
gagging, avalanches of drool, it's all here in between cum chugs. What
is particularly nice about the flick is that in between each of the
star's major scene, there are small short clips--some only 1 or 2
minutes, others maybe around 5--of the girls getting a simple blast of
jizz. The boning is stellar, albeit there is a times heavy manhandling
and the tendency for guys to get overexcited, which always happens when
more than 2 men are in a scene. But more than likely it is the
down-the-hatch element that draws viewers, and this is without a doubt
worth pitching over a few clams, and Spring Chickens
: In the past I've rather enjoyed Chico Wang's flicks. Although
I've only seen a handful, he does a good job of capturing what guy's
want to see; a little bit of everything, in doses, with emphasis on
certain elements. The women weren't exactly "spring chickens" but they
did have fresh, young bodies even if lacking in the innocence the title
implies. I think this is a very strong title.

Reviewer The
finds naughty antics from the past fresh again with his
look at Taboo 2: Made
two years after the success of the first film, Taboo II once again found
Kay Parker in front of the camera, directed by Kirdy Stevens in yet
another tale of incestuous love. The movie begins with a quick recap of
what came before it, how Barbara's husband left her and how after a few
trial and error encounters she wound up finding love in the arms of her
son, Paul. When this movie begins, Paul isn't living at home any more
and Barbara misses him quite a bit. She lives with her friend Gina, and
is intrigued when Paul's friend Junior McBride starts coming around the
house. While this film concentrates more on sex and less on plot than
the first one did, it's still fairly well acted and even if you can see
the plot twists coming a mile away, it's kind of fun getting there
regardless. The movie once again focuses on the taboo subject of
incestuous love and while the first movie dealt with the ramifications
and social consequences of indulging in that, here everyone just sort of
fucks everyone else, relationships be damned. The orgy takes up a large
portion of the last half of the film but it was shot well and it
featured some interesting bit players popping up throughout. All in all,
the sex is hot, the direction is tight and the movie features a nice
cast of sultry seventies sex sirens to keep things interesting.

Reviewer Vince
seemed in the spirit of showcasing some heated titles too with Craving Big Cocks
: I wasn't sure what to expect quality wise with this release, but
New Sensations and Brother Love put out a solid product with Craving
Big Cocks #11
. The ladies were very attractive and for the most
part, the sex was good if not exceptional. There were also a few very
good special features that rounded out this DVD nicely. With a few of
the scenes really being standout (Lindsay, Ava and especially Riley),
this is a title I'll probably revisit in the future and that makes it
worthy of a purchase in my opinion, and Fuck Me If You
: I'm not sure why Private decided to wait over 3 years to make a
parody porn of "Catch Me if You Can", but nevertheless they did. Loosely
using plot elements from the Spielberg film, Fuck Me If You Can
is primarily a vehicle to highlight the fine talent(s) of Monika
Sweetheart. Not been a big fan of "porn with a plot", I'm not going to
go detail about storyline of Fuck Me If You Can. Besides, there's
really not much to cover anyway, just a lot of bad acting with plenty of
broken English. Monika Sweetheart and her fellow Czech countrywomen
really add the heat to this Private Production (as well as a few
French-Thai girls). Alessandro Del Mar does what he does best, and
that's highlighting blazing hot Euro girls fucking in beautiful places.
Production values are top notch on Fuck Me If You Can and this
DVD does them justice.

Picking up the slack while Don was out of town was Namrufmot, who
found even more titles worthy of your consideration including: Ass Wide Open
: Digital Sin has put together yet another enjoyable release.
While nothing really stands out Ass Wide Open #10 does all the little
things well. The girls are attractive, the sex is passionate, the
technical quality is solid, and you get plenty of extras â€" what more can
you ask for? Whether you're a collector or the series or just looking
for another gonzo title, give this DVD some definite consideration, Smothered n'
: Overall I was pretty satisfied with this DVD. The majority
of the scenes very enjoyable with attractive girls, intense action, and
solid technical quality, Stretched Out
Snatch 5
: I've never been a big fan of the various "monster dick"
titles on the market. Far too often the girls appear to be in pain, or
just too scared to enjoy themselves. The girls on Stretched Out Snatch
#9 though never lack in their intensity or enthusiasm. If they girl
seems to be enjoying it, part of me likes watching a girl struggle t
handle a big dick. If you're a fan of the genre it'll be tough to find a
better title than this, No Swallowing
Allowed 11
: The No Swallowing Allowed series has become one of
Diabolic's most successful series for a reason. The girls are hot, they
show plenty of enthusiasm, and they know how to fuck on camera. Combine
that with solid technical quality and you have something that every
Adult DVD should strive to be. The only knock I can really find is the
lack of quality extras. If you're a collector of the series or just
looking to check out a new gonzo title, give this one serious
consideration, Cum Beggars 5:
Simple put this is one of the best adult releases I've seen in some
time. 3rd Degree is a company that apparently knows what customers want
- excellent video, long scenes, absolutely stunning performers (not one
average looking girl in the lot), and great chemistry. Without a doubt
I'd recommend picking up this title, and Bubble Butt
: I've never been a huge fan of POV titles. I find the video
quality is often sub par and that much of the action gets chopped off.
I'm glad to say that this isn't the case with Bubble Butt POV. While I'm
not sure that it would be worth paying full retail price for, if you can
find it on sale I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up.

We close out with a title Don sent in before his yearly porn pilgrimage, Angel Perverse
: In general, the quality varied a lot but the cast was undeniably
filled with women most straight men would like to nail repeatedly. It
managed to offer a tremendous amount of fuck for the buck as it lasted
slightly over four hours long. The individual scenes were hit or miss
but the quality of the ladies, best of which was Naomi, managed to keep
the quality on the positive side so I felt comfortable rating this as
Recommended. If the sometimes mechanical nature of European performers
(who comprised the all but one of the ladies) doesn't bother you, the
rating might seem a little low but it was definitely a solid release to
boost Christoph's porn resume; a resume he has carefully built over a
very long time as his skills developed. In short, while Angel Perverse
might not be the best DVD set coming out of Evil Angel, it was
certainly full of strokable material and replay value for the raincoater

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The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Poindexter, Don Houston and
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