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Presley Maddox, Shay Jordan, and Shane’s World Jamaican Adventure


Spotlight Title: Who's That Girl #3

Reviewer Don
found a treat full of newcomers this week with Who's That Girl #3, saying: Vince Vouyer has long been a favorite gonzo director of mine since he brings the best out of the performers in most cases. His works at his new company, Vouyer Media, have continued this ability of his without any oversight holding him back as rumors have suggested took place at his last place of employment. His latest release in my hands is Who's That Girl #3, a tribute to newcomers in porn, with one of the strongest lineups I've seen in such a DVD in some time. I liked the previous two volumes in the series, Who's That Girl #2 and Who's That Girl #1 but this one was even better in many ways. If you like gonzo with women that aren't all used up, you're going to love this one. Who's That Girl #3 provided a great cast of hot women that knew what they were doing but still provided the kind of raw energy missing in scenes by inexperienced performers. The levels of fuck for the buck, solid extras, and superior technical values all added up to a title I felt comfortable rating as Highly Recommended. I usually find newcomer movies to be lacking on so many levels that it bugs me to even consider watching them, from "Teen" movies starring gals looking to be closer to their thirties, to passive lays that I would do on a bet but wouldn't waste drink money on, to directors loudly ordering them what to do in a mechanical manner. Thankfully, with Vince at the helm, Who's That Girl #3 suffered from none of these problems and therefore stood head and shoulders above most of them to earn my squeal of approval.

Sneak Peeks: Jamaican Adventure and Hard Candy 3

We were surprised that there were no drugs in: Shane's World:
Jamaican Adventure
by director Devinn Lane for Shane's
really wasn't any different from her road trip movies at Wicked so if you liked them as much as I did, you'll enjoy this one. The lush scenery, the attractive ladies like Roxy Deville and Sunny Lane, and the technical values all made it worth a rating of Recommended for me, even if the levels of fuck for the buck dropped down a little. The extras helped make up for it though and I'll be the first to admit that Jamaican Vacation: Collector's Edition fit the type of material the company is looking to provide these days; making me think that the Jamaican Tourist Board might want to hire Shane's
to film their next campaign to attract tourists much like their movies make certain colleges more popular.

scores another winner with Hard Candy 3:
a series of five gonzo scenes that emphasize young ladies having sex in a variety of boner inducing scenarios that most of us can identify with on some level or another. Robby was largely quiet this time, allowing the performers to generate their own heat and comments in all but a single case, and I think fans of youthful ladies that haven't been in hundreds of scenes will find the line up very appealing. Hard Candy 3 was another case of truth in advertising. The women were physically attractive and designed to give wood to anyone that likes gals in their late teens, the technical matters were solidly handled as expected, and the quality of the fuck for the buck was better than most of the longer running series released by the competition. In short, Hard Candy 3 had the hardcore action you're looking for, the sweet taste of youthful eye candy, and just the right balance of freshness factor mixed with experience to keep you stroking for a long time. My sneak peek of the movie proved to be another case of Robby delivering the goods, although another scene and some extras would've truly sweetened the deal. In all then, I thought it was worth a rating of Recommended with fans of the cast or the themes employed probably thinking I'm being too harsh so check it out for yourself when it comes out later this month and let me know what you think.

Highlights of The Week

A contract hotty and a number of gals of Asian lineage provided the thrills in Jack's Asian
: a title focusing on Jack's attempts to land some premium pussy with the help of straight laced Cody Bangs. For those who haven't been fortunate enough to see some of Cody's performances in past movies, suffice it to say that he plays his roles perfectly, always adding a dry sort of humor that works well with the series. The ladies of the cast were all Asian or mixed with Asian blood, most looking very appealing to me (and I'm not known for having a fetish for such ladies, even though I appreciate them like women of all backgrounds), with a nice diversity of action here. Jack's Asian Adventure by director Robby D. for release by Digital
was well worth checking out for fans of Asian hotties and women in general. There was a lot of fuck for the buck, plenty of comedy to appreciate, and the beauty of Shay Jordan alone made this one a title to look for. I rated it as Recommended though big fans of Asians will find this DVD head and shoulders above the specialty releases by other companies. Combined with the more serious Cockasian, Jack's Asian Adventure proved that Robby has a solid handle on providing quality scenes featuring women with heritages from the Far East, and I can only expect him to try his hand at the urban market next. Very Nice!

reviewer The

One of the true, legitimate classics of vintage adult cinema, Gerard Damiano's The Devil in Miss
Jones: Definitive Collector Edition
is one of the most popular seventies porno films of all time and for good reason. Not only did it take adult cinema to new heights of class and believe it not intelligence, it also made a star out of Georgina Spelvin. Spelvin is an interesting actress. She was definitely a little older than most of the other ladies working in porno at the time, but it was this maturity that made her the perfect choice for the lead in Damiano's film. The story line is a little different here than it is in the recent remake courtesy of Vivid
. Spelvin plays the titular Miss Justine Jones, a lonely spinster who commits suicide when she can no longer deal with her sad, lonely existence on this plain. Damiano's Catholic roots show up when her suicide sends her to Hell as tradition dictates, and soon she meets the devil himself, or at least an interesting interpretation of him in the form of Mr. Abaca (John Clemens). Miss Jones explains to him the regret she has over not indulging herself more during her time on Earth. She died a virgin, never having known the pleasures of the flesh.
As the blurb on the back of the case says, 'if you're going to go to Hell, go for a reason' and she figures if she has to suffer for all of eternity, she might as well do something more than just off herself to deserve it. Minor complaints aside (the transfer should have been anamorphic), this is an all around excellent release. The Devil in Miss Jones deserves all of the accolades of praise it's received over the last three decades and it's great to see it finally get a proper release with nice audio and video and some interesting extra features. Highly recommended.

Truly alternative porn wins again with Busty College Coeds POV: The idea is that he coaxes women into modeling nude, the modeling sessions always turning into full fledged sex scenes. In several ways, this is a lot like the Jack's Playground series that many enjoy, though it might be even cooler if future volumes actually have some ladies that start modeling, get almost there, and then decline to have sex with him (obviously he might not like the idea all that much).
Still, there was often an air of spontaneity to the scenes and none of the ladies were out of place with the theme of the show. Most of the scenes had straightforward sex, little of the ball torture Brother is so fond of, and enough fun factor to elevate the proceedings more than a little bit. The cast of ladies and appealing double dose of bonus scenes shot for other movies added some stroke value to the show, making the levels of fuck for the buck high enough to warrant a rating of Recommended or higher, depending on how much you like the cast and POV camera angles used to capture the action. In short, Busty College Coeds POV. delivered all that was advertised and more, making it a worthwhile fuck flick to add to your collection.

Reviewer Namrufmot showed an affinity for the teens with a trio of teen titan titles tantalizing his tastes: Under the Age of... #3; With the third installment in this series being releases so quickly its obvious that 3rd Degree is doing something right. Most of the girls aren't big names in the industry, but their performances are top-notch. Whether you're a collector of the series or just on the prowl for a new teen DVD I'd recommend giving this title some serious consideration, Barely Legal 64; I'm not sure what it is about the Barely Legal series but I love 'em. They girls are all fresh-faced and enthusiastic which leads to some incredible sex. Whether you're a collector of the series or just looking for a new teen DVD I can't recommend this DVD enough, and Teen Dreams 14; I've been very fond of the previous titles in the Teen Dreams series and this one tops them all. Featuring a stellar cast comprised of the hottest young girls you'll ever see this title is sure to hold up to repeated viewings. Combine that with a decent sampling of extras and you have a DVD that should already a space reserved on your shelf.

Our ongoing retrospective of classics by a legendary director continues with Too Many Blonde
: Jim Holliday was often referred to as one of the porn king's of the obscure; making twisted little plots and offering up weird little trivia for most of his VCA
features. As the 2000's progressed, his shooting schedule accelerated substantially; assisted by the way he shot multiple movies at the same time. In early 2002, he shot the subject of today's review Too Many Blonde Moments and Floss in such a way that all the usual tricks were covered with lots of performers getting some screen time but never so much that you'd want the scenes edited. The plot this time revolved around punishing ladies that had too many mental lapses going in front of a grand inquisitor for a brain exchange. As always, it was fun, fluffy, and light with no serious dramas to mess with your head. Too Many Blonde Moments was another light, breezy, fluff bunny type of movie heavy on action and light on plot that fans of the immortal Jim will appreciate for all the inconsistencies it had. I rated it as Recommended thanks to the cast, the technical values, and the sheer amount of fuck for the buck, noting that even the worst pairings weren't bad. In short, Too Many Blonde Moments poked some fun at the stereotypical blonde joke to the maximum amount allowed by porn law, providing some cute non-sex moments too along with all the action expected.

reviewer Ravyn
Latin Honeys:
Tender Latin Booty Gets Down & Dirty When Latin lovelies hit the club these sexy Latinas with boobs a bouncing', shaking their asses and seductively swivel their hips. At this club, dancing is foreplay to the hardcore fucking that ensues. These toned, tan asses love gyrating on hard dicks. What I did enjoy about the film was the fact that the actors stepped up and made sure every scene brought out the best of the actors.
The settings used were prefect including the cheesy furniture they used for the strip club which can be found in the really seedy parts of any town. Every detail was taken care of as far as lighting and music. Even the disco ball in the back of the van gave it the right tone and mood.
If you are a fan of Latinas and how hot they are in and out of bed, then this is a keeper for your collection, and Nassty Dreams
: Kylie Ireland is back for yet another taboo dose of devious back door mischief. Once again she leaves a deep impression on the minds of ass lovers everywhere. If you happen to have the first in this collection, I suggest that you add this to your collection as well. In this the second of Kylie's Nassty titles, we are treated to some hardcore anal action with 2 intense DP's with Vixen.

Floss: The plot this time revolved around a fashion designer seeking to design the ultimate bikini but the sexual fun was why fans kept coming back. Jim Holliday and VCA
provided enough fuck for the buck, solid hotties, and technical excellence combined with sweet extras to warrant a rating of Recommended. If you like Holliday's movies, this was a fluffy little feature you'll be enjoying for a long time to come, proving it withstood the test of time very nicely. I only wish that Jessica Drake wasn't under contract with Sin City at the time it was made since she was in the BTS feature looking especially hot. In short though, Floss will have you wanting to floss with the butt floss the ladies were adorned with in their scenes, showing that Holliday knew how to keep a fan's attention for extended periods of time.

Reviewer Rob
found lots to like with Strip Tease Then Fuck 8: a porno where the girls do two things. First they tease you by taking of their clothes. Second they have sex with some random guy.
The action in this installment is very hot. The girls are great looking and the action is steamy, Tits Ahoy 4: a massive DVD that has five different babes with big tits. These beauties show off their big boobs and then fuck like crazy. The girls are great to look at and the sex is exciting to watch. I like big breasts and I love hot girls with big breasts. This DVD had 5 great scenes with hot girls with big boobs. The action never failed to be exciting. Part of what made it so good is how well the opening teasing was. The girl's big boobs were used to good effect, and Asian Fucking
: your average porno catered towards viewers who like to see young Asian babes get into action. The cast has several very cute babes like Tia Tanaka and Annie Cruz. The performances are energetic and should not disappoint. This is a great release. The sex is very energetic and the girls are great on the eyes. There is more than enough fun to keep you busy.

Don appreciated the subtleties of The Voyeur 32: John Leslie and Evil Angel have made quite a team over the years as he provided them with some artistic legitimacy while they provided him with a safe haven from which he could distribute his own brand of gonzo, hardcore sex flicks. Like all the directors at the company, he provides a particular look to his movies and while some would argue that his product doesn't hold up to some of the newer, hungrier directors out there; I'd have to disagree since he doesn't go for the generic style many of them try to provide.
His latest movie is The Voyeur 32; a tribute to his character that peeps in on others having sex, this time with an emphasis on anal action. If you've found his past work to be enjoyable, you'll like this one too as he explores his boundaries a bit more than usual for more diversity (and the experimental bits aside, it often worked very nicely as stroke material). The Voyeur 32 was worthy of a Recommended from me for the attractive cast, the chances it took in regards to the technical & thematic matters, and the overall quality of fuck for the buck. There were a few missteps in my opinion but John seemed willing to take enough chances to piss people off while still catering to his hardcore audience, making The Voyeur 32 a solid effort in the series.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot also found a couple of titles relating to well placed pop shots with Big Mouthfuls
: a pretty enjoyable release. Starring some incredibly attractive young girls, the action on this disc will hold up to repeated viewings.
In most cases it would make a good blind buy, but some might want to rent it first. Recommended, and Cum
: I really like what I've been seeing from VCA lately. Not only as the overall quality of their titles improved, but they've begun to throw in a free bonus disc with their newer releases. This just goes to show that some companies out their still care about giving their customers more value for their dollar. With so much enjoyable action it would be impossible for me to give this thing a rating of anything but Recommended.

Kinky is the word best describing Devinn Lane's Guide To Strap On Sex: The movie was advertised heavily on the basis of a single scene but it really did seem to offer up a reasonable variety of circus act sex tricks for fans of toy use, especially toy use on men. The cover said it like this: "Grab your lube, Devinn Lane is here to spice up your sex life! This couple's friendly guide teaches you everything you need to know about strap-on sex. Kurt Lockwood takes his first on camera strap-on provided by Samantha and Sandra. Katja and Christian give tips in the "advanced segment". True to Shane's World form, a real college student and Julie show you how it's really done.
Not to leave anyone out, Denise K and Kylee King round out the list with the hot girl-to-girl action." Devinn Lane's Guide To Strap On Sex wasn't the best fem-dom strap on dildo flick available but it was more interesting then the Adam & Eve instructional version starring Nina Hartley. The use of a decent cast of ladies and mixture of several layers of men (from bottom of the barrel to second tier at least) helped make it more interesting to watch and pick up tips about. The technical values of the movie were better then anything else by Devinn for the company with solid enough scenes and extras to merit a rating of Recommended. In short, Devinn Lane's Guide To Strap On Sex could prove to be a handy guide for those interested in "sticking it to the man" or for stroking fodder if seeing men take it hard turns you on. If you buy this as a gift for your woman, be sure to invest in a chastity belt for your delicate butt or at least sleep on your back with one eye open (or the other eye getting opened will be yours).

Reviewer Rob
had lots of short takes on a wide variety of titles this week with: Momma Knows Best; is a Mr. Pete directed film that focuses on mature women. You know the term MILF from the American Pie movie with pie fucker? Well, this release features five MILFS who are busty, older women who are ready to get freaky in the sack, Young Fucking Bitches; is a Platinum X release and it features a cast of girls who are young. The chicks have a young look (in addition to actually being young). Anyways, no surprise, but the girls have sex and it is some good stuff. I thought this DVD was awesome. The scenes with Celina Cross, Jenna Presley, Jaclyn Case and Alexis Love were fantastic. The girls were all beautiful and they had very heated sex scenes, New Chicks Cum First 2; The porno features relatively new faces to porn, young babes you probably have only seen in a couple other releases if at all.
These girls are new to the industry and partake in sex with some of the most experienced fellahs. I thought this was a great DVD. The scenes with girls like Paulina James and Alexis Love were off the wall exciting. The babes were cute and the sex was hot, It Takes Two; a porno that has threesome action. There are four scenes with Mr. Pete or Mark Wood taking on a pair of girls. The sex has a lot of girl on girl action throughout it. If you like to see these kinds of threesomes, this release is pretty decent, Fuck Me Now; a gonzo style porno with 5 babes in 5 scenes. Each girl wants one thing and one thing only, to be fucked as soon as possible. The action has several good scenes and should be of interest to anyone who enjoys Red Light District Video's work, and Tease Me Then Please Me 4; follows a simple premise. Good looking babes perform a tease and then have sex with a guy or 2. The action gets rougher than most and should not fail to please. What really worked for this DVD are the girls. They are all pretty good looking and the sex they partake in is exciting stuff.

Reviewer The
also found a title made in this century to enjoy with Aperture: not as thematic or as intense as the last feature was, viewers will find that it still does a good job of capturing some of the heat that a few of the performers assembled for this roster have been known to deliver.
Aside from the nice photography, set design and art direction this feature it fairly standard. That's not to say that it isn't hot, because it most definitely is, but it's rather playful and is probably aimed at those who want their porno vanilla flavored. Regardless, the girls all look fantastic and they fuck like champs from start to finish which obviously makes this worthwhile for fans of Sisco's style.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

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The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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