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Tera Patrick’s Fashion Underground, Britney Exposed and AVN Nominations


Spotlight Title: Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground

One of the more appealing titles of the week was Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground; notable as Tera's return to doing men other than her talented husband sexually (in two scenes at that): Paul Thomas has been directing at Vivid
for many years now, sometimes showing the spark of creativity when all the elements come together. Porn is a decidedly guerilla shooting genre and with budgets as low as they are (even on "big budget" releases), how anything gets done at all is sometimes a mystery. In his latest collaboration with Teravision, he now presents Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground, a slight melodrama centering on skewering the fashion industry stereotypes we all recognize, using the plot device of a model trying to break out on her own. Starring Tera Patrick as the super model, her real life husband Spyder Jonez as the man desperate to win her back, and a side plot starring the cute Penny Flame as a fledgling reporter trying to make a name for herself, the movie was a fluff bit but a good fluff bit in many ways (sexually more enjoyable than Thomas' Emperor for example), so fans of his work and of Tera will have a winner to look forward to. The back cover said it like this: "Tera is determined to go out on top of the fashion model circuit. But she's surrounded by people dead set on bringing her down. Bitchy designers, luscious hard-body girls eager to take her place, fashion editors looking for the latest scandal to sell their magazines and news shows. But her biggest worry is the ex partner who's returned from prison. Not knowing what he's looking for or who he is out to fuck this time, she's doing her best to avoid him. She just wants to make a clean break from being the beautiful object of desire on the runway. And she's willing to put her ass on the line to do it." There was a lot more going on but in all, it was a fun flick, probably held up on purpose or by virtue of the difficulty of
film past the AVN Awards deadline.

Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground was surprisingly good for the entertainment value, strokability, and replay factor thanks to a star studded cast including Tera Patrick, Lanny Barby, and Penny Flame in their sexual roles as well as Spyder Jonez in his role as the escaped convict seeking revenge on a nonsexual basis. Most of the other performers seemed to be adequate to their roles (Steven St. Croix, often a very talented guy in his non-sex roles, was decidedly over acting; trying to be Evan Stone by the sounds of it with his effeminate character). For all the faults of film causing grain and artifacts though, the technical matters were handled well enough and the extras combined with the levels of fuck for the buck to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended for fans of the cast like me. The story lacked any real sense but you can always skip that in favor of the sex, the real strength of Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground. It may have been a slight melodrama dressed up with sexual encounters but they were often good enough sexual encounters that most people won't mind the missing vampires, pirate ships, and plot, so check it out.

Sneak Peeks: Jack's POV 5

Point of View sex is one of the most popular genres of gonzo these days so we predict that next month's release of Jack's POV 5 will be another trip tp the bank for Robby D. and Digital
as they have become almost synonymous with gonzo porn over the last few years thanks to a shift in focus at the company. While they still make their more artistic releases for ladies and couples, their bread and butter among the raincoater crowd is always going to be gonzo; a niche that Robby has grown into far better than his features at Vivid would have indicated (though his Action Sports Sex titles were often pretty good too). His upcoming release of Jack's POV 5 next month is another that melds the typical gonzo with the Robby D. flair, using stunt cocks with the plethora of pussy rather than his own (apparently, some of the gals charge by the inch and it's reported that even Digital Playground can't afford those kind of rates with a guy hung like a Clydesdale). Thematically, the movie kept up the tradition of Jack's POV 4 and the earlier volumes in the series by using different scenarios to get the gal into the mood to screw, skipping music videos for once and expanding the idea in a creative manner.
had some solid stroke value, replayability, fuck for the buck and technical values worth mentioning. The cast provided all sorts of ladies with thin, thick, hot and not, up for grabs with the showcase scene being lovely contract star Teagan. To me then, Jack's POV 5 was every bit as good as Jack's POV 4 in most ways and deserved a rating of <1>Recommended. As expected, Robby helped the ladies shine in their scenes and while there might have been some rough edges at times, I suspect this will be a keeper for most of you out there when the movie comes out next month. I always knew that point of view (POV) would never be the same once Robby got hold of it and it looks like I was right. Good work!

Thorne in Your Side - Porn Ramblings From Chris Thorne

Thorny was all comfortable enjoying his week off and going on a porn binge when the phone rang. "What... Britney's got her snatch plastered on the net?!?!"... How could I not drop everything and do a special Thorne in Your Side!?! After careful inspection of the photos (and I do mean careful inspection) I've come to the following conclusions: 1) Yuck. Seriously, yuck. I don't think I've seen a less apetising crotch shot since Borat. 2) It was all orchestrated. Paris is the queen of the fake sex tape, so it's no coincidence that she's Britney's partner in crime here. 3) Way to blow a ton of money. Britney had long been courted to do a spread in almost every men's magazines... Now the photographer in question gets to clean up (assuming she's not getting a cut). 4) wait why the fuck am I numbering things... This whole experience is like seeing The Phantom Menace, so much anticipation for such a royal letdown. Sorry Briney noone's going to want to hit that baby one more time. Also I hate to say this but I'd rather re-watch any of the Britney Rears than see any realy Britney sex tape. Ok that's your special dose of CT, so deal with it.

A Look At The AVN Selections for Best Feature and Best Film

Well, the leaves have fallen off the trees and the cold winds strike deep into the usually warm areas of Houston so it must be that time of year again: AVN Awards times. The upcoming show will be held next month on January 13 at the brand new location of the Mandalay Bay Events center; a markedly larger and more fan friendly place to hold the biggest awards bash in the adult entertainment industry. This time, there will be more categories then ever before but I'm not going to list all 1000+ of the nominees in the dozens of categories since you can look those up on your own on the official AVN Awards website. No, today I'm just going to briefly look at some of the top features and films that have been nominated, notable in that we have reviewed almost all of them this year (and some are definitely on our short list for our own yearly Top Porn

While reports of voting have been bouncing around online, some of the movie are markedly better made then others in the feature category with some stronger on plot, others on sex, and still others finding directors trying their best at combining the two in such a manner that their movies work on both levels at the same time; a balancing act rarely handled all that well. Corruption is one of the strongest stories of the year, complete with some of the hardest sex you'll find legally available in a porn. The movie details the rise and fall of a Senator to the political right of Jesse Helms, foreshadowing the recent election results by months. On the other end of the spectrum was the artistic Wonderland, a movie trying to instill a sense of the arts as shot by veteran writer/director DCypher, albeit inconsistently, with quotes from the immortal bard himself, William Shakespeare, tossed in

Another genre played to was the supernatural and science fiction with The Visitors, Curse Eternal, and Aphrodisiac
providing enough special effects and hints at mainstream leanings to please most fans. The first is a classic 1950's tale updated with modern porn sensibilities as only Michael Raven could handle, the second a Brad Armstrong tribute to The Mummy, and the third, a hilarious send up to all those Indiana Jones movies, though this time the leading lady was far more readily available to the

Rocco Siffredi starred in two of the selections, Fashionistas:
; a sequel to one of the most awarded movies in porn, though this time only half the movie (with the second half coming out in January), and Briana Loves Rocco, a title where the rougher nature of the man get displayed in plain view for the fans to decide. Both of them focused on relationships in trouble, much like 1000 Words, Sodom 2, and Sex Pix did; though each had their own dynamic going on. Safado seems to be a heavy favorite based on legacy more than its own merit but a close look at all the movies show several better choices in terms of content (when it is released as part of a package deal with the rest of the movie in January, it may be a far better choice for the next awards show

from Adam & Eve detailed a feminist WWII with contract star Carmen Luvana saving the world from the evil Nazis in porn fashion (unintentionally humorous acting being the biggest reason it should be in the also ran category) and a surprise bit of mainstream music crossover assisting the final two selections of the category with Sacred Sin, a quality suspense story elevated by the music of Eddie Van Halen, as well as the release of Eddie's first movie from his Sllab company, The New Neighbors, finish up the category. Give each of the movies a look and you'll figure out pretty quickly which ones are destined to provide lots of replay value and probably win any awards that are not soaked in backroom politics but most of them at least tried to shoot higher than
the scores of gonzo releases driving the current market.

Okay, so you want to see something shot on film instead, knowing full well that the compression rates used for their DVD transfers are going to drown you in grain, compression artifacts, and all the trappings of director ego? Well, due to the added expense of the format, there were far fewer choices this time. Paul Thomas provided the first two on the list with Emperor and Fade To Black 2. Each seems to be a semiautobiographical look at his own life through the exploration of film. Janine battled Rocco on the set of the first and Trent Soluri tried his best to fill the shoes Thomas laid out for him in the second; each having a lot to appreciate on multiple levels consumers don't usually associate with porn flicks. Janine's Been Blackmaled gave the lovely, and now retired again, performer another shot at an award with her spotlight work involving two of the most talented men of color laying to rest those notions that she had issues with blacks (released at the same time was an equally heated title called Mrs. Behavin, where she had a similar scene, though done more stylishly in

Speaking of style, Brad Armstrong's FUCK gave many of the contract gals at Wicked
a chance to shine, albeit briefly in the double disc set offered up as a timeline of history in sexual conduct. The wealth of extras on the second disc helped make up for any shortcomings but critics tend to award those in another category so I can't say that it is on the short list for winning. Provocateur, a debut of sorts for Jenna Jameson as director (she has been credited as such in the past), seemed to be given the nod for sly marketing more than anything else as the title was released with six slightly different versions; one for each contract star on their roster, past and present.
Still, it was a bold experiment and the movie was quite enjoyable.
Lastly, a personal favorite up for the award was Manhunters, a modern day bounty hunter story that played much like a mainstream movie, complete with heavy base, hot women, and a story that fans seem to like as much as the sex (even if some critics found it too ambitious). It offered up three discs of material in addition to a well shot movie, and win or lose, was more fun as a movie and a stroke flick than anything
else in the category.

There you have it folks. The features and films nominated as reviewed here on X Critic that are up for serious consideration next month. All of them are winners in the sense that an estimated 14,000 porn titles were made in the last year and only a handful were picked. I hope to meet with some of the directors and performers ate show next month and discuss their thoughts but at least a few of the choices seem to have been influenced by the popularity shown by you, the consumers, instead of the pure backroom politics that are discussed by those who either don't win or aren't nominated at this time of year. Check them out and let us know what you think since ultimately, only you know who the real winners are; the ones you will be paying for with your hard earned cash.

Highlights of The Week

Reviewer Don
enjoyed Too Much Is Never
Enough: Monica Mattos
: a showcase set of eight scenes where the busty brunette hotty took on all comers in a number of situations where she was clearly the star attraction. Betting on a newcomer like this is one of the reasons that I've sat up to take notice of the company this past year, especially since their directing talent is almost always up to the challenge of making the scenes unique but heated under even the most adverse circumstances. Monica is a little gem of a hotty that I hope makes it huge; bringing some excellent skills and a sultry passion to her work that elevates nearly everything she does in return. Too Much Is Never
Enough: Monica Mattos
was a very appealing release that used a number of scenarios rather then follow a cookie cutter mentality as the competition seems to do all too often these days. The technical matters could've used some more polishing up but the extra tease footage was excellent (and lengthy), Monica and her friends in fine form, and the factors that make for a good porno were all present in abundance (strokability, replay, and levels of fuck for the buck). A few scenes could have been fleshed out better but this was a superior effort in most ways, earning a rating of Highly Recommended even from a jaded old porn hound like myself. In short, fan of Monica Mattos or not, Too Much Is Never
Enough: Monica Mattos
is one that will keep you busy for a very
long time so stock up on supplies if you're going to get this one.

Don also liked the partying nature of College Invasion
10: Collector's Edition
: Shane's
is probably best known these days as the company to defy all odds and provide titles that wouldn't work anywhere else. Rather than follow a strict set of rules and guidelines (often referred to as formulas), they gear each series to a specific niche as requested by their many fans; most of whom fall into the "white male, under 25 years old" demographic from what I've seen. How appropriate that they have a series dedicated to helping shape the minds of the next generation rather then copy companies around since before those upcoming movers and shakers were even born? Such was the case with College Invasion
10: Collector's Edition
, the sequel to College Invasion 9, where the company assembles a porno assault squad to go to a frat house somewhere in the country and provide lots of adult entertainment, with party games, handjobs, and now, full sex scenes with members of the audience. This is called keeping it fresh and while some of the mopes weren't all that skilled in bed, the movie was enough to launch a full investigation by college authorities in New York; presumably trying to prevent their students from enjoying their rights to enjoy some good times. College Invasion
10: Collector's Edition
was another fun fuck flick worth looking into. The casting was good, the sex a bit further than expected, and the technical values a step above many of the previous volumes in the series (at least the ones I've seen). The editing this time looked like someone spent a lot more time than previously to clean things up from the raw footage and the extras were really solid so I rated this one as Recommended. In short, College Invasion
10: Collector's Edition
is not the kind of porn your father will want to watch as it's spontaneous, fun, and unscripted to the point where you'll never know what to expect, marking it as another step forward by Shane's
to dominate the market of younger, affluent viewers.

Next up was Hand To Mouth 4, complete with a surprise guest appearance by Gina Lynn, and: the sequel to Hand To Mouth 3 where the gals tease the camera in POV fashion before blowing and providing handjobs to completion without any penetrative sex. The loads all ended up in facials and even the worse scene here was pretty good with a few that were positively smoking hot in evidence too. Hand To Mouth 4 by director Pat Myne/Danny Case for 3rd Degree was at least as good as Hand To Mouth 3 thanks to a great cast, lots of energy and chemistry, superior strokability and the levels of suck for the buck provided so I rated it as Highly Recommended. If you like straightforward blowjobs and handjobs, you'd be hard pressed to find one offering up as much quality as Hand To Mouth 4 so I guess it is safe to say that Pat did it again. Good

Another Gina venture was Top Notch Bitches
: Gina Lynn and her husband Travis Knight, are one of the few success stories in porn these days, typically working on movies together on both sides of the camera. He directs her most of the time these days for Gina Lynn Productions and they now have a distribution deal with Jules Jordan Video, though she still takes on some outside work between her busy dancing schedule. Their latest movie is Top Notch Bitches 5, the sequel to Top Notch Anal Bitches and several others that have had fans jerking off for a while now, mainly thanks to Gina's lovely look and skill level. Top Notch Bitches 5 was worth a rating of Recommended thanks to the casting, the technical values, and the overall quality of the show that provided a decent amount of fuck for the buck and stroke value. In short, Top Notch Bitches 5 proved to be better then my last look at the series, largely due to the inclusion of Jenna Haze, Eva Angelina, and Nicole Sheridan boosting up Gina's already warm act, with fewer extras but lengthier scenes to make up for it.

If you like features, check out Naked
: Randy Spears is best known as one of the very best actor/performers in porn these days, showing more versatility in his abilities than almost any of his peers. Currently, he works a lot at Wicked
, now making his splendid directorial debut for them with Naked
. The movie is a murder mystery starring Brad Armstrong as a cocky, arrogant, cheating spouse of an illusionist who is relentlessly pursued by a detective seeking to establish his culpability in the murder of his wife. It might not have been the best movie of the season by the company but it certainly showed Randy as an up and coming director that offers more than just his wood and acting skill to the mix. Naked
was well made in many ways. The use of Francois Clousot as director of photography insured that the movie would look nice, the script by Cash Markman helped the feature elements, and the performances by Brad, Carmen, and Frank were top notch to make Randy's debut effort for Wicked a well nice little movie to enjoy on all levels. It didn't hurt that lovely Carmen Hart had two scenes in the movie, another in the bonus section, and fun BTS extra to enjoy but my rating of Recommended for Naked
was earned; showing plenty of potential for even more from the director so I hope he continues to work on his craft.

Reviewer Colonel
is back from his coochy hunt with Rectal
: Platinum X, a division of Red Light District is the leader of adult gonzo style porn. The recipe is simple: Pick a hot theme, sequester the services of the hottest girls available, screw them on camera and package it all together. The theme of Rectal Intrusion is obviously anal sex. There are five girls on this DVD who take the baloney pony up the poop shoot for our viewing pleasure. A lot of these gonzo releases start looking very similar. This gonzo release added a lot of debauchery for the buck and therefore I must Recommend this DVD.
Annette Schwarz's scene was very memorable, as were the performances by Poppy Morgan and Rebecca Linares; and Crack Her Jack
: John Leslie is a living legend in the world of adult entertainment. He's had some incredibly successful lines in the past.
The sixth installment of "Crack Her Jack" is an incredibly hot collection of smut. After every scene, there is little doubt that everyone in participation gave their all for the camera. I Highly Recommend this DVD to those who like to watch larger bottomed women
fucking and sucking if their very life depended on it.

Another title in our ongoing look at the work of Jim Holliday this week was Midnight
Librarians: DVD Long Cut
: had a film noir tone to it as Holly Hollywood played a detective (with the darker ending changed just before the movie was released). It was a decent little outing and fans will be happy with it, even if it wasn't quite as good as it should have been. Midnight
Librarians: DVD Long Cut
was worth a rating of Recommended thanks to the levels of strokability, replay value, fuck for the buck, and the extensive cast of hotties. The technical values and extras certainly added to the fun too and in most ways the DVD version of the movie was vastly superior as it added more, making Midnight
Librarians: DVD Long Cut
a solid package of entertainment for fans. The story was more convoluted than usual (if that's actually
possible) and the sex scenes had a few potential pairings that stopped before they ever got started, but I enjoyed it more than a little the first time I watched it years ago as well as more recently; showing it stands the test of time better than some of his other movies like Think Pink, made at the same time.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot found a quartet of quim for fans this week with What An Ass!
: The strength of the DVD lies in the quality girls; not only are they attractive, but they have great personalities. The action that results is intense, passionate, and will hold up to repeated viewings; My 1st Job:
Director Will Rider created another satisfying release. Starring some of the hottest vixens in the business, this DVD will definitely hold up to repeated viewings. The only knock I can find is the lack of quality extras; Desperate House Whores 6: "From Boring To Whoring" is the slogan for sixth installment of this new series. The premise is simple: hot housewives get coaxed into breaking out of their shells and doing all sorts of naughty things on film. Some people enjoy watching women who aren't 18 and plastic getting it on. If you're one of those people this might make for a decent purchase; and Big Giant Titties
: This was the first title in the Big Giant Titties series and overall I was pretty satisfied. Not only were the girls all attractive and large-chested, but most importantly they knew how to fuck on camera.

Fans of white women enjoying dark meat will like Black Cock Addiction 2: the sequel to the popular Black Cock Addiction 1, was a series of scenes where the ladies professed to love black cock and proceeded to blow their partners. The scenes were oral only but if you like seeing gals blow black guys, you're going to love this one a lot. Black Cock Addiction 2 was worth a rating of Recommended despite a relative lack of extras and technical polish thanks in large part to an excellent cast (Kaylynn, Katja, Alana, and Rayveness being the most experienced cocksuckers of the crew). There was definitely a lot of suck for the buck in the movie, making Joey's release of Black Cock Addiction 2 something to appreciate if you want to see enthusiastic oral performed on willing men, albeit some of them being in the lower rungs of the mope squad types hired by the

Reviewer Addison
liked the carnal delights of Tug Jobs 9:
The Bang Bros.' winning series continues with this latest collection of lovely young ladies skilled in the art of manroot manipulation. Each of the eight segments has a girl alone in a room with an unseen guy, who's sitting and waiting to be masturbated. The guy apparently holds the camera on his shoulder, so the girls appear to be looking at the viewer as they address the lucky cocksman. After some brief chitchat and varying degrees of stripping down, the girls proceed to stroke and pull dick, sometimes with the aid of oil, sometimes with some carefully applied girl gob. If you're looking for full-sex scenes, the "Tub Jobs"
series is not for you. But for those who enjoy pretending that these beautiful girls are jerking you off (thanks to the P.O.V. filming technique), they don't come much better. All the ladies here are enthusiastic joint pullers who all seem to wish they could do more than just use their hands. Some of the girls "act" more than others, but the overall effect is ball-drainingly positive. For jack job enthusiasts,

Juan Cuba also had fans panting with The Good, The Bad, & The Slutty: Juan Cuba was once a production assistant/mope squad member in porn but soon worked his way up to director for Platinum X Pictures and related companies. I always liked his BTS work so this was a natural extension of his skills, picking up tips from some of the industry leaders he worked with over the years. His latest turn at the helm was The Good, The Bad, & The Slutty, a selection of four lengthy scenes that had some role playing action and varied settings (like in an adult store) that really added to the fun but not nearly as much as the choices in casting did. If you like hardcore action, you're going to love this one since most of the sex was balls to the wall in how it was shot and performed.
The technical values were decent, the extras okay, and the meat puppets alright but the heat, chemistry, and stroke value of the ladies translated into a lot of fuck for the buck, making the movie well worth a rating of Recommended or better depending on what you enjoy. In large part, this provided The Good, The Bad, & The Slutty with the kind of replay value that some fans thought had left the company along with many of its former directors.
Thankfully, they have a new generation of directors to take over; a generation willing to provide quality entertainment that fans will appreciate.

also picked Angel Perverse 3 as a winner, writing: This is the second Angels perverse that I've reviewed from acclaimed Evil Angel director Christoph Clark. I recommended the previous Angel Perverse due to its great blend of super hot talent with the debauchery that Evil Angel is renowned for. As an added bonus, Naomi will be gracing this release with her lovely butt.
This release features four scenes over 2 and a half hours of good ole America Anal themed pornography. Once again, Christoph Clark has taking some spectacular talent from both sides of the pond and allowed them to perform some hardcore debauchery for our viewing pleasure. All scenes were super hot with Naomi's performance outshining the rest.

Fans of beautiful backsides will also enjoy Ass For Days
: the sequel to the well received Ass For Days 1; a flick centered on providing anal sex scenes using gals with large asses to enjoy. If you like anal sex, you'll probably really get into a few of the scenes but keep in mind that there was a fair amount of rough sex at work here; something many of you appear to either really like or really hate with little middle ground to speak of. Ass For Days 2 was a pretty solid effort on his part that used an effective cats, decent technical values, and a lot of fuck for the buck to enhance the replay and strokability of the scenes enough to merit a rating of Recommended. It still had some rough edges and could have used some more work in the editing booth but Ass For Days 2 did provide the kind of action, and booty, that it suggested it would; marking a case of truth in advertising that will appeal to
many of you.

Lovers of European porn will appreciate Whore De
: a flick where the men and women were all from the tiny little country some associate as the birthplace of French fires, French toast, and the ability to surrender under the least adverse of conditions. The back cover said it like this: "We're taking you on the RIDE of your life without ever leaving the house! Your lance will get hard and your arm will be strong...and that's just the beginning! Fries aren't the only thing France serves fresh and piping hot! These sluts are racing to be crowned whore de jour and they're sucking and fucking everyone in their way. Join us for a tour de force inside the slickest snatches and tightest asses this side of the Atlantic. French politics suck but French skanks rock! C'est la vie!" That said, there were some great little trollops to enjoy watching here and fans of European style sex will have a lot to appreciate. Whore De France had some very attractive and sexually skilled ladies as well as nice scenery in the background too. The technical values were decent, as were the extras, with good stroke and replay value to boot, making Whore De France worth a rating of Recommended. I hope to see a few of these gals used a lot more extensively in the future thanks to their work here, some of them only needing a bit more polish to their respective acts to really shine.

Reviewer Don
, an ass fan if ever one existed, said this about Ass Cleavage 8: Mike Quasar has been the leading director at Zero Tolerance no matter who happens to be credited on the front covers or in the rolling credits of their movies. He might not make every movie they release but on a given day, you're making a safe bet if you point to him as the one controlling the camera and casts of their production. The company was initially founded on the premise that is had "zero tolerance
for: dumb fucking dialogue, ugly bitches, stretch marks, Tijuana boob jobs, stupid tattoos, fake orgasms, limp cocks, weak pop shots, hookers who hate fucking, sorry ass suitcase pimps, crack whores, and bad pornography", a splendid attitude that they try to keep in mind these days, even if they don't completely follow it. That said, one of their best series has long been the Ass
series, and today's review of Ass Cleavage 8, the sequel to Ass Cleavage 7, was another title the company should sell a lot of. In general, there was anal in the scenes, a cast of physically appealing ladies, and while it was a rollercoaster ride in terms of the scenes being the best they could be, I found the highlights to be very awesome. Ass Cleavage 8 merited a rating of Recommended. The ladies, the technical values, the funny BTS, and the levels of fuck for the buck (a function of replay and strokability) were all factors in the rating with fans of some of the ladies probably wanting to boost the rating further. In short, Ass Cleavage 8 was a lot of fun and if someone knows how to get on Lisa's "friend" list in terms of dress rehearsals, by all means send me a note.

Tap That Ass White
: Juan Cuba and The Candy Shop have not been a staple of my porn viewing diet of late, though I pick up the odd title or two as part of my reviewing hobby. Juan is slowly developing his own style and the company allows him to explore the wonders of ethnicity more thoroughly then he'd have been able to do otherwise with the main branch of the company at Red Light District. His latest movie for them is Tap That Ass White Boy, a series of scenes where women of color have sex with white men, a switch from the usual interracial efforts that are so popular these days (turnabout is fair play, yes?). The scenes had a lot of different little quirks but none of them was a filler for me, with a few being really solid in terms of all the factors I look for. Tap That Ass White Boy was worthy of a rating of Recommended. The cast had a lot of differences in terms of age, experience, looks, and even sexual skill but the replay value, strokability, and fuck for the buck was such that this added to the mix of the movie. In short, Tap That Ass White Boy was a winner with only a few rough edges displayed in need of polishing up so I hope Juan continues to evolve and develop his style as he makes stroke flicks as good as this one.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at editor@xcritic.com.

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne.

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