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Control 4 with Shay Jordan, The Xxxorcist and Penny Flame


Spotlight Title: Mike John's POV Pervert 7

We found a winner in Mike John's POV Pervert 7 this week with the incredibly talented director showing the world yet again why he is the master so many copy. Don said of the
title: Mike John is considered by some to be the crown jewel of the Jules Jordan Video Empire thanks to the kind of excellent porn he has made in recent years. While not as prolific as some of his peers, he provides some of the best point of view (POV) scenes in porn and his gonzo work draws attention from even the most jaded of company owners as being something they'd love to emulate (resulting in court battles that Mike has won) or hire. Well, fans probably already know this but his latest release for the company is Mike John's POV Pervert 7, a 2 disc set of quality POV scenes by the director as he nails every hot gal he could employ. The levels of playfulness by the ladies, the stroke value, and heat shown as Mike proved that even aging white men with a bit of a paunch could score with attractive gals (giving hope to us all). If you've seen Mike's work in the past, you'll enjoy this one as more of the same (a lot more in fact) but also showing his evolution to something even better. Mike John's POV Pervert 7 by director Mike John for distribution by Jules Jordan Video was a fine example of his work and reason enough to look for more of his established body of titles as they eventually get released by the company. The stroke factor, replayability, quality of the women, and sheer amount of fuck for the buck was easily enough to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended from me. Sure, it had some rough edges and fans of seeing large cocks invade the hot holes of hunnies will find Mike a bit light in that department but the masses have spoken that they also like seeing guys more like them and not the latest parolee screwing the women so that might add to your pleasure here. In short, you really can't go wrong when it comes to knowing what you'll get when Mike shoots a flick with this one an exceptional value compared to many of his peers.

Sneak Peeks: Control 4

By the end of the month, Control 4 will be released in time for the holiday gift giving season, making this one to consider as a stocking stuffer. The team enjoyed it for hours on end,
saying: Robby D. has largely been responsible as the driving force behind the move of Digital
into the gonzo market in recent times, a move that was initially met with considerable skepticism by throngs of fans and critics alike, present company included. That said, he showed the world he had a plan and as it came to fruition, he showed us all that he could transcend the cookie cutter world of the gonzo by giving fans what they wanted yet not feeling the need to copy other industry successes. To up the ante even further, he started his own production company, Handheld
, where his near complete artistic control has proven another step in the evolution of his vision; a vision that I happily agree is a step in the right direction to offering up even better porn.
His upcoming Control 4 is a case in point; following the groundwork laid out in Control 1, Control 2, and Control 3 (read about them elsewhere), where a sometimes subtle domination theme went hand in hand with huge levels of tease, wild sex, and a plethora of pussy that offered something special for fans. The addition of contract hotty Shay Jordan (seen on the front DVD cover) was icing on the cake but every performance in the movie was well above average. The levels of strokability and replay, the quality of the ladies and technical values, and the sheer amount of tease and fuck for the buck was off the charts.
The lack of real extras kind of sucked but if given the choice between those and a three hour fantastic fuck flick, I'm admittedly forgiving.
In all, I thought the DVD was worth a rating of Highly Recommended for the vast majority of fans, never getting too far into circus act sex, fetish, kink, or other specialty tricks but still offering enough to whet the appetites of even the most jaded of you without jumping the shark.

Highlights of The Week

Reviewer Don
found a lot to like in Fishnets 5, the sequel to Fishnets #4, where the emphasis in each scene is on showcasing an array of attractive women teasing the camera as they put on sexy lingerie before having hardcore sex. The back cover put it like this: "There's nothing fishy in these nets...just prime teen pussy ready for the reamin and creamin! Bag 'em and bang 'em any way you like...in nets, stockings, tights, knee-highs or hose, it doesn't matter as long as they're wrapped!
Manicured toes, perfectly arched soles, and leggy lovelies deliciously draped in filthy hot hosiery. Slip off their nylons and fuck their brains out!" If you're into lingerie on the ladies and the teasing manner used to put it on, you'll find this a stroke fest worth checking out regardless of the wonderfully diverse cast. Fishnets 5 by director Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance had a lot going for it in terms of quality fuck for the buck, a fun BTS feature, solid technical values with an anamorphic widescreen presentation, and some of the best ladies in the business, so I rated it as Highly Recommended. It could have used a bit more polishing up but Fishnets 5 showed why Mike is one of the guys in porn able to make almost anyone look their best and not get in the way of already skilled performers when they get into their work.

Don also thought highly of Supersquirt 4, the sequel to Super Squirt 3 where Annie Cruz (also in the movie) was supposedly crowned as the next squirt queen for the company. Questions of how they changed plans aside, Sierra Sin was the lead and in every scene, showcasing her skills to the max as she took on all comers. If you like squirting flicks (regardless of the unlikelihood of massive quantities of fluids as shown being truly squirting as we refer to it), this was a decent offering for you and there was enough other sex taking place to please fans of the ladies in other ways too. Supersquirt 4 was definitely one I'd suggest as Recommended or better depending on how much you enjoy hardcore gonzo sex and fluid displacement by ladies. Real or not, they put on quite a show with their ejaculatory efforts, and the combination of casting, strokability, replay value, extras, and technical matters proved to make this another title fans will appreciate. It may not have been the strongest volume in the series but Supersquirt
will likely have many of you squirting fluids out of your penis more than a few times, a nod to the strength of Sierra's (and
company) efforts to entertain you sexually.

The fun never stopped in Blazed & Confused
2: Maui Wowie Stoners Edition
: Penny Flame is one of the craziest but refreshing gals in porn if you can stand her sometimes goofy demeanor. The best example of this is her work for Shane's World where she directs from time to time. The company and gal make the perfect match and I'll be up front that while I'm not a stoner, she makes me laugh like some of the better Cheech and Chong movies from years ago. Her latest release for the company is Blazed & Confused
2: Maui Wowie Stoners Edition
, a movie where she blows off giving handjobs to strangers while providing a travelogue of her quest to find the popular herbal mood enhancer, Maui Wowie, in Hawaii. Penny was as nutty and lovable as ever with the non-sex parts nearly as entertaining as the sex, adding to the fun of the show. It was another hilarious adventure of the lady and her friends as they scoured the pot paradise in search of the illusive weed. Penny's status as one of the eminent stoner's of our time aside, the sex was well done, the ladies all fitting into the dynamic of the movie, with the strokability and replay value of the scenes well done. Unlike many movies where you can tell how little regard the ladies have for the men (imagine having to work with Dirty Harry, Jake Malone, or someone else old enough and gross enough to be the corner pervert), the cats was perfectly matched for one another, elevating the rating of Blazed & Confused
2: Maui Wowie Stoners Edition
to a Recommended. Shane's
is definitely not the kind of porn company old people get into so enjoy what they have to offer the next generation as they leave the musty old competition behind.

Hotty reviewer Ravyn found the Private release of Casanova to be good for couples saying: Casanova was one of the world's most infamous lovers. No woman in Venice escaped his insatiable cock, he's fucked noble women to nuns and now Private and Antonio Adamo have recreated this randy Italian's sexual conquests leaving no stone unturned or no woman in either Paris or Venice untouched. Adamo's version has a slight different twist to it. The sex scenes are a bit tamed made more for a woman's enjoyment with touch of romance added. The gentle nature in some scenes was excellent touches making this a movie for couples to enjoy over and over again. The wardrobe and costume significant of that era gave the women more sensuality and alluring nature weakening any man.
Though the movie was rather short and could have been longer it would be one that couples would enjoy. Especially those ladies out there that find other adult movies not to their liking. So yes this would be something you should have in your library if you want to have something laying around for a hot date with that special person in your life.

The latest Club Jenna tribute to a beautiful lady, Ashton Asylum, is up next; described as: a series of stylish vignettes that showcase the lovely and talented Ashton Moore as she and some other attractive ladies have some of the hardest sex I've seen from the company, all without condoms. Ashton Asylum by director Laurent Sky for Club Jenna succeeded in spite of the overly droning music and visuals thanks to lovely ladies like Ashton Moore but also the levels of chemistry they had with their partners. This elevated the levels of fuck for the buck, the strokability, and even replay value to the point where I rated the movie as Recommended, though a bit more substance and less style would've likely boosted it up another notch. In any case, Ashton
was a sweet little tribute to the skills of a beautiful lady and I hope she makes a lot more movies as hot as this one. In terms of heat and skill; Ashton was the queen of the day!

Short but silly best describes The XXXorcist, a movie in the newly created gorno sub genre of adult entertainment. If you've seen The Exorcist (and if you haven't, you suck) then you'll already know the basic premise of this forty-five minute long gorno. A woman named Regan MacFeel (Joanna Angel) is possessed by a demon and so her mother (Kylee Kross) calls in an exorcist named Father Merkin (Tommy
Pistol) to take care of the problem. Merkin realizes early on that the only way that he can save poor Regan is to fuck the evil out of her and so her gets started. As he bangs away at her from a few different positions she spews green goop all over him and curses at him, just as Linda Blair did in The Exorcist. In an interesting twist, however, Mrs.
MacFeel soon becomes possessed as well and joins in on the fun, meaning that Father Merkin will, as the back cover states, have to 'fight for his life with his cock.' The XXXorcist isn't going to be for all tastes. You can't pull it while watching this one (or if you can, you need help) but the movie is compelling. It's completely twisted, utterly hilarious, and Burning Angel has stacked the disc with plenty of quality extra features. If you dug Re-Penetrator or dig the whole 'gorno' thing, consider this one highly recommended. Just make sure you bring your sense of humor with you.

We continue our lengthy look at the work of director Jim Holliday with Sorority Sex Kittens 4: Directors Long Cut:
introducing a new breed of pledges to the ranks of the popular series, as Jim made several movies all at once. The back cover said it like
this: "The most notorious Sorority in porn history is back and the legend continues!! Upsilon Sigma (home of the first 30 girl initiation orgy ever filmed) establishes a new chapter on a brand new campus.
Discover six of the most natural, perky-breasted pledges this side of perfection and watch their horny sisters put them through the rigorous paces of Hell Week...Collegiate raunch, blistering sex and eye candy extraordinaire from Jim Holliday, the first name in adult extravaganzas." It was a cute flick with all the trademark action, providing extra entertainment value with some fine extras. Sorority Sex Kittens 4: Directors Long Cut by Jim Holliday for VCA Pictures was written by Devan "Mr. Bunny Luv" Sapphire (DCypher) and Jim really went out of his way to overcome a great many obstacles (power outages among them) to make it this good. There were times when I wanted more from the cast (the true multiple angles helped in that sense) but this was classic Holliday fluff that provided a great cast, solid technical values, sweet extras, and lots of chemistry to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended, even if it seemed a bit disjointed at times.
In short, Sorority Sex Kittens 4: Directors Long Cut had some superior fuck for the buck if you enjoy Jim's movies at a low cost, admittedly using ladies older then the roles as part of the usual porn conventions but all in good fun with the usual cheesy action you'd expect.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot likes value ion his porn and loves to see large quantities of semen splattering faces so he searched high and low to find a couple of titles worthy of you hard earned dollars with I Wanna Get Face Fucked 3; The main thing this DVD has going for it is its value.
With a total running time of over three hour (9 scenes), you get more than enough fuck for your buck. If you're a fan of gagging and face-fucking this title will give you hours of enjoyment, and Facial Frenzy 2; Anabolic is a company known for providing very graphic titles loaded with gonzo sex â€" and that's exactly what you get here. With a smattering of extras and over three hours of footage you definitely get your money's worth. Some might find the action to be a bit too intense.
You definitely won't want to invite your girl over to watch it. If you know that this kind of sex is up your alley, however, Facial Frenzy 2 is sure to please.

Fans of gushing gals will love Storm
: a movie focusing on the phenomenon of squirting by a wonderfully skilled and attractive cast. I think squirting is largely the result of creative marketing in porn but I have friends on both sides of the issue so rather than rely on medical facts, suffice it to say that if you get off on the concept in action, more power to you. The movie was a solid effort overall though and fans of the cast that are believers will get an extra kick out of it but others will find the action hot (and plentiful) too. Storm
was a top notch title for those into squirting and will serve as a premium release in that regard. The ladies, especially Flower and Angela, were fully into their act with the usual vigor, enhancing the action in their scenes even more then expected but all but the final scene proved to be well worth a lot of replay and served up some serious strokability. The technical values and extras were also well done so I thought Storm
warranted a rating of Highly Recommended for fans of hardcore gonzo action, and squirting fans will probably consider it worthy of even more praise as a collectable title. If you're looking for lots of squirting fuck for the buck, get yourself a raincoat, waders, and a canoe while picking up a copy that will serve your needs for a very long time.

Namrufmot also enjoys seeing ladies take the pop shots internally (what can we say, he's easy to please) so it comes as no surprise that he enjoyed Cock Craving Cuties, saying that: I was pretty surprised by this DVD. There are so many gonzo titles on the market that it's hard for one to stand out from the pack. Cock Craving Cuties manages to do just that by providing five scenes chock full of raw, intense, enjoyable sex. I would have given it a higher rating had there been more extras, but as it stands I still feel it earns a rating of "Highly Recommended".

Don Houston likes women of all races, just so long as they have a round booty so he liked Bubble Bursting
: Diana DeVoe is a curvy black performer that has started directing for The Candy Shop/Red Light District of late. Her latest movie is Bubble Bursting Butts, a tribute to well rounded ass on various women, the emphasis on black gals this time. The men were a few of the usual culprits but it was a decent little venture and if you like watching ripe ass in action (not always anal though), you'll probably enjoy this one more than a little. Bubble Bursting Butts was a fun ride worth a rating of Recommended thanks to the quality of the ladies, the action, replay, and stroke value as well as the extras. It had some rough edges but Bubble Bursting Butts had the right kind of curves as advertised and if it becomes a series, Diana can probably improve it rather easily compared to some of her earlier efforts. If you like phat booty, you'll want to watch this one as it had some fine performances so check it out.

Alt Porn aficionados will appreciate Cum On My Tattoo 2 more than most we are told but The Mooninite claimed: Those wacky Burning Angel kids are at it again. At what? At coming on their tattoos!
And this second volume proves to be considerably better than the first one not so much because of the cast or the sex (which were fine on Vol.
1) but because of the cinematography, which is much improved this time around. There's no plot as such to discuss, just hot girls getting porked by dudes set to some cool background music. After the lovely Ms.
Angel introduces the movie, it's on with the action. Have at it, horndogs! Tattoo festishists and alt-porn enthusiasts will eat this one up but the girls are pretty enough even without the decorations that this one should easily appeal to the horny unwashed masses out there. Cum On My Tattoo 2 looks and sounds quite good and features a few keen supplements as well. Consider this one recommended.

: a vignette driven set of eight scenes of pure fluff with what the fans requested. The cover put it like this: "For quite some time, the adult world has been operating under two major misconceptions regarding Jim Holliday movies. One is that he only shoots girl-girl scenes, and the other is that he only hires cute blondes. So the title Blonde Brigade is a pure goof from the git-go. The vast majority of the female cast is comprised of sleek sexy brunettes and, as always, there is plenty of pecker to probe those perfect pink pussies and "puckers".
But Jill and Jim listen to Fan Feedback, and this is their first show incorporating much of what you viewers want to see - like toe sucking and foot worship. Jim and Jill definitely put fetish into the feature!" Blonde Brigade by Jim Holliday for VCA Pictures was a lot of fun to watch and it provided lots of strokability, replay value, and a hot cast of cuties in this fifth volume of the J&J Show.
Like much of his vignette work, there was trivia of the twisted and irreverent kind in between the scenes but also the kinds of kinky action fans requested. It was made at the same time as Paradise Hole and Women In Control; with Jim and Jill hosting the show that was light on expensive sets and tricks and high on cast value (spending the money on the cast rather then the frills). As such, I thought Blonde
was worth a rating of Recommended for anyone into lesbian scenes, lots of action, and understands the goof of the title since most of the cast sported dark hair.

18 & Easy 4:
Director Will Rider has certainly been making a name for himself. As the director for the Beaver Hunt and Barely Legal Innocence series he is no stranger to the teen genre. By providing some of the hottest young girls in the business, solid technical quality, and all the extras (don't forget the bonus disc!) you could hope for, Hustler has given you a DVD that is more than worth the purchase price. Highly Recommended.; Teenage Peach Fuzz
: I was a big fan of the first installment of the series and Teenage Peach Fuzz #2 picks up where it left off. Featuring some of the industry's sexiest young vixens, you have a DVD that will easily hold up to repeated viewings. Furthermore when you take into consideration the plethora is extras, picking up this DVD becomes a no-brainer, and Breakin Em In
: Considering that this is already the ninth installment in the Breakin' Em In series, you know that they're doing something right.
Starring some incredibly hot girls (Carmen and Amy) this DVD is chock full in intense, enjoyable, and passionate sex. When you factor in all the great extras you get, picking up this DVD becomes a no-brainer.

We also found something a bit on the wild side to enjoy as a guilty pleasure with Strap Attack
: the latest volume in the popular Strap
Attack Series
. The idea is not a lesbian flick as you might imagine but women putting strap on dildos to fuck male partners of sometimes questionable sexual orientation. With a bevy of beauties ready to bone boys, the movie proved to be a good entry for the series, with a lot of energy and chemistry shown as a result. Strap Attack 5 had a lot of fuck for the buck (maybe too much in fact), strokability if you like the ladies displayed as much as I do, and replay value for the kink crowd. I liked the idea of the Big Tit version of the series although more extensive use of the breasts would've elevated the rating for me to something higher then Recommended. If you're really into this kind of admittedly circus act sex, Strap Attack 5 will be worth even more to you then that but like the rest of the Strap
Attack Series
, your personal tastes may vary.

Sometimes we get a second take on a movie since tastes vary so much, which was the case when reviewer The Mooninite, gave a second opinion on Game: Ethan Kane's latest (at least at the time of this writing) looks to have been inspired by some of the Ninn Worx titles of the last few years, at least in terms of cinematography and art direction. This isn't a bad thing at all as Kane manages to put his own spin on things and it works well but the influence from the set design to the fetishy wardrobe to the overall look and feel of the film is undeniable. Regardless, he's crafted a slick looking and sexy little fuck film here that makes excellent use of its cast of attractive women and which contains some genuinely sizzling sex. Our first look at the title was not nearly as flattering months ago (Game Review 1) but judge for yourselves as we recognize everyone is a majority of one in porn appreciation.

Fans of the young fucking the old will love Who's Your Daddy
: a title where the women pretend to be extra young and the men appear to be more like sugar daddies then actual male relations of the cast. This is set forth at the beginning of most scenes and all over the BTS feature for the squeamish, hopefully not killing the excitement for any of you. The back cover put it like this: "Being a slut pays the rent! Besides, who wants an old sugar daddy anyways, we want rock-hard daddy's who fuck like super studs! Save the expensive gifts and shopping sprees--we want thick veiny cocks and a promise you won't stop and we're all yours. But make sure you fill our tight, young pussies with your big daddy dick! We've spent 18 long years under our real daddy's roof and we're ready to explode. Don't you wanna play daddy with us?" If all this sounds interesting to you, it was a good show with some fine ladies to enjoy watching. Who's Your Daddy 9 had a very appealing cast of ladies, solid technical values, fine technical values, decent strokability, and the kind of replay value that most directors work a lifetime to try and achieve so I rated it as Highly Recommended for the type of gonzo it tried to be. Taken as such, Who's Your Daddy 9 was a worthwhile stroke flick that will appeal to raincoaters and fans of youthful ladies getting it on with older men. Sometimes a movie just clicks with a reviewer and this one did just that; proving to be better as a whole then the sum of its parts, albeit a very fine set of parts with some great scenes. Good job!

Asian loving reviewer Rob Randell only found one title worthy of his squeal of approval with Asian Sex
: I hope it is not a surprise that this DVD is about Asian girls who act submissive and pray to some higher power for a cock for the Asian pussies. Each scene opens with the girls in mumbling something in a language that sounds made up with subtitles explaining what they are trying to say. Then a guy magically appears and they have a wild sex scene. The setup is pretty dull in my opinion, but the sex is still exciting. Overall I was happy with this DVD. I didn't care for the introductions. It gave the scenes a weird vibe I didn't care for. But I guess if you like the idea of submissive Asian girls who are dying to be fucked then it should fit you. The scenes I enjoyed the most were with Mika Tan, Tia Tanaka and Annie Cruz. Hot hot hot!

Reviewer Don
has a lengthy and sometimes disagreeable history with director David
but both of them were spotted looking like best of friends earlier this year at the 2006 AEE Show so it is clear that they respect one another (most of the time). The latest release by the director is Strangers When We Meet, a movie that Don suggested was: a movie about relationships much like some of Brad Armstrong's works, relying on an intimate knowledge of human dynamics to tell the story. It is made for those not into circus act sex or a lot of mechanical boning, and it's important to keep this in mind when deciding if it might work for you. As a fan of leading performers Sativa Rose and Randy Spears, it was an easy choice for me but your personal mileage may vary. Strangers When We Meet was not one of the titles that will likely win scores of accolades, awards, and cheering crowds but served to illustrate that not all feature porn has to be hugely budgeted to be entertaining and sexy at the same time. Fans of Sativa Rose will undoubtedly appreciate how skilled she was here sexually and with regard to her acting ability as well, perhaps serving as an introductory flick to see more of her in such roles. In short, while I can't say that Strangers When We Meet was David's best work, it was a nice little effort worth a rating of Recommended for the technical values, the ladies used, and the sexual encounters presented.

Reviewer Godzillas
enjoyed How Far Will You
: A bunch of friends are together just lounging around and chatting it up. Eventually they decide to start telling stories of some of their first sexual experiences with one another. Eventually the party breaks up and they decide to go have some fun of their own instead of just sitting around and talking about it. You have some of the hottest girls in the business, brought to us by Vivid Entertainment. The concept that is supposed to string together scene after scene is pretty primitive. If you're watching Vivid though for the stars, you could care less about the story though I'm sure. What really matters is how nice the scenes are and if they're hot and keep you coming back for more! The stars all give ace performances, the girls are smokin', the scenes are hot and steamy, and it's something you can watch again and again... and again. There's obviously nothing too impressive with the special features but the five scenes that are bonus to the feature are enough to make me happy! Of course the story is sloppy and it's almost nonexistent, but do you even really care? You want nice scenes with the stars that are hot and turn you on and make you want to see them over and over, well this feature is delivers. Replay value is up there, and if a porno doesn't tickle your fancy you know it wasn't anything special.

We close this week out with a look at Big Mouthfuls 11, a movie that won over a skeptical Don fairly quickly: Preston Parker is best known as the pervert director at Bang Bros who is responsible for much of their content (allegedly under at least two aliases). While his equipment and technical skills are usually low end compared to the so-called big boys of porn headquartered in Chatsworth, his niche is not as dependent on the production values of the scenes he directs since much of his content is made initially for the company website. His latest release didn't look to be anything special to me, a little title called Big Mouthfuls 11, but as I watched the scenes I was pleasantly surprised at the action in most cases. The theme was on swallowing and each of the ladies did just that but a whole lot more too. Big Mouthfuls 11 was surprisingly refreshing and other than weak production values, a relative lack of extras, and a couple of scenes that didn't measure up by comparison, it was a lot of fun to enjoy, warranting a rating of Recommended on my usual scale. The ladies all swallowed at the end of the scenes, the strokability and replay value were often very high, and the ladies were worth multiple loads launched so I can safely say that Big Mouthfuls 11 was a winner in my book. With a bit of polishing up, I suspect that it could be even better so check this one out as it earned my respect in terms of the raw energy provided.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at theblueroom@dvdtalk.com.

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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