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Aphrodisiac Giveaway, Fashionistas – Safado and House Sitter


Blue Room Giveaway: Aphrodisiac

This week we have a very special giveaway from Hustler Video and AdultDVDEmpire.com for Aphrodisiac Hustler's biggest budgeted film of the year. We've got 5 copies of the Aphrodisiac DVD to giveaway as well as some the actual clothing worn in the movie including: Memphis Monroe's Black Costume, Daisy's Red Outfit, Missy Monroe's Silver 2 Piece and Jasmine Byrne's Silver 2 Piece. Enter now for your chance to win.

Spotlight Title:


John Stagliano has long been on the bleeding edge of porn as an artist, a provocateur, and an innovator which is largely why his company, Evil Angel, has succeeded so wildly beyond his original expectations. Several years ago, he set out to make an ambitious feature based on fetish themes that became one of the most awarded porn releases of all time, a small caper known as Fashionistas. The multidisc set boasted lots of extras, a great length, and proved to the world that John wasn't strictly limited to shooting gonzo porn; earning the awe of many who saw it as a truly Alt-Porn release. For raw passion and sensuality, there are still very few titles to match it, even if my sole viewing long ago left me with the feeling that the movie was more for acquired tastes. Well, at long last John decided to invest the time and resources into a sequel, Fashionistas:
, using many of the same characters reprising their roles and adding the spice of a new sexual dynamic in the form of a competitor to the Jesse and Antonio (Rocco Siffredi and Belladonna) kink fashion designing company. I won't ruin the convoluted plot for you since it became immediately apparent that splitting the movie into two parts weakened this initial section of the movie (part two will come out in January). Sexually, it was not your typical porno either and most raincoaters will want to go right to the final scene of the first disc or skip it altogether for the orgy sequence on disc two with an emphasis on tease and style over hardcore sex and substance as in most porn. The cast was stellar, the technical matters fair, and the action the kind that you will literally either love or hate with little middle ground to speak of. Still, with over four hours of tease, fetish, and hardcore sex the way only ass master Stagliano himself can provide, look for this to be a heavy favorite in the coming awards season for offering something unique and different rather than stick to the same old bouncing you can find all over the place.

Sneak Peeks: Jack's Teen America 16 & Home Wreckers 2

Due out in a few weeks, Jack's Teen America 16 has Robby D. playing "Jack", a guy coaxing women to have sex with his friends by shooting footage of them for a beauty contest.
The gals try to influence the decision by using their genetic gifts, often giving career highlight performances as a result. By and large, the series has been one of the best in porn for keeping matters light and the sex hot, never going too far into circus act sex nor straying into the solo scenes of the Playground series. The object is always to offer up great gals doing hot things with lots of tease and the selection of skilled hotties was enough to give director Robby D. lots of latitude in regards to making it another hit for me. Katja, Tiffany, Riley, Texas, and Alicia all seemed to provide a different dynamic that is sure to elevate the levels of stroke and replay value for most of you and as such, was worth a rating of Highly Recommended for me. In short, the technical values, the design of the show, the ladies, and the amount of fuck for the buck made Jack's Teen America 16 a fuck fest worthy of your hard earned dollars even if I would have liked better extras, longer scenes, and perhaps even another scene or two to increase the value quotient. Fans of the series will be happy to note that this volume was also one of the weekly top reviews, for the quality of the coochy as much as the quality of the DVD.

Home Wreckers 2 had director Zak Wylde picking up where Johnny Boston left off in Home Wreckers 1, again dispensing with any plot, acting, or attempts to make the title seem related to the concept of the action. If you're looking for gals new to porn, the batch here seemed to offer up a nice selection, although the ladies were not all that actively fucking here; living up to a newcomer theme more than a little bit in the process. The five scenes included had one with anal and the others set straightforward in terms of the pairings, so you'll probably enjoy it if your fetish is related to new gals. Home Wreckers 2 was one of those movies that will appeal primarily to fans that want to see fresh meat worked over by a variety of men. The technical values were pretty good and while the extras were limited, the ladies almost all showed a lot of potential considering the theme of the show.
In many ways, it looked very much like a slightly more polished up version of Home Wreckers 1 and I got the impression that either he and Zak are the same guy or he at least assisted on the production (his name came up at least once in the BTS). In short then, Home Wreckers 2 was worthy of a rating of Recommended for those of you into passive gals that looked quite fuckable with the quality levels I've come to expect from the company.

Highlights of The Week

Reviewer Don
sees a lot of porn but even his jaded eyes found House Sitter to be something special, telling us:
Brad Armstrong is currently the guy responsible for making most of the big budget extravaganzas over at feature porn production house Wicked
. The company is the leader in such titles at this time though they have been making some quality smaller budget releases too.
One of these to be released of late is a thriller starring the lovely Jessica Drake called House
, a movie about a gal hired to watch a rich man's house that has to deal with a stalker. While it might not have been as fun and entertaining to watch as Manhunters, it was a lot better than most porn as a movie as well as a stroke flick. In all, it was a sweet little movie that proves you don't need a huge budget to provide entertainment on multiple levels, notable for some of the most consistently solid sex scenes I've seen from the company in months. House Sitter may not win a lot of awards or gather a lot of critical acclaim but it was certainly above average as a feature and for the stroke value offered, thanks in large part to an excellent cast like Jessica Drake and Randy Spears as well as the tightly written plot that allowed them to display their acting chops to full advantage. The fuck for the buck, stroke and replay value, casting, and quality of the sex scenes made this one well worth a rating of Highly Recommended as a feature, proving Brad's skill is not reliant on budget alone. In short, House
was another step forward in the evolution of Wicked
for the niche they seek to dominate, offering more than just sex to a market overwhelmed with the gonzo productions that are so easy to churn out assembly line style. A solid effort all around!

Esteemed reviewer Ravyn discovered a fun reality show called The Search for Adam & Eve, suggesting: Your attention is immediately introduced to the very alluring Carmen Luvana whose beauty and body grab you by your libido directs you right into the show. The Casting Call blends sex and humor rarely seen outside the pool party. The colorful contestants transform a simple green room with a variety of talented hopefuls who try to out do the rest in hopes of winning the contract with Adam and Eve. With the casting calls shot in New York , Las Vegas, Miami and Jamaica what more could anyone ask for? I will be very honest here, I am not nor have I ever been anyone to sit and watch any forms of reality shows because I seriously found them to be a waste of time. This is most certainly not the point here. I enjoyed watching the zany cast of characters and even rooted for my own favorites as I watched If indeed all reality shows were like this one I would sit and tape every episode!
In saying that and not giving away too much of the 2 disc show, I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone that enjoys all forms of reality shows or even just getting into watching them.

Reviewer Don
then took a walk on the wild side with a look at Mercenary Pictures release of Nasty Universe
: Jimmy
has been something of a behind the scenes guy working in gonzo porn for a long time, assisting such notables as Erik Everhard, Vince Vouyer, and others in making some of the best gonzo titles available. Well, thanks to his dedication and skill, the nice folks at Mercenary
hired him as a full fledged director in between his other gigs. The circle now complete, he showed that he was no longer a learner but a master himself, providing us with Nasty Universe 2. The action relied heavily on Erik as male talent but the ladies were the focal points with some of the best work I've seen at the company to date. The levels of fuck for the buck, strokability, replay, and value were all enough for me to give the movie a rating of Highly Recommended. I hope to see Jimmy continue to make progress while still assisting his friends with their projects in the future but he has proven his capable skills yet again; this time with his name on the top spot.

Some of our team like great asses more than anything else, including reviewer Don
who enjoyed Big Booty Revenge
: Justin Slayer is currently the only black director at Evil Angel and adds something hard to define to the package the company offers for distribution. When he's hot, he's really hot and the odds being what they are; I still like chancing it. His latest title is dedicated to his pal Nat Turnher, called Big Booty Revenge 2; a collection of ripe round asses in action that proved to be better than average as to how they worked them hard here. ended on a wet note (Lorena's little show) but it had several scenes well worth stroking to repeatedly and a cast of hot women that almost defied gravity in terms of their booty bouncing so I rated it as Recommended. The technical vales were pretty reasonable here and aside from some lame music starting some of the scenes, I can admit that I found Big Booty Revenge 2 the kind of title that I expected out of the director. One look at the front cover will show you what I mean when I say the ladies were in fine form but even those of you that prefer boyish bodies will find enough active fucking here to make it worth your time, money, and seed.

One of the more stylish offerings this week was Chanel No. 1: Laurent Sky is currently one of the more stylish directors in porn, sometimes going very overboard with his work at Club Jenna.
Still, having access to some of the most attractive ladies in porn must mess with his head and the ramblings of a critic aside, at least the guy tries to provide something different from the masses of gonzo directors out there. His latest release is a showcase for Chanel St.
called Chanel No.
, billed on the front cover as Gonzo Sex in a Feature Film [with] No Condoms. Okay, it wasn't a feature (no plot or story), the sex was not gonzo (it was vignette sex that never recognized the cameraman), but there were no condoms and it was well made in most ways, regardless of semantic issues. In short, Chanel No.
had some solid replay value, strokability, and technical values that were not my type but still very much like one would expect from the company. For her fans, I'd rate this one as Recommended though others might want to rent it first to make sure it is their type of show. Thankfully, I have it on very good authority that most Vivid and CJ titles will be adding more extras and greater length to the movies themselves in the not too distant future, a factor that will allow me to remove some of my qualifiers for their work.

Reviewer Rob
, our Asian conasseur, also liked Slant Eyed Sluts
: is Platinum X Pictures latest installment in their Asian only series. In this volume, five somewhat cute Asian girls take off their and have lots of sex. The action is pretty clean and straightforward, but it is enjoyable. Fans of asian chicks should dig all that this DVD has to offer. Slant Eyed Sluts 3 offers viewers a decent lineup of Asian babes who look good in action. The scenes with Keeani Lee, Lana Croft, Keymore Cash and Tia Tanaka are what make this DVD worth looking into too. Fans of the genre should appreciate all it has to offer. The bonus scene with Lana is also worth noting. She's a fox!

Reviewer Don
liked Paradise Hole:
Director's Long Cut
: as much for the sex as it was one of his first VCA releases with a full audio commentary where Jim could sort of connect with his fans, including me (however vicariously). The plot of the story was a spoof on the televangelists that populate TV (the ones that act all stupid trying to sucker lots of people into sending money to buy their way into Heaven). It was light and fluffy as always but still served to make some pointed comments with Even Stone playing his role all too perfectly. If you like Jim's movies or want to see a cute take on the religious shysters (not religion) that are all too common, you're going to like this one a whole lot. Paradise Hole:
Director's Long Cut
was a movie jam packed with fun, frolic, and a horde of hotties placed in positions where they were used to full effect. The technical values were as solid as ever and while the extras might've been used more than once (the BTS), the commentary alone gave me a lot of enjoyment. I decided to rate this one as Recommended since Paradise Hole:
Director's Long Cut
will appeal more to fans of Jim's then the general masses but while the sex often left me wanting more from the ladies, it had some serious stroke, replay, and fuck for the buck value that most anyone should appreciate.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot found two teen titan titles worth tossing cash at with Barely Legal Innocence 6: Director Will Rider does it again with Barely Legal Innocence #7, the latest in an already great line of DVDs. Keeping the tradition alive, this title features some of the hottest young girls you'll ever see (especially scene 4), enjoyable sex, and solid technical quality. Whether you collect the series or are just looking for a new teen DVD, I highly recommend going out and picking this one up, and Wasted Youth:
If I had to pick one word to describe this title it would be "enjoyable". While it might not win any awards Wasted Youth has a great-looking cast, passionate sex, and solid technical quality. I might not want to pay full price for it, but if you can find a deal I would pick it up without hesitation. Good job Red Light.

The cover looks disturbing but the movie was hot with Dementia 4: Jim Powers has made all kinds of porn in recent years, shooting for a number of companies but often providing his best work for companies like Sin City. His latest release for them is Dementia
, the thematic sequel to Dementia 3 and Dementia 2 that I reviewed previously. The idea of the series is to showcase women in a sort of feature atmosphere that is light on plot but heavy on sex, appealing to folks that like fetish attire and domination themes to be explored during the movie. As expected, there were some bright moments and some that weren't quite as well handled by the majority of time; I found the cast to be quite strokable and so will most others. If you're looking for something that scratches the edges of acceptability for mainstream porn but also goes slightly too far by feature standards, Dementia 4 will likely get a rise out of you more than a few times, warranting it's value as a keeper. The ladies were a nice selection of hotties that are well known in porn these days with a solid combination of physical attractiveness and sexual skill, combining more often than not in such a way that you'll be happy in your raincoat picking up.

Talented new reviewer Godzillas
said Teen Tryouts Audition 49: is made to make you believe these girls are all trying out for the first time. I'm sure some are fresh meat for the industry but others I can tell you right off the bat are experienced, such as Penny Flame. Most adult titles are nothing but ploys like this, so it's nothing really new now is it? Of course not. The bottom line is if the scenes are good and there's enough quality as well as quantity to go around. In short, if it's worth your money or not. There's five scenes on this DVD with five very nice girls that have their own ranges between being cute and indredibly sexy. There's no role playing and there's no story between scenes. It's just down the basics, and it's all been recorded in high definition, so your picture looks as nice as possible for these cum craving cuties that love fucking with no condoms. The girls are all very nice looking and can all perform very well. There's not enough that's 'above and beyond' the expectations of porn scenes for me to give this a higher rating, especially since there's also not much to look at in the way of extras as well. If you're looking for some young girls on a DVD that has no anal sex, no condoms, and no messing around, then this DVD is for you.

We also liked another blast of ass from the past with Women In
: Jim Holliday used to play argue with then leading performer in his life, Jill Kelly, as part of a routine known as the Jim & Jill Show. The verbal sparring was cute and it allowed the couple to introduce various vignettes as well as add some silly anecdotes and trivia. The sixth installment (I wish they were all numbered to make them easier to track) of the show was made at the same time as Paradise Hole, called Women In Control; a sort of tribute to Edmund Fitzgerald Day (Veteran's Day). See how well I planned out this little retro-reviewing spree?!?
Seriously though, the main theme was how women were always in control in Jim's movies, a point that a lot of people realized but few commented about in reviews. Women In Control was worth a rating of Recommended for fans of the infamous director's works as it provided a number of heated vignettes thanks in large part to ladies like Tiffany Mynx, Jessica Drake, and Jill Kelly, but also several other talented hotties. The technical values were solid, the extras minimal, and the level of replay and stroke value surprisingly solid as Women In Control offered up some nice quantities of fuck for the buck.
While it might not have been Jim's biggest hit and best value, it's available so cheaply that it's a shame more people haven't picked up a copy of their own (relying on saps like me that lend them out).

Reviewer Rob
liked a couple of Asian themed titles with Me Luv U Long Time
: is Red Light District Video's nineth installment in their Asian porno line. This series features several fresh new faces to porn, who bare all and have a good time doing it. Fans of the series will definitely want to pick this one up. The scenes with Molly Henderson and Evelyn Lin are very exciting. The others are good, but not great. They offer some enjoyable moments with fairly attractive Asian babes in the sack; and Asians 3: is Anabolic's very "romantic" series that highlights beautiful Asian babes in the adult industry. When I talk about romantic, I mean the Anabolic ambiance of having girls have sex on a couch in the middle of nowhere in the outskirts of Los Angeles. Talk about every girls dream! Anyways, this installment features another six girls who are prepared to have sex in a rough manner that most wouldn't ever dream of.

Interracial lovers are bound to enjoy Silverback Attack
: Lexington
started up Mercenary
as a means to gain more control over his work and reap the financial benefits as a result. There are many male performer turned directors in the industry these days but Lex has shown that when he gets it right, he really gets it right. He doesn't direct as many movies these days as he used to, handling business affairs and performing in his company's movies taking up most of his free time but his strengths and weaknesses were clearly on display with his latest effort, a title called Silverback Attack 2. That said, the movie started and ended strongly, with three really well done scenes of interracial action. Silverback Attack 2 proved to be worthy of a rating of Recommended thanks to the levels of fuck for the buck, stroke and replay value, and the fine scenes by Gianna, Rikki, and Velicity. The technical matters were a bit dicey at times but Lex has certainly come a long way in regards to wielding a camera and getting the footage edited properly, the weaker scenes a result of the lack of chemistry and energy on the lady's part from all appearances. In short, Silverback Attack 2 had plenty of fuck for the buck, tease, and all the other elements needed to set it apart from much of Lex's early works, with only a bit more polishing up needed.

We end the highlights with reviewer Rob Randell and his appreciation for Avena Lee vs Lucy
: a compilation release with 4 sex scenes from both girls. The first 4 scenes are with the lovely Avena Lee and the last four scenes are with sultry Lucy Lee. The scenes mostly come from the Tight and Asian series, but they include a few other videos. All of the scenes were made in 2004 or earlier. I thought that this DVD had some pretty enjoyable scenes. I like both Avena Lee and Lucy Lee, so getting to see them in one scene after the other was not bad. They both have good bodies and perform in ways that keep you excited! This is a great DVD for fans of the 2 girls. Although I have to admit the scenes with Avena were a lot better. This is not to say Lucy didn't perform worse, it is just the scenes selected didn't present her in the best light.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at editor@xcritic.com.

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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