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Corruption, Virtual Sex with Jana Cova and Aphrodisiac


Spotlight Title: Corruption

Reviewer Don
found one of the rarest commodities in porn with Corruption:
"a feature porno designed to show the rise and fall of a demagogue
seeking to move into higher political office reminiscent of many
mainstream offerings of the past. Before I go too far into the review,
it should be noted that the acting was greatly superior to any of the
other movies I've watched this year (and you can go see for yourself how
many titles I've reviewed, let alone watched). Starring Bryn Pryor as
Senator David Walker Helms and Hillary Scott
as Nastasha, his mistress and concubine; the movie was a detailed look
at the ins and outs (and more ins and outs) of the shady world of
politics. Aside from some great acting by the other performers, these
two MADE the movie in terms of the plot, Hillary making
significant contributions in the sexual areas of the movie as well. If
you were hoping for a lot of fast forward fodder between the sex scenes,
you'll be disappointed because the movie served to merge the feature and
sex elements so completely that you'll miss out if you don't watch the
whole thing as a whole rather than the sum of its parts. Conversely, if
you were just looking for a feature full of couples sex, you've come to
the wrong place as this one had stuff in it that you simply won't find
from ANY of the gonzo companies, pushing the limits of porn back to
where they were thirty years ago.

Corruption was
final proof of my belief that director Eli Cross
could make great porn that managed to be controversial, cutting (some
would say bleeding) edge, and combine both feature and hardcore elements
in such a way that Sex Z Pictures
can now say that they have a title worthy of their stated goals. If
you'd rather have fluffy feature porn with wooden acting, ditzy girls,
and a script you could fit on the back of a matchbook cover, you'll see
lots of that up for awards too but Corruption
is the kind of movie you can get into as a MOVIE as well as a stroke
flick of undeniable appeal. If it doesn't win scores of awards from AVN,
FOXE, XRCO, X-Biz, and other industry sources, you can bet that it
wasn't due to the quality of the sex, acting, direction, and writing
that went into the movie. I like all kinds of porn and as a thriller,
the bar has been raised well above the norm here, marking Corruption
as clearly superior to anything on the market for the market it shoots
for. As such, I couldn't rate it as anything less than a X Critic
Collector Series
, thanks in large part to hotty Hillary
onscreen performance combined with Eli's role on both sides
of the camera."

Sneak Peeks: Jack's POV 4 & Cum A

We got in early copies of two tantalizing tails to talk about this week
with: Jack's POV 4:
"another good effort by director Robby D. that
wisely showcased the lovely Jesse
and other attractive women in heated scenes of sexual
depravity. The length of the movie was decent; the ladies all worth
jerking off to, and the technical values of the camera work exceeded
many of the similar products on the market at this time. When this one
comes out next month, I expect a lot of fans will be picking up a copy
as Jack's POV
had everything you could want in a point of view movie except
for the kind of extras most companies are including these days. In all
then, fans of Jesse might elevate my rating a notch or two but in terms
of overall strokability and fuck for the buck value, I'd say it was
worth a rating of Recommended.

Not to be outdone, Combat
came up with Cum A Holics,
a title: "by director Melissa Lauren
that provided lots of suck and fuck for the buck with a cast of hotties
ranging from the sublime to superior, using high end technical values to
display the action nicely. As such, Cum A
warranted a rating of Recommended but could have
taken the next step with another scene and some better extras. Either
way, Melissa has shown that she's not just a hot piece of meat for us to
enjoy watching given how skillfully she got the cast to work with a
sense of chemistry and energy. It was a good title with all the
advertised action and if this is a sign of things to come, I think
Melissa is going to make a lot of fans very happy (if depleted)."

Highlights of The

has long been recognized as having some of the most
beautiful ladies in the filed as contract stars but even our grizzled
and jaded reviewers like Don find
themselves in awe of the company's fairest of fair frauleins with Jana
. Fans will be pleased to know that director Joone gave her the
classic spotlight treatment in Virtual Sex With
Jana Cova
: "had enough of lovely young Jana
in heated action to warrant a rating of Highly
for fans and at least a close examination of those
wanting to check out (no pun intended) the genre and her sexual skills.
There were numerous clips of her in action and while I readily admit
that her appeal to me is part of the reason the title is rated so high,
I think there is little doubt that Virtual Sex With
Jana Cova
has everything a fan could want; a hot lady with the
kind of looks rarely found in real life, lots of action, and technical
values as only Joone could provide. There's a reason why Digital
Playground's Virtual
series has been so successful and this volume has the added
benefit of contract hotty Jana Cova scorching up the screen with her
intensely provocative performance. Whew!"

Lovely reviewer Ravyn believed Vivid
had another winner with Fade To Black
: "Billed on the cover as ‘The Follow Up To The AVN Best Film Of
The Year' one has to sit down and enjoy this movie for what it truly
is.. one hell of a wild ride with all the twist and turns you would find
in an amusement park. The emotions brought to live on the screen by the
ladies are in truth what any woman would feel being betrayed as Austin
Kincaid did when she saw her husband getting a blow job from another
woman. Women can be very fickle when it comes to sex. The trust level
with the characters which were portrayed showed us that men to a certain
extent have no qualms to being unfaithful though the women are more
secretive about it. Paul did just that in play on the insecurities of
these four couples bringing to the screen the raw passion he wanted to
film. On a scale of 1-10, there is no doubt in my mind that this is
again another winner for Vivid come January. Definitely a movie to have
in your collection."

One of the big budget comedies from Hustler this year was Aphrodisiac: "Jerome Tanner
is best known as the talented director behind Legend Pictures, making
lots of smaller budget titles at the company until working for Hustler Video
recently. His latest work is actually one of the company's biggest
offerings of the year, designed with awards in mind, as written by the
infamous Wit Maverick, called Aphrodisiac.
The story follows the quest by an adventurer known as Dakota Smith (Evan
Stone) as he leads some treasure hunters (Frank Bukkwyd and Lee Stone)
to a famed sexual artifact known as the titular device. As they draw
near to the end of the dangerous mission in the desert, they find that
what they are searching for is actually a person in the form of the
lovely Hustler contract gal Memphis Monroe (playing the goddess
Aphrodite). The homage to mainstream adventure flicks like the Indiana
Jones trilogy and more mundane greed aspects of The Treasure of
Sierra Madre
with appropriate amounts of cheese tossed in as one
would expect from a campy porn adventure feature. The sex was better
than average for the company and the set of extras managed to give me
pause so while it might not be as interesting as the Britney Rears
movies to me, it was a lot of light hearted fun with just enough comedic
flair added in by Evan and Frank (two of the hammiest actors this side
of the Mason Dixon Line) to keep the audience from taking it too
seriously. The ladies looked good and the story was fun with plenty of
groaners tossed in as with most porn adventure comedies. The extras were
solid on the second disc and the levels of fuck for the buck, replay,
and strokability made Aphrodisiac
well worth a rating of Recommended."

Reviewer The
, always up for some alt-porn fun, enjoyed the VCA
release of Joanna Angel's
Guide 2 Humping
, stating: "The premise behind this one is that
Joanna Angel is hosting a few seminars where she'll teach her students
the ins and outs of sex. Whoever gets the best mark at the end of the
class gets the chance to try out their technique on her. Most of the
Burning Angel regulars are here like Kylee Kross, James Deen and the
always funny Tommy Pistol and there are a few lesser seen performers
here as well like Hayley Paige (who we should see more of) and Chapel
Waste (again, more please!). In between sex scenes we see the students
and their teacher in the classroom and we get to sit in on Joanna's
lessons, all of which prove to be pretty funny. This is one of those
rare porno movies that really does do a great job of mixing up the sex
scenes with the non-sex scenes, which just adds a lot more to the entire
production. In short, it's really hot, and it's a whole lot of fun."

As part of his ongoing look at classic Jim Holliday flicks, Don Houston came
across another blast from the past with Trash Talking
Co-eds: Director's Long Cut
: "Jim Holliday
developed a special relationship with starlet Jill Kelly by
the late 1990's; perhaps seeing in her the kind of creative spark he
rarely attributed to most of his Angels. This led to a series of titles
the two hosted (until she formed her ultimately doomed company) with
some interesting anecdotes provided by the two sparring verbally
("bickering" as he put it), the third of which was Trash Talking
Co-eds: Director's Long Cut
. It ended with him wishing her well
as her career branched off in a new direction, though she still made a
few more titles with him IIRC. I really liked this release when I first
saw it, appreciating the dynamic that Jim and Jill had with each other
more than a little bit, and I still found it stroke worthy enough
compared to modern porn. That Jim and Jill always seemed like a married
couple was amusing to me given the nagging that she gave him but it was
fun nonetheless. In short though, the amount of extras, the quality of
the ladies, and the amount of replay value & strokability made Trash Talking
Co-eds: Director's Long Cut
worth a rating of at least
Recommended, if not even higher, though I'll be the first to
admit that the added footage fleshed out Jill's ending sequence a lot.

Reviewer Colonel
found that youth and breasts make for happy times with Nice Rack 13:
"The Nice Rack line from Diabolic seems to have been around forever and
has been very successful line for those who love to see 100% naturally
large breasts flop all around the blue screen. This DVD features six of
these naturally gifted women showing off the things on their chests that
make men have trouble making direct eye contact. If Breasts are your
thing, than this DVD is for you. There are over three hours of titty
bouncing fun from Anabolic", and Teens Craving
: "If I were to pick a company to show me exactly what a Teen
Craving Cum looks like, Platinum X would be the company. This DVD
features five women who look extremely young sucking the balls dry from
a multitude of hard dicks. This DVD is full of mini-gang bangs with some
of the youngest women in the jizz bizz. I was not a fan of all of the
playing with the cum, but the sex was super hot in pure Platinum X gonzo
style. Courtney Simpson, Aubrey Addams and Savannah Stern all put
together solid scenes with the other two not far behind."

also directed the silly antics of Perfect Smiles:
Director's Long Cut
: "a story about a sexy beauty pageant where the
contestants tried to rig the results by having sex with the host (Evan
Stone playing Wink Eubanks) and judges. This wasn't his best work but it
was as much fun for a porno as I've watched and the sex was often harder
than many contemporary releases, including a lot of anal by gals not
known for doing it. Perfect Smiles:
Director's Long Cut
was another title I felt earned a rating of at
least Recommended thanks to the splendid casting, the warm
scenes, the fun factor, strokability levels, and replayability. I first
saw this one years ago and could still get off to it as I revisited the
classic title from the VCA vaults. In short, Perfect Smiles:
Director's Long Cut
did have some mighty fine smiling going on,
most of which was south of the waistline if you caught the double
entendre. If you're a fan of a particular gal instead of the cast as a
whole, you'll be upset that most of the ladies had to share the
spotlight too much but this was typical of a Jim Holliday release and
his legion of fans seemed to enjoy such matters as a change from the
other works released at the time."

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot likes
the women young and gifted so he provided us with a trio of teen titles
starting with Barely Legal
Corrupted 7
: "I've had the pleasure of viewing a number of titles in
the Barely Legal Corrupted series, and I've always been a big fan. This
title, like the others, delivers exactly what you want from an adult
DVD. Sexy young girls, wild sex, and solid technical quality - the only
knock I can find is the lack of redeeming extras", then Li'l White
: "The target audience of this DVD (interracial fans), are
sure to be pleased with this release. The action is intense, the girls
all hot, the technical quality is solid, and you get a buttload of
extras - what else could you ask for? If you've never seen an
interracial DVD, be sure you rent this one first though. Everyone else
will definitely want to add this to their collections", and finishing up
with Teens With Tits
: "One of the main things I consider when recommending a DVD is the
replay factor. What good is a DVD is you only want to watch it once? I'm
glad to say that this release - with six scenes and extras - provides
plenty of fuck for your buck. The girls are all attractive and know how
to screw on camera. If you like threesomes, huge tits, and just
passionate sex, I think you might want to consider buying this DVD."

Don appreciated Oral Supremacy
as: "a blowjob movie with some of the leading oralists of our time
giving various men the benefit of their skillful mannerisms. If you like
watching gals go at it and getting off by slobbing the knobs of guys,
this should be on your short list for titles to pick up. Oral Supremacy
proved to be another hit by director Tim Von Swine.
Amusingly enough, it almost went unnoticed by me since Empire didn't
carry it and the company blew off sending me a copy until this past week
but their marketing prowess (or lack thereof) aside Oral
had all the ingredients of a fine flick with plenty of
suck for the buck offered up by a series of talented gals. While some
were better than others, the ladies all showed more than a modicum of
skill, heat, and even chemistry while dealing with the mope squad
members presented as their meat puppet servants. I would have preferred
full on sex scenes with the cast but it was still a very good title
providing lots of replay value and strokability, making it worth a
rating of Recommended or maybe a step up if you're a big fan of
this kind of show."

New reviewer ChristinaLuvsPorn
found a couple to praise this week saying Backwoods of
: "has something that would satisfy most any porn fan. Hot
sex but not too hardcore for couples and ladies. It's got straight sex
and lesbian action. Plus some anal put in for good measure. With Memphis
Monroe being a Hustler contract girl I could see her going a good
distance in the industry. Quick note about my rating. I know the overall
might not add up with what I have for extras. My policy is that I don't
penalize porn movies for a lack extras", and Pin Up Honeys:
"This title from Hustler includes some of the most beautiful ladies in
porn showing off there bodies and there hardcore skills. Here is another
solid title from the people at Hustler. I guess this specific titles
comes from there Hardline department. You can tell that they are going
for more hardcore sex in this line and I think they are going in a good

As new producer Combat
tests a variety of new directors, Don found a decent offering
with Two Cocks in the
: "the emphasis here was clearly on providing a group of five
Brazilian gals that showed no limits with regard to taking two cocks in
their ass at the same time. If that's what you're looking for, you'll be
happy to know that all the ladies did the advertised act and some of
them did it with passion, with the extras section sporting some really
appealing solo footage. Two Cocks in the
might not be the peak of the latest Combat Zone
titles I've watched but it had a largely fresh cast that hasn't been in
every release of the last two months and the advertised action was
present in every scene. The extra footage might not have technically
qualified in my book as full bonus scenes but I will say that it added
some value for me, enough to combine with other factors and elevate the
rating to a Recommended if this is your type of thing. In short,
Two Cocks in the
provided a lot of fuck for the buck and with a bit more
work, this could make a splendid series for fans of extreme sexual

Rising star reviewer Godzillas
found a couple of Hustler compilations to enjoy with Private Collection
1: Asian Fever
: "A little too extreme for my tastes, but overall if
you want no nonsense, and you like asian girls, this compilation DVD
featuring scenes of other Hustler videos, is just for you. It's a bit of
a nice mix. It's tender and gentle at times with some decent music
playing the background, and at other times it gets rougher and 'extreme'
with the double penetrations. Even during the scenes of double
penetrations though, these girls don't seem to be disrespected. They're
treated well and aren't abused. Kudos for that. You can have freaky sex
while keeping the girls dignity!', and Private Collection
2: Young Sluts, Inc.
: "This compilation has nothing weak about it.
All the girls are great and look like they're having the time of their
lives, and looking like they're genuinely there to put on their 'o'
face. These are all well recognized hot girls that got a reputation for
themselves in the business, and this DVD puts them all together on one
place to show you why. I recommend this title. It could have been highly
recommended, but the extras are lame and the video could have been
cleaned up better at times."

Reviewer Don
enjoyed Who's Your
: "a MILF (mothers I'd like to fuck) flick from a company
best known for their attention on youthful ladies. Given the amount of
people that have learned older women can be superior in bed (to a point
of course), such titles have become more prevalent of late with this one
being a good example of what happens when a high end company elevates
the production values of what used to be a niche market. Who's Your
by director Mark Wood for Combat Zone
was one of the better MILF movies I've seen of late and had the added
appeal of some very attractive ladies. De'Bella De'Nyle was the star
draw in terms of the marketing gimmick but some of the others were
really hot (and barely qualified as MILFs from the looks of it). The
production values were solid, the ladies well worth a few looks, and the
action was as advertised so I thought Who's Your
earned a rating of Recommended or better
depending on your own personal tastes. I know a lot of people seem to
think 18 year olds are the best porn has to offer but considering that
women hit their sexual peak in their mid 30's, it would be foolish to
dismiss them sight unseen."

Reviewer Addison
appreciated older women too with Cheating Wives
Tales 3
: "A fine DVD for fans of horny, thirtyish women, Cheating Wives
Tales 3
features five lightly scripted scenarios leading to
heavy-duty sex. While there's nothing too kinky going on here (no anal
intercourse, for example), there is plenty of hot action with attractive
people who seem to be having a great time. Many of the actors are
European, so you've got to put up with some thick accents. While there's
nothing too unusual on view here, the women, especially the
outside-the-porn-norm Cynthia Pendragon, are mighty erection-inducing.
The writing and acting are a bit better than in other product of this
type, which adds to the turn-on. And the disc's extras are worth a look.
I wish, though, that the opening credits of the main feature weren't so
explicit. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to see women clothed at
first and to get to know them before I see them getting their brains
fucked out."

also found a couple of lengthy compilations focusing on
specific performers to be fun with I Love Dana &
: "Four hours worth of Dana and Jenna? How in the world could
you say no? Both of these girls are completely about whatever scene it
is they're filming. They both genuinely seem to be having a great time,
and without a doubt are making the men in their scenes extremely happy
with how well they can work it. There may not be a lot of extras here
but every scene on this DVD can't have much negative said about them.
There are some scenes not as good as the others for sure, but with every
scene having such great performances from each of these ladies, that's
not really a put down! I highly recommend for anybody to put this into
their adult DVD collection!" and Forever
: "This was a great DVD. If you're not familiar with Kirsten
Price, this disc is a nice compilation to make you get familiar with
her, real quick! I recommend this disc for any porn collection, and I
would highly recommend it for fans of Kirsten. As far as for the record
though, I'll go with recommended. The picture could have been a little
better, the audio wasn't outstanding, and the extras weren't very
impressive at all. In the end a very good DVD that could have been
great, but still gets a very solid rating overall!"

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Chris Thorne

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