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Flower Tucci, Very Very Bad Santa and Red Light District Video Round-Up


Spotlight Performer: Flower Tucci

Flower Tucci is one of those rare performers that excels at all she does in porn. Not content to simply "do" anal, she thrives on the act as she bounces her cheeks up and down to drive home the fact that she truly loves what she does for a living. Gifted with long, flowing hair, an all natural rack, and a curvy ass that even black gals envy, Flower practically defines the terms enthusiasm and passion in her scenes. Best known as a contract star for Seymore Butts where she made hits like Seymore Butts' War of the Girls and Seymore Butt's Flower Power, Flower has also been in the lead for the phenomenon referred to as squirting in shows like Super Squirt 2, Flower's Squirt Show 2, and Swallow My Squirt 2; but also lesbian tricks in Pussy Party 2 and Dirty Girlz 4, oral in titles like Suck It Dry and Iron Head 4, and interracial in shows like Interracial Hole Stretchers 2. Still, her truest passion comes out when she engages in balls to the wall anal as in movies like Ass Worship 7, Cheek Freaks, Anal POV Sluts, Service Animals 16, and End Game. Her body of work has led her to become one of the dominant forces in gonzo sex with producers putting her skills in great demand day after day in a turnabout from the typical practice of using a performer up and casting her aside. After her first 100 movies in porn, she's still going strong and showing the type of quality performance her fans love to watch so I doubt there's any chance she'll be slowing down in the future.

For some other titles starring Flower Tucci, check out these reviews too: Circus, Ultimate Asses 5, Anal Expedition 7, and Stuck in the Deep End.

Highlights of The Week

With the AVN Awards right around the corner, taking a look back sometimes makes sense to see where porn has come from in order to see where it may be headed. One of the biggest winners of years gone by was Dark Angels: Collector's Edition where director Nic Andrews showed off his talent for making a feature porno that was not only strokable but had a decent story as well. The sequel is up for numerous awards next month but the original still holds up nicely as a movie about a detective trying to save the woman he loves from a group of deadly vampires. The disc harkens back to a day when Digital Sin offered up some of the best DVD extras too in this lush production that took months to complete. Don will be looking at Dark Angels 2 soon and if his expectations come to fruition, it looks to be a very warm time of year indeed.

Porn versions of mainstream hits have long been a staple in the industry although I'll be the first to admit that they usually fall far short of their bigger budget counterparts. This week, our reviewers looked at two solid titles; Mission Possible from Private and Very Very Bad Santa from Metro. In Mission Possible, the movie combined the better parts of the recent Charlie's Angels releases and Tom Cruise's action flicks for Mission Impossible (both remakes from hit television series) along with Private's hardcore sex footage to make a very interesting movie in this two disc set full of extras. In Very Very Bad Santa, director Anton Slayer provides a humorous send-up to the Billy Bob Thornton holiday classic with Ron Jeremy and Brian Surewood in the lead roles.

In our ongoing appreciation for titles centered on body parts, we next offer a look at the wonderful world of breasts; a man's favorite toy year round. Large or small, real or fake, swaying or bouncing, men (and women) like breasts enough to drive many companies to offer "breast-centric movies for all to enjoy. With such diverse titles as Big and Bouncy, Bustful of Dollars, Boob Squad 7, The Boobs of Hazzard, and Naturally Stacked in the mix, there's something for all fans of the female chest. Your hardest decision will be whether or not to get them all or just select a few but either way, you'll have something to tide you over until Spring Break with these bountiful beauties on your television screen.

One of the hottest growing genres in porn today are reality television spin-offs with When Strangers Meet and Shane's World 37: Country Girls being two of the very best the week had to offer. When Strangers Meet was an attempt by director Paul Thomas to hook up couples that had never worked on camera before in order to shoot for the passion that sometimes comes from those new meetings as he forced them to tease one another without touching until they were worked up into a frenzy. Shane's World 37: Country Girls was more along the classic reality show style with the cast heading out to Montana to seduce their way through a rodeo by providing some lucky men a chance to be in a porno. When they found that the only thing to do in the desolate area was fuck like bunnies, they sucked it up and did so to stave off the boredom but they seemed to hit it off more than usual for the series so enjoy!

While big titties were in high fashion this week, the companies didn't forget to give the rest of you something to play with either. From the heated anal antics of Stuck in the Deep End, to the oral pleasures of 50 To 1, Oral Antics, and Throat Bangers 10, to the long legged gonzo of Lusty Legs 5, other body parts were in vogue as well. Depending on which feature you like most about a potential sex partner (ass, mouth, or legs), you won't be left out in the cold with these selections either.

Reviewer Ian Jane is known for his love of the female form almost as much as his discerning eye when it comes to high end productions so it came as no surprise that he liked Diamond Girl 2: Elegant, saying: "Michael Ninn certainly hasn't broken any new ground with this release, in fact he's completely stuck to the formula that he's so well known for. With that being said, there's no shortage of hot women in this feature, and all of the scenes are definitely above average in terms of production value and in terms of heat." The movie itself served as a nice showcase for hotty Kenzie Ryan but this was another case where the supporting ladies were no slouches in the looks department either.

Okay, some of you want to explore all new women and that was why we also took a look at Teen Cum Squad 4 and Dream Teens 4. While one of the best gals in porn these days, Taryn Thomas, was featured in both selections, she wasn't the only hotty worth checking out according to reviewer Namrufmot. If anything, it showed that both production companies, Red Light District and Sin City, were answering the call of those of you wanting fresh meat to play with. Feel free to compare how directors Manuel Ferrara and Hannah Harper fared against one another but there were no losers this time.

We end this week with a title focused on the desires some of you have expressed to see Asian ladies in action with Mr. Chews Asian Beaver. The market for such titles has long been established and reviewer Rob Randell, being our leading expert on such women, noted that: "The girls were all very attractive and the sex was enjoyable. While this DVD comes with a short runtime, it's worth it. There's enough excitement to keep you busy for a while." If you like Asian gals, take a look and see for yourself if they meet up with your high expectations, noting that there'll be a lot more to come soon.

Adult Toy Talk: Anal Toys

You see it in almost every adult DVD... It's something that still is a bit taboo, and in many relationships it's a topic that isn't easy to bridge. So how do you explore anal play in your own bed? The answer is safely. When it comes to anal toys, what the toy is made out of is probably more important than any other aspect. Jelly or some other random synthetic anal toys trap bacteria and are impossible to keep clean. This means if you want to be safe and clean and use a jelly or other random synthetic anal toy you're going to have to wrap a condom around it when you use it. Let me tell you, this is about as unfun and unsexy as you can get. (We're all for safe sex, but wrapping a sex toy sucks.)

There is one very good solution to this, and that's silicone. While silicone costs a tiny bit more on the front end, the results are a lot better on the back end (excuse the pun). Silicone is extremely durable, non-porus and easy to maintain. If you have concerns about its "sanity" you can throw it into a pot of boiling water and it'll come out clean as a whistle. An important note about anal play: there is no natural lubrication back there, so you'll want to use a good water-based lube (using a silicone lube with a silicon toy can be bad news). The two lubes we recommend are Astroglide Personal Lubricant and the completely organic Sensua Organics Lube.

Good quality silicone anal toys are a better place to start than just plunging right into actual anal sex. For us, we "bed tested" the Tantus small silk, a very slim, sleek and unASSuming starter toy. The small silk was a nice place to start because it doesn't really look like a realistic dildo and its size didn't cause any discomfort. Another anal toy to pass the bed test was the little flirt, a very small butt plug which is 'barely there', just enough to get the sensation without any 'you put what where?!?' feelings.

While anal play isn't something that's going to be a regular part of our sex life, it was fun playing around with a few anal toys and it's definitely an 'ace in the hole' to pull out for an evening when we're looking to be more adventurous. On the truly adventurous side we did "bed test' the New Cummers Strap On Kit from Sportsheets (who makes the bondage gear we previously reviewed). This kit bundles sportsheet's high quality harness with the Tantus little flirt. To say it was an odd experience is an understatement. I was actually surprised by how much my partner enjoyed it, and surprised that I didn't hate it. Role reversal play in bed can be quite adventurous amd pretty kinky, so I'd recommend making sure you're ready before giving it a spin. Be sure to read more adult toy reviews at AdultToyTalk.com.

The Gonzo Corner: Red Light District Video Round-Up

In this week's short dedicated to the exciting gonzo genre, we're going to review some recent and past favorites from studio Red Light District Video (RLDV). RLDV offers some of the highest quality gonzo porn for porn enthusiasts alike. For the last couple of years they've been ahead of the game in this arena and traditionally offer the best of the best. More often than not, when I finish watching a RLDV DVD, I have an ear to ear grin. Anyways, let's check some of RLDV's hottest recent DVDs.

Assault That Ass #6 is geared to the fans of anal sex. Although this release in the series includes a lot of double penetration and not as much straight anal action as previous volumes. Anyways, in this release we get 6 scenes with lots of action that builds to anal sex and double penetration fun. There's very little in terms of oral sex, which I thought was a drawback because I enjoy good oral bits, but the sex was still really hot. There's more than enough great action that should appease fans looking for anal sex or not. Some of the notable action comes from Kelly Wells partaking in a nasty and overly energetic scene with plenty of double penetration and a bit of double anal, Jasmine Bryne, a current favorite of mine has a pretty hot scene, and DVD cover girl Katsumi has a performance that was just as hot as she is.

Anal Cavity Search is fun release directed by Erik Everhard. The action features five heated scenes with all kinds of action from girl on girl play to hole splitting anal action to double penetration fun. The babes on cast are all easy on the eyes and a lot of fun to see in action. Unlike most gonzo releases, Anal Cavity Search brings something different. Each scene includes a little role playing, which ends with the girls getting their anal cavity searched. The hottest scene this DVD has to offer is scene #4 with Angel Dark and Sarah Blue. I find myself watching this scene a lot. The two sexy Euro-babes give a great performance and the opening segment alone is more excitement than I can usually handle. We have other hotties like Katsumi and Courtney Cummz on cast.

No Cum Dodging Allowed #5 comes from mastermind Mike John and I love the shot he uses for the covers. Beautiful chicks with their jaws wide open staring up at you... what's not to love? It's a great sight to see. This installment has a really hot cover and the action is just as good. What makes this series so fun is that the scenes either open or finish with an oral gangbang which turns into some massive cum swallowing. The sex tends to be pretty heated and this installment has some great gals starring. The very sexy Jasmine Bryne role plays and pretends to be interviewing for a job as a secretary. Her interview includes a lot of sexual favors and some heated sex. The DVD cover girl Karina Kay has a great opening oral bit and some fantastic one on one sex with Manuel Ferrara. Lauren Phoenix has sex with a small group of guys and it is hot hot hot!

For more DVDs from Red Light District Video, X Critic recommends looking at
Cum Stained Casting Couch 3, Young Tight Latins #9, Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth #4, Teenage Spermaholics #4. Also be sure to check out X Critic's complete review catalog of Red Light District Videos DVDs.

Overlooked Titles You May Have Missed

Hustler is one of the largest production companies in the world these days and that means they sometimes get a movie right. This was the case with Ass Appeal 2, where movie reviewer Don Houston said: "Lasting nearly three full hours and containing a cool Behind the Scenes feature on top of that, the amount of fuck for the buck was as good as you have a right to expect these days, and on par with just about anything you'll find from Red Light District or Evil Angel…" and "the movie showcased a series of increasingly heated scenes that involved anal and some of the best gals in the jizz biz as they did it all, including anal, for your viewing pleasure". Fans of Tiffany Mynx will be happy to know that she had an incredibly hot scene befitting her usual winning style but the others were worth watching too.

Reviewer Colonel Mustard thoroughly enjoyed watching Private Chateau: The Struggle For Power this summer, stating that "Director Conrad Son was given the responsibility of making this year's big budget trilogy in the same vein as Tatiana & Gladiator before it." He then summarized it by offering that it was "an outstanding big budget feature from Private with loads of beautiful women, great background scenes, an entertaining plot with a cliff hanger at the end…" If that doesn't sound appealing, look at some of the other titles here.

Goldenmuse is one of our most selective reviewers (as a women, it's her right) so when she took a look at an older release, The Fiesta, and gave it high grades, I knew she was on to something. Her comments ranged from personal with "Well, I want Dale. The man is an incredible hottie, and between him, Evan Stone, and the romantic, exotic settings found in this film, Fiesta proves a must-see for any female adult fan" and ended by pointing out that "Fiesta is the rare adult film that honors the beauty and intimacy of lovemaking; it focuses on passion, not positions." If I were a woman, I'd be looking for this one soon!

Adam Wilson noted that Limelight Girls 6, was an enjoyable amateur flick made for those of you bored with professional lighting and the overused performers the major companies use when he pointed out that: "This title really caught me by surprise. There's some very hot amateur fucking to be seen here, and the pleasure is all genuine. Plus, all the fluff was cut from each scene and presented as optional extras in the behind the scenes segments. So if you want the pre-sex interviews, they're there. Otherwise, each scene is no nonsense goodness. And I kid the two guys in these scenes but it's just in good fun, as they don't seem to be the usual douchebags you get in these types of productions."

In another movie that offered up something well off the beaten path, Contract Girl, VCA Pictures managed to convince reviewer Don Houston that they were back on the road to recovery after years of neglect. The movie had some of the kinkiest sex ever seen in porn and he'd never have guessed it was released by VCA had he seen it blind. The story of a contract killer played by Olivia Saint who does porn in the day and hires out to assassinate deserving people at night was at once edgy, interesting, and indicative that director Joe Gallant was not trying to please all people. If this is a look at the new VCA, a lot of people will be flocking towards their releases in coming months. Stay tuned to see if they keep on track or fall back into their established patterns.

Reviewer Ian Jane found his own breed of edgy porn with Neo Pornographia 2, the sequel to Volume 1, commenting that it "pushes the limits of what pornography is and should be all about. The sex is rough and at times quite violent but it's all shot in such an avant-garde style and with such artistic flair that the end result is a bit of an enigma. This is one of those rare XXX productions that manage to be erotic, beautiful and repulsive all at the same time and it does make for a pretty intense and interesting watch if you're okay with the more extreme side of the content. I can't honestly recommend this one for the masturbatory masses but for those with more adventurous tastes in porno, it doesn't come any cooler than this one."

Titles We're Looking Forward To

Fans of Digital Playground will be looking forward to seeing Intoxicated, especially fans of former contract starlet Devon, as she does anal in that sweet little ass of hers. Given the strength of her performances in both Decadence and Devon: Erotique, this one is all but guaranteed to work for those of you who've followed her career from company to company. The cover alone looks more like a classic men's magazine from the 1950's than a hardcore porno so expect to see some of the company's stylish direction offer up a Devon like few have seen before.

Before contract performer/director Devinn Lane left Wicked Pictures recently, she left behind quite a legacy both in front and behind the camera. One of her last efforts for the company was a little title called Filthy, a story about a powerful gal played by Michelle Lay who rules the courtroom as a cutthroat lawyer by day and the bedroom as a dominatrix by night. Equal parts feature flick and sex drama, the movie shows Michelle trying to have the best of both worlds along with a cast worth paying attention to. Will the movie send Devinn off to her new job with a bang or a whimper; only time will tell so keep an eye out for the review.

Recent weeks have proven that performer Lanny Barby, star of titles such as Sunny, Skin on Skin, and Groupie, appeals to a lot of people with her dark, sultry looks, sexual skill, and fine figure. That's what makes Lanny's Summer Daze a potential winner for our reviewers; knowing her track record as being so spotless that she'll prove strokable for a long time. Vivid is basking in the glory of their decision to sign this hotty as she exceeds all expectations so see what the fuss is about by joining us in the coming weeks for a look at this release.

Before director Erik Everhard left Red Light District for Evil Angel recently, he left several releases that appear to be destined for greatness for fans of hardcore anal action. The next one to hit the shelves is Anal POV #3, starring such notable hotties as Rita Faltoyano, Dora Venter, and Tory Lane. With two discs containing over three and a half hours of fuck for the buck, I'll lay odds that this one succeeds nearly as well as the cast sucks seed given Erik's passionate style with the ladies. Fans of the point of view camera style will likely find that Erik learned from the best in the business so they'll surely want to come along for the ride.

Director Rick Davis appears to be making the jump from Cherry Box to VCA with Wet, Detailed & Nailed, a new release by the newly revamped VCA. Only time will tell if the title is as solid as it looks but with a cast containing Julia Bond, Trina Michaels, Alecktra Blue and other fine performers, there seems little doubt that Rick made the right move to offer something a lot more hardcore than his usual offerings.

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at editor@xcritic.com.

Contributors to The Blue Room: Don Houston, Scott Lecter, Buzz Buhrmann, Rob Randell and Chris Thorn.

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