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Penny Flame, The Body Bouncer and The Gonzo Corner


Spotlight Title: Ball Honeys

Bang Bros. first gained massive popularity with their internet site. The mixture of humorous situations, seemingly amateur performers, and the hilariously raunchy launch of Director D. Sanchez made the company's content instantly likeable and incredibly memorable. By placing their innocent performers in some awkward sexual situations (the back of a van, the surprise of an unexpectedly huge penis, etc), Bang Bros. was able to reach an audience that wasn't just about getting off, but were also about getting a good laugh.

In the past year or so, Bang Bros. has really made a strong push into the world of mainstream porn by releasing a lot of their product on DVD. Some of the early releases were filled with footage already on their site, but recent releases have been filled with tons of hot, new sex scenes. From amateur performers to even a few familiar faces, releases such as AssParade 3, Big Mouthfuls 6, and Tug Jobs 5 have helped transform Bang Bros. from a very popular adult site to a juggernaut of an adult production company.

One of their most recent, and stellar, products is also their first real foray into the world of interracial porn. Ball Honeys is the first ethnic release from the Florida-based company. Not only is the fucking - one scene even featuring the lovely Sativa Rose - some of the hottest action they've released to date, but even the intercut scenes of the Bang Bros. crew "finding" these girls on the beach is some hilarious stuff. There's a little bit here for everyone with scenes featuring black, asian, and latin women. And these are some smoking hot chicks. Not only will you get a few laughs, but Ball Honeys will get your blood pumping to all the right places.

While you're at it, be sure to check out some more great Bang Bros.
releases: Monsters of Cock 4, MILF
Lessons 3
, Boob Squad 6, Bang Bus 7, and
many more

Spotlight Performer: Penny Flame

Not all of our spotlight performers are sweet and innocent. In fact, some are downright naughty, such as this week's performer, Penny Flame. Hailing from Aurora Colorado, this little vixen has been around awhile but is still building on her sexual repertoire as she casts her spell on an ever increasing number of fans. From lesbian movies such as 4 Finger Club to masturbation flicks like Watch Me Cum, she's shown that she has a timeless appeal that we hope to see more of in the future. What really made our reviewers sit up and take notice of the young harlot was her mouthy whining in Shane's World 36 and her breakthrough lead role in James Avalon's Darkside showed a whole new side to her abilities. Keep an eye out on this little dynamo in the future as she breaks new barriers as displayed in titles such as:Breakin' 'Em In 8, Who Let The Whores Out?, POV Fantasy 2, Semen Sippers 4, Cum Swapping Sluts 9.

Highlights of The Week

First up this week was another "second look" at one of the year's biggest blockbuster titles; New Devil in Miss Jones. The remake of the classic story from 1972 features two of the biggest stars in modern porn, Jenna Jameson and Savanna Samson. With three discs that include some great extras and a copy of the original movie, Vivid truly went all out to give fans what they've been asking for in this dark, moody look at the afterlife.

On a high class note, reviewer Ian Jane found two titles that you'll want to share with your significant other in Exposed: Angel Cassidy and Innocence: Wet. You won't find circus act sex but you will find a lot to remember as the folks at Ninn Worx managed to take their usual artistic approach with some very heated sex and meld the two like few other companies could do.

In a follow up to last week's segment on point of view (POV) titles, we found a few more well worth your time and semen with Brother Love's POV Fantasy 3, Vince Vouyer's Multiple POV #3 and Tony T.'s Perverted Point of View 9. If you're looking to fantasize about being with a pornstar by using a POV movie, any of these three will get you off in no time at all, but read past issues for other choices in this genre.

As most us have come to realize over the years, luck plays a big role in sex; getting it, giving it, or even finding it in real life can drive us crazy. That's why two of our reviewers, Namrufmot and Rob Randall, managed to "get lucky" and find titles that were not only about good fortune but happened to offer some solid stroke value with; 1 Lucky Fuck and That Lucky Stiff.

Other hits reviewed in the past week include titles focused on youthful gals; Breakin' 'Em In #8 and Jailbait 2: Collector's Edition, gals that can really turn on the waterworks; Supersquirt 2 and Flower's Squirt Shower 2, anal; Please Drill My Ass 2, Double Penetration 3, Double Dippin', oral; Oop's I Swallowed, Throat Creamers 2, and Face Fucked 1, and a couple that didn't actually fit into our usual categories; Tug Jobs 5 and Gothsend 4.

Adult Toy Talk: The Body Bouncer

Wheee! That's the first word which comes to mind when talking about the Body Bouncer, probably the single most straightforward fuck machine you'll ever find. Opening up the box to this piece of sexual gymastics equiptment, I realize there's no passing this puppy off as pilates gear (see my review of the Liberator). Nope, the Body Bouncer is the kind of thing a single guy leaves out in hopes that someone of the female persuasion will ask "What is that?" so he can answer..."Want me to show you?" The Body Bouncer is pretty simple: a rubbery bouncy seat with a big hole in the middle suspended between two very heavy black bars. Sure, the Body Bouncer comes with a handy position guide and I'm sure you could try some of the positions they suggest, but the Gods honest truth here is that this puppy is built for one thing and one thing only - to enable a woman to ride you like you've never been ridden before.

Positioning myself under the bouncer I felt a little confined and apprehensive about how exactly it would feel to have my partner bounce on me. But that fear melted into bliss as my partner began to wildly bounce up and down yelping the ocassional "Yeee Haa". For a guy who's used to exerting a lot of energy in the sack it was strange to just lay there and enjoy it, but once I got comfortable and we started really getting going I had a lot of fun. One important note: the Body Bouncer should come with a warning sticker; once you get going with this thing you really don't want to be wiggling around. The force that can be generated with this thing is pretty hefty, so you want to make sure that everything lines up right or it can be a quite painful experience. If used right the Body Bouncer can be an extremely fun and exciting addition to your sex life, something that both parties can certainly enjoy. Be sure to read more adult toy reviews at AdultToyTalk.com (which just got a very high rating on Jane's Guide).

The Gonzo Corner: Face Covering Madness

In this week's short dedicated to the exciting gonzo genre, we're going to review some recent and past favorites that mix the spicy edge of hardcore with downright nastiness. The theme these releases we are going to look at end in the same way. The girls get their faces blasted. In most cases the girls are literally drenched to the point there is thick white milky layer on top of their faces. It's so gross, so nasty and yet so exciting. If this sounds like something up your alley, then read on!

1 Lucky Fuck a recent release and current favorite of mine comes from director Jake Malone and Platinum X Pictures. 1 Lucky Fuck has a format that is almost identical to Cum Glazed. We're introduced to the girl of the hour, she gives a short tease and talks and then a small group of 4 or 5 guys join her. The chick gets down on her knees and wildly sucks them off. At the end of the scene the dudes pop on her face until she's covered with jizz. Well, 1 Lucky Fuck brings us a slight variation. Towards the end of the scenes there's some good old fashion sex with the guys taking turns and then unloading their pop shots on the girl's face. Now the question is, how exciting can this be? Seeing a cute babe with jizz on her face get into action can be pretty hot. The action this DVD has to offer gets nasty and there is plenty of fun for everyone.

This bring us to our next line, Cum Glazed, which comes from Red Light District Video director Tim Von Swine. The entire format is what was described in the previous paragraph without the sex, an oral gang bang that ends with a nasty facial. This series is worth mentioning because it has, in my humble opinion, some pretty damn exciting action. The first installment in the series Cum Glazed #1 is steamy release with some strong scenes from Lily Thai, Missy Monroe and others that won't disappoint. The later volumes Cum Glazed #2 and Cum Glazed #3 are also exciting and worth checking out.

Another fun series that focuses on face blasting madness is Baker's Dozen, which is from Brandon Iron and Platinum X Pictures. The series' format isn't quite like the previous releases talked about. Instead it offers a number of girls who get into action in a typical one on one or threesome scene. Once they are done there, they move onto the oral gangbang and manage to take on a dozen guys. Sometimes a second girl is included in the action to help out where needed. These scenes are always nice because the additional girl also does some clean up work, which means she licks the other gal's face clean after she's been covered. Check 'em out, Baker's Dozen #1
Baker's Dozen #2, Baker's Dozen #3, Baker's Dozen #4, Baker's Dozen #5, Baker's Dozen #6.

No Swallowing Allowed is the last series we'll be talking about. It comes from Diabolic Video and is directed by Chico Wang. This series gets a little crazier than the others we have talked about. The format varies from installment to installment, but the general idea is that several babes engage in nasty rough sex and then get their faces blasted by some random guys who appear out of nowhere. Usually, sprinkled throughout the features are bonus pop shot scenes where sometimes the girls take pop shots on their faces and/or they will give oral sex to some guys. >From this series No Swallowing Allowed #1 is by far my favorite one with some amazing scenes from Lucy Thai, Cris Taliana and Dana Vespoli. Be sure to take a look at the rest of the series, No Swallowing Allowed #2, No Swallowing Allowed #3, No Swallowing Allowed #4, No Swallowing Allowed #5, No Swallowing Allowed #6.

Titles We're Looking Forward To

With the surprising success of James Avalon's Darkside, Red Light District continues to delve deeper into offering feature porn with Bustful of Dollars. Combining humor, the Old West, and a bored pornographer trying to come up with a whole new meaning to the term "shootout", James finds getting actresses who can handle lines as well as they handle meaty members somewhat troubling.

Those of you still in awe over the acting and sexual talents of the lovely Savanna Samson from her work in The New Devil in Miss Jones may find her a breath of fresh air in Vivid's latest offering When Strangers Meet, a title about love at first sight. Using reality TV styled camera work and a super cast of supporting performers, the movie manages to provide a new look at an old subject, all thanks to director Chuck Lords' treatment of the subject matter.

Fans of Mercenary Pictures have long found the work by the Dark Prince of Porn, Lexington Steele, and company to be cut from a different cloth. Not long ago, reviewer Don Houston noticed a title that slipped past the professional critics called Hole Collector 1 that he said "was worth a rating of Recommended to me for the heated scenes, the splendid cast, and the quality of the sex scenes." Well, I can't promise that we'll see the sequel
Hole Collector 2 reviewed any time soon but it looks like a winner given the cast of performers it had listed.

Overlooked Titles You May Have Missed

Reviewer Don Houston mentioned that he really liked Tiffany & Cumpany as one of the reasons he keeps looking to Evil Angel for quality porn. Director Jonni Darkko showed that sexy hotty Tiffany Mynx was well worth featuring in every single scene of the movie, dressing up in various fetish outfits that added to the value of the show. Don said Tiffany was a "proven winner" and that "Jonni was sure on the ball when he made this one".

Reviewer Michael Vega has long been known for having an eye for the exotic cuties and his review of Young Latin Ass proved that he hasn't lost the touch when he pointed out director Van Styles' movie "features his usual high standards of hot chicks, steady camerawork and great framing of the sex scenes." Lasting over three hours, the level of fuck for the buck was among the best Hustler has offered in a long, hard, time.

Reviewer Rob Randall said he "really enjoyed" MILF Lessons 3 earlier this year. While normally not into the MILF craze, he "really thought 4/5 scenes were exciting" and that "this DVD is worth checking out." Fans of large breasts on women in their 30's might appreciate the title as much as Rob did so give this Bang Bros. title a glance.

Reviewer Namrufmot reported that "every girl is top-notch and really seems to enjoy sucking cock on film" in 100% Blowjobs #33 this summer. He also claimed that it was "enjoyable" and "worth watching over and over" in this compilation of blowjob scenes taken from numerous Jill Kelly Production releases.

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at editor@xcritic.com.

Contributors to The Blue Room: Don Houston, Scott Lecter, Buzz Buhrmann, Rob Randell and Chris Thorn.

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