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Teagan Interview


With rising starlets, there's always talk about becoming a contract
girl for a studio. Have you considered becoming a contract girl?

I have not thought of a contract yet. I haven't really shot any
features. I just did my first one for Jerry T at Legend. He was very
sweet. I hope to work for Vivid and all of those nice companies too.
Get a kind of change of pace.

But I don't know. At the moment I have mixed feelings. I
guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it...hopefully sometime in
my career.

Is there anyone you'd absolutely love to work with?

I know I want to work for Jenna Jameson. I mean who doesn't. So,
I'm hoping I will get to. But I want to do a scene with Jenna Haze.
Luckily, that fantasy is coming true in August for Jill Kelly. (Since
Jenna is doing only girls & is a contract girl for JKP)

Too bad Jenna has a contract right now, cause I would like to do a boy,
girl, girl with Jenna in which Jules Jordan is directing.

When you're doing a scene what's the most important thing you focus on?

I like to stretch before my scenes. But the most important is
the relaxing before & giving the guy attention, knowing what his
likes and dislikes are - He usually does the same for me. (If we don't
already know from previous experience) I always get nervous doing
"pretty girls pictures" cause I'm so critical about my pictures. I'm
very picky with the things I do. I always get worried they won't be

What are your biggest turn ons and turn offs?

I love it when a guy grabs me from behind, grabs my neck being
rough with me, then starts kissing down my neck. That is one of my
major turn ons. I love a guy making me laugh. I can honestly say that
when a guy can make me laugh it makes him incredibly sexy. I know that
sounds cheesy, but oh well.

My turn offs really are only if they call me a whore or a slut
during sex. That's the only thing. Morning breath or anything like that
I can deal with. But I don't know. I'll let you know though if it was a
real turn off.

What's your favorite position/thing to do in a porn?

I love having sex in doggy or standing with one leg up. I like that
alot even my personal life. Cowgirl is a good one too. It makes me feel
in control. It's good to be a little dominant sometimes.

Anal Sex in Porn... Necessary evil or something that's actually enjoyable?

It just depends who it is. I always get nervous when I'm doing
anal with someone who I've never done a scene with. Cause I don't know
what their style is or how things are going to be.

Which do you think is better porn - an all sex DVD with hot sex, or a feature with a script, story and some good sex?

I think an all sex DVD with hot sex is a good one for me. I
guess it just kinda depends on if you like features or gonzo more. I
can honestly say, I haven't seen a feature movie in awhile. So, maybe
my mind will change once I see one.

Which film you've done so far are you most proud of? Which is the best representation of your style/performing?

My best scene I think personally is a tie between Weapons of Ass
Destruction # 3, a movie I shot for Laurente & Nora Sky & Flesh
Hunter # 7 by Jules Jordan.

I have done alot of different movies. In some movies I'm
mellow, but in certain movies I look at what I did, and I was like
whoa, I played with that toy, in there.

Do you ever watch your own scenes on DVD?

I watch my scenes, but I always cover my eyes at 1st. It's really
weird. Or I watch it in fast forward. The only reason why I watch them
is to see what I can do better each time.

What's been the most unexpected thing about being in the adult entertainment industry?

I can honestly say, that I've met some good people that I really like.
I never thought that I'd actually be doing this. I'm so grateful to be
doing scenes and I appreciate all the work that I'm getting. So, thanks
to the directors that hire me. I was scared that I wasn't going to be
good enough for the business.

Has there ever been any pressure to get a boob job?

No, there hasn't been any pressure at all. I know I've wanted one since I was younger. But I won't right now.
When I do get it I'll probably be out of the business. It's something I want for myself.

I've read you love to dance, any plans to do any feature dancing??

I think in most places though you have to be 21. & I'm just
turning 19 this year on July 24th. So, I kinda think I have a few
years. If I could though feature dance. I probably would. I think it
would be alot of fun. I would like to do feature dancing along Katie
Gold. Us two Texas girls would have alot of fun dancing...or at least I

I'm told you're a big movie fan. What are some of your favorite movies/DVDs?

I love the movie Boonduck Saints. Cause I love Sean Patrick Thomas in
the movie. I want to bang him so badly. He's an Irish guy with tattoos
& has dark hair. My type of guy.

I also love the movie, "Along Came Polly" with Jennifer
Aniston & Ben Stiller. Another great movie that I love is "Buying
the Cow". As for girlie movies I go with "Practical Magic" & As far
as Texas goes I say that "Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD"

What are you plans for teaganpresley.com?

I'm in the process of getting everything setup & shooting
content. I at least have it registered in my name (I think I do at
least). You just reminded me to check on that. Hopefully, soon I will
have it running. I'll keep you updated. I can't wait for it. I'm such a
computer nerd that it will be fun to interact.

Since you're a big computer/online nerd, how has it been interacting with your fans online? Any interesting online fan stories?

Umm...It's been a good experience so far. Sometimes, yes I do
get weird emails. Basically saying that I'm a prostitute, in which I
have a different opinion of course. Saying that women are to blame for
all the sin in the world. and Helen caused the fall of Troy & Eve
of Adam & Eve was the one that brought plague & sin on this
earth. It was very strange. I wanted to write him back & ask if he
was gay, cause he obviously did not like girls, but hey who knows. I've
had some other interesting e-mails. It always keeps you guessing what's
going to be in your mailbox in an hour.

What scenes have you done which haven't been released yet? What upcoming Teagan DVDs should we be on the lookout for?

I have Flesh Hunter # 7 by Jules Jordan coming out that I'm
very proud of. I also shot a movie for Laurente Sky & I'm very
proud of that but I'm not sure of the name yet. I'm waiting for the
pictures & everything from Suze Randall to come out.

Thanks for your time... I'm sure sometime in the not so distant future, we'll be saying "we knew her when"!

You're very welcome!

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- Christopher Thorne

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