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Madi Collins Has A Lovely Fuck Filled Visit With Step-Grandpa Over at Not My Grandpa


The family that masturbates to porn together stays together!

A new scene for Not My Grandpa by Team Skeet has dropped and it stars the super cute redheaded Madi Collins as a girl whose step-parents really want her to meet her new step grandpa (played by Filthy Rich) and get to know her new family a bit better. She’s wearing a cute little denim mini skirt and a tube top and candy-colored sneakers. The skirt in particular leaves super little to the imagination. Step-gramps is fairly technically inept in terms of the Intermet and has never even heard of wifi, though he has it in his house. Madi helps him learn about the Internet using her laptop but he’s not terribly impressed by the whole thing. Madi steps out of the room and he decides to take things for a spin by shouting “jazz music” at the laptop. When it doesn’t play, he types it in and the machine begins playing music, but a pop-up ad intrigues him because it’s for “slutty young girls in your area” Of course he clicks on it and is fascinated and ends up on a porn page but takes the laptop into the bathroom so Madi won’t hear the video or see him wanking.

Madi comes back and searches around for him and eventually finds him pulling out his cock to the scene playing on his computer. When he’s busted by Madi for his dirty viewing habits, he points out that the scene was on her laptop and she admits that she loves to watch porn, particularly the older man/younger girl type of porn. The two decide to watch it together and enjoy groping and looking at each other getting more and more horny. They put the laptop aside while it’s still playing the porn scene and Madi pulls his cock out of his pants to suck on it. The rest of the clothes come off and Madi is on step-grandpa’s lap where she’s wantred to be all along, bouncing on his cock on his Big White Porno Couch. Grandpa’s pretty spry and can deliver quite the pounding in doggy and missionary as well, spurring Madi on with naughty talk about what a slut she’s being for him. She begs so sweetly and does unspeakable things to his balls and asshole to make him cum all over her. These two have some great chemistry so definitely check out this scene!

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