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Alone in the Dark with Angela White


Angela White and I snuck into the dark convention hall where the 2017 XBIZ Awards Show was to take place in two hours. We were looking for a place to chat away from the assembled porn stars waiting to parade down the red carpet. Our hushed voices filled the vaulted space, carrying over the hundreds of empty seats facing a vacant stage.

In some ways, our interview felt like an awkward first date, as though we'd come to a movie theater early to power through some precursory chitchat before the curtains parted and the show began. Like online daters, we had exchanged some electronic messages beforehand. I had even done some background snooping, tracking her digital footprint from her meager beginnings in porn while still in high school to the slew of acclaimed titles she has released through AGW Entertainment.

Before digging into each other's personal dating histories, we started with drinks, or at least a discussion of drinks, and what one's drink preferences reveal. At the time, Angela was partial to sexy, full-bodied drinks like gin & tonics and Moscow Mules. I was drinking excessive amounts of virgin mocktails like soda & lime. This led to a discussion of stereotypes, of Australian's reputation for binge drinking and brawling.

Shawn Alff: While growing up in Australia, how often did guys fight over you at pubs?

Angela White: No one has ever fought over me. I mean, I’ve been in situations where men have had conversations--

Shawn Alff: Gentlemanly conversation?

Angela White: I’ll tell you one conversation that happened… I was at a beach party and I was quite young… I was 14. 14-year-old Angela was actually a lot crazier than whatever age I am now: 19-year–old Angela.

Shawn Alff: Haha! 19-year-old Angela going on six years.

Angela White: Exactly! So I was at a beach party. We were drinking. And I was hooking up with one of my guy friends. He actually wasn’t the only person I hooked up with that night. There may have been a blowjob on the beach with a random dude. So we are making out and another guy comes up and taps him on the shoulder. The guy says, “I’m going to fuck your girl tonight,” and walks away. I’m like “Damn. He’s got some balls.” So he comes back at the end of the night and says, “Okay, she’s mine now. Give her your jacket. It’s cold.” So, my friend, who I’ve been hooking up with all night, gives me his jacket while the other guy takes me away to fuck me. It was hot. It was, well…

Shawn Alff: So being an asshole does work when it comes to attracting women?

Angela White: Well, yeah, being cocky and aggressive and arrogant does sometimes work. At that point in my life… it was just a hot moment. I don’t know how I’d feel about the situation now. Now if I’m making out with a guy, I’ve usually made up my mind that he’s the guy for the night.

Shawn Alff: You’re strictly a one-guy-a-night woman now?

Angela White: Probably less. I do more girls than guys in my personal life now.

Shawn Alff: Do women fit better into your personal life?

Angela White: I’m polyamorous, so I don’t have exclusive monogamous relationships.

Shawn Alff: Do you have several ongoing relationships with multiple people?

Angela White: It changes. There have been times when I have been living with a primary lover and a secondary lover... I might have a primary relationship, then a lover, then an intimate friend. In my personal life, when it comes to fucking someone, it is usually someone with whom I have a connection and genuine chemistry. Someone I want to see for more than just one night.

Shawn Alff: Do you need intimacy to get off sexually?

Angela White: I don’t need it. Obviously for my work, I have sex with people I don’t necessarily see again.

Shawn Alff: But that is work.

Angela White: What I have created with my business and website is all about being genuine and having authentic sex, and really capturing intimate chemistry. For me, the lines blur. Sometimes I’ll be on set with someone who I have a sexual connection with, but nothing deeper. Sometimes I’ll fuck someone on set I have more of an emotional connection with. That doesn’t mean we’re in love or that we’re going to date. I don’t demarcate my work as much as some others. But, because I have sex with relative strangers at work, I kind of get that out of my system.

Shawn Alff: If you weren’t in porn then you might crave more sex with strangers?

Angela White: Maybe because I have so much casual sex at work, I look for more intimate relationships outside of pornography.

Shawn Alff: You recently moved from Australia to be closer to the capital of porn production in LA. Now that you're here, do you see yourself inviting any co-stars into your polyamorous personal life?

Angela White: No, I don’t want to get involved with anyone’s personal drama... if you have a falling out, it becomes awkward on set, or you have to put someone on your “No list.” I want to be able to fuck as many people as possible, and I never want that to be an issue when I turn up to set, like, “Oh, hey, we used to have a thing, then I ghosted you.”

Shawn Alff: When you are on a porn set, how do you draw the line between personal and professional sex?

Angela White: I try to be respectful of everyone’s relationships, but I think most people who are in relationships in this industry understand that, on set, people are going to be fucking when the camera is on or off. Guys need to sort themselves out before the cameras start rolling, whether that is by jerking off, or playing around with a fellow performer.

Shawn Alff: Have you ever had an orgy in your private life?

Angela White: How many people have to be involved for it to be an orgy?

Shawn Alff: I would say five.

Angela White: I’ve definitely done a lot of threesomes and foursomes in my personal life, but has there been that fifth guy? Does it count if a fifth person just sort of came into the house for a bit, then left?

Shawn Alff: Maybe.

Angela White: So I was dating this girl and she was living with two guys. Her and I were just having fun on the bed when one of her roommates came home. We ended up playing truth or dare. We dared him to put his cock in a vacuum cleaner. And then, well--

Shawn Alff: Things escalated from there, as truth or dare, and orgies, tend to do.

Angela White: Then the other guy came home, and I was like, you need to get chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Then it turned into this whole thing, and I swear someone else was there at some point. I didn’t have sex with him, but I know he was there… nowadays, I just don’t think I could do an orgy in my personal life. I did that in my wild phase, when I didn’t give a fuck. Now I care so much about my sexual health, there is no way. I like that everyone is tested in porn.

Shawn Alff: Right. We both came of age in the early 90s, in the shadow of AIDS, which made me hyper paranoid about STDs. I got tested before I ever had sex. But I think that paranoia, that taboo has worked its way back into my sexuality. Condom-less sex has become this raw fantasy.

Angela White: It’s so naughty.

Shawn Alff: And yet, there is no way I’d risk that with a random.

Angela White: Yeah. That’s a fantasy for me and there’s no freaking way. But it is a hot fantasy.

Shawn Alff: It’s similar to my fear of impregnating someone, which has become a twisted kind of fantasy too, though that one makes complete evolutionary sense.

Angela White: Yeah, that’s hot.

Shawn Alff: It’s the thrill of gambling, like semen bingo.

Angela White: That would be hot for a gangbang scene. Go off the pill and get a bunch of guys to cum inside me—as a fantasy of course. Then I’m like, “Who’s the daddy? Surprise, you’re all the daddies.”

Shawn Alff: That’s one of many reasons I couldn’t be a porn performer. So few female performers are on birth control.

Angela White: If I was a guy in porn, I would never, ever, ever, cum. No way. It’s not worth the risk. It’s crazy.

Shawn Alff: Especially with some of these women.

Angela White: "18 years. 18 years. Got one of your kids, she got you for 18 years."

Shawn Alff: I have a simple strategy for avoiding gold diggers. I intentionally make such a low income that I scare away any woman who is looking to have a child as a second income. I’m a relationship genius.

Angela White: So you only get the women you actually have a genuine emotional connection with.

Shawn Alff: Well, I wouldn't say the strategy necessarily attracts any women, but it certainly scares away the money hungry ones.

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