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National Orgasm Day: The Only Fake Holiday That Really Matters


Over in the UK, someone has decided that today is National Orgasm Day--yes, already! Though it's about as legit a holiday as National Cheesecake Day, it does have one thing going for it: a fancy press release chock full of findings from the 2008 Orgasm Survey, which we're told is the UK's biggest and most comprehensive female orgasm survey ever. It seems the study has even uncovered some groundbreaking and sort of shocking information, such as: women have g-spots! And they don't always have orgasms during sex! And exercising those PC muscles really does help with orgasm!

We know that's a lot to digest. So while you're recovering from the shock of those revelations, we invite you to celebrate National Orgasm Day in a more traditional fashion: by watching some instructional videos about female orgasm. It may be a fake holiday--and a foreign one at that--but there's no reason we shouldn't celebrate it as well. Clips after the jump.

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mega orgasm (haporn.com)

Orgasm School (redtube.com)

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To The G-Spot

Personal Touch: Exploring the "O"

· 2008 Orgasm Survey (orgasmsurvey.co.uk; press release here)
· Thumbnail from "I Make It Rain"

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